Sweet to my surprise

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I had this crush on this neighbor girl for about a year now prior to this story, I guess it wasn’t just a crush it was a down right fantasy. I’d watch her out side of her house washing her car, lying in the sun tanning her sweet looking 17 year old body. Jumping into and getting out of the pool.
It was finally after a year too much, I planed on letting her know how I felt, so I wandered over there to chat as usual but this time I would state my mind. While I was standing there she was tanning on the chaise and I couldn’t help but getting a chubby in my bathing suit. Every time she would take notice to the growing lump in my bathing suit it seemed to grow some more.
Finally she said to me that she has been trying to get my attention for quite some time now and it was good to see she had gotten it as she stared down at my bulging cock. This was all I needed to hear as I asked her if she’d join me for a swim in her pool. Sure she said.
We were in the water about 1 minute when we embraced for our first kiss, first kiss led to second kiss and so one. She sucked my cock under the water. I ate her sweet sweet pussy sitting on the edge at the corner of the pool. I ate her pussy underwater holding my breath as long as I could each time. She sucked my cock with me sitting on the edge of the pool. We finally ended up in the corner of the pool and very slowly with a little saliva’s help got my cock worked all the way into her pussy. Her natural wetness took over as we rocked back and forth while our bodies were under the water. I finally sat her up on the corner edge of the pool at the shallow end where we both could see my cock sliding in and out of her pussy, I was in heaven and I don’t think she had a complaint either as she shook and rattled as she came just before I did. I pulled out of her and blasted all over her belly, she laughed and slid back into the water to wash off. We hugged a bit more and got our suits back in order and got out to dry off.
We sat around in the sun talking about how ironic it was that I was thinking about her the whole time she was waiting on me to make a move. Go figure.

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