Taking Down Miss March

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Authors Note: This in a work of fiction meant only to satisfy adult fantasy.

If there was one thing Jenny March enjoyed it was dressing provocatively and basking in the attention of the male students. She loved getting them hot and bothered with her sexy and revealing outfits, then imagining them rushing for the bathroom stalls to jerk off; moaning her name as they shot their thick loads all over the place. She was an unapologetic cock tease and had a body designed for it.

Even now as swayed down the hallway, she could feel their penetrating stares; mentally undressing her and imagining themselves fucking her in every way possible. Of course, there were the angry leers from the female students, but she passed it off as adolescent female jealousy. If the truth was told, she enjoyed tormenting the females almost as much as she did turning on the males.

The 25-year-old teacher stood 5′ 8” tall with Jet black hair, doe like eyes, and a sensually shaped mouth. Her breasts were 38-C and she always wore tight fitting clothes to enhance them even more. With her long, sensual legs, well shaped ass, and tight tummy she was the ultimate male fantasy, and every girl’s worst nightmare.

Today’s ensemble was her most daring yet. A sheer white top with the top buttons strategically left open to reveal the soft lace of a low cut bra. A short black skirt and black panty hose with red ribbons near the top. A sexy pair of shoes finished the outfit off. She never felt more sexy as she reveled in the comments made by boys.

Oh my god, she is such a fucking slut,” April fumed as she leaned against the lockers with some of her girl friends. The six 18-year-old girls had watched Miss March steal the attention from their boyfriends and male students for months now, and they were determined to put an end to it.

During the final class of the day, April watched the teacher pace up and down the isles, her little skirt barely covering her ass, and the velvety skin of her semi-exposed breasts strategically on display, but when her own boyfriend went up to Miss March’s desk and spent excessive time leering down her top, April declared war on Miss March, and was more determined than ever to put the slutty teacher in her place.


That night at home April’s mother could tell something was bothering her and after some prodding April relayed the entire incidents and behavior to her mother. April’s mother was over the ladies auxiliary in town and was good friends with the principal’s wife. Talks with the principal and school officials regarding the teacher’s dress habits had proven unsuccessful; if anything the situation had only gotten worse.

Well a woman like that needs to be made an example of. She will not stop until she is put in her place. If it is attention she wants, give it to her,” her mother remarked halfhearted.

What do you mean?” April inquired.

I mean that someone needs to separate Miss March from her clothes and teach her a lesson she will never forget by putting her on display,” her mother said with a sly grin. “

April was stunned, yet thrilled at the fact that her own mother was suggesting a devious plot for revenge. She rushed up to her bedroom and called the other girls and they stayed on the phone half the night hatching their plot and laughing as each tried to conjure up a more humiliating lesson than the other.

For the next week the girls watched the slutty teacher wear one outlandish outfit after another simply to get noticed. Finally the opportunity they had waited for presented itself. The following Friday was the annual trip to the local college for all but the senior class. They would remain with Miss March. She would be the only teacher in the entire school that day. This was their golden opportunity and the girls were not about to let it slide.


Friday arrived and Miss March strutted into school wearing a clingy white sweater dress that hugged her body to perfection. Her shapely ass and ample breasts rubbed enticingly against the sheer fabric as she paraded down the hall towards the large study hall that would serve as the only class of the day. She had never felt more sexy than she did at this moment. She was brimming with enthusiasm knowing that no male could take their eyes off her today. Since it was a volunteer class, she was uncertain how many would show and was quite surprised when she entered the room to find it at near capacity.

She sexily strolled to her desk, feeling every eye in the room take in her sensual body. She heard the usual comments from the boys and could feel the icy stares of the females who looked on in jealous disdain. She took her place at the desk and called the class to order. As she periodically scanned the room she could see many of the boys staring at her and she lavished the attention.

After some time she looked up to see April and her friends huddled in the rear. They were looking at her with cruel stares and whispering among themselves as if they were plotting something, but she let them be for the time being. She was grading some final papers when she looked up to see the six girls standing around her desk. An uneasy feeling began to sink in, but she maintained her composure and put her papers down.

What is the problem girls?” she asked rather impatiently.

You are the problem Miss March!” April sneered.

And just what do you mean by that remark young lady,” the startled teacher shot back.

We are sick of you dressing like a whore. We know you get off getting the attention from our guys you slut,” April hissed as the others shook their heads in agreement.

How I dress is none of your damned business, and it certainly is not my fault your boyfriends appreciate how a real woman looks,” she fumed. “If I were you girls, I would return to my seats immediately, before I make you regret speaking to me in such a demeaning manner.”

By now the ruckus had caught the attention of the entire room and everyone was looking to the front. The six girls became more bold as they sensed the support of their classmates.




Enraged by their insubordination and name calling she rose from her seat and stared them in the face. “This is your final warning. Get back in your seats this instant or Monday morning you will all be in the principal’s office and facing suspensions,” she thundered.

We will see about that tramp,” April remarked and nodded her head to a student in the back who rose and went to the door locking it and pulling down the security shade. Miss March was now a prisoner in her own room.

Now, here is the way it is going to be Miss March,” April remarked as she crossed her hands in front of her. “Since you enjoy showing off for the boy’s so much, we are going to help you do just that. It might be a little more than you had in mind, but knowing your slutty ass you will probably enjoy it,” she growled as the class signaled their approval.

Miss March scanned the room for a sympathetic eye, but instead found the entire class glued in expectation of what was to follow.

Take off your clothes bitch,”April snarled to hoots of approval and mocking laughter from the room.

I will do no such thing, now stop this at once,” the teacher remarked, her tone becoming more nervous and jittery.

Oh yes you will, because if you don’t we are going to strip you and there are six of us. Either way you wind up naked..but if we do it, your clothes get tossed out the window and poor Miss March will have to go home bare ass naked,” April countered.

Hell, she will probably love that,” another girl chimed in.

Yea, that would really get her pussy wet,” a third girl remarked.

Think of it Miss March. No more tease. Nothing to hide, but everything on display. Every student seeing everything you have in vivid detail,” April went on to taunt the troubled teacher.

You have no idea the trouble you will get into for this,” Miss March threatened, as she desperately sought to control the situation.

We will be in no trouble at all Miss March, but you on the other hand will be in deep shit. Everyone in the school, including the faculty knows you are a slutty tease. No one would have trouble believing you came on to the boys and took off all your clothes, especially when the entire class is willing to swear to it,” April fumed.

The words seared like a hot iron as Jenny scanned the room.

Class?” Will someone help me please?” the teacher remarked, her voice trembling. Her pleas were met by only muffled chuckles and grinning faces. They were all in on it. It would be there word against hers, and with no witnesses, she would be fired to save a scandal. The desperation of the situation now fully sunk in. She was trapped and she knew it.

So, what’s it going to be?” April hissed.

Jenny pictured her clothes being ripped from her body and tossed out the window by the angry and jealous girls. The little bitches had her cornered with no way out. She slowly lowered her head in defeat as the hot blush of embarrassment flushed across her cheeks. Tears formed in her eyes as she realized it was time to pay for her actions.

Girls, p-p-please don’t make me do this,” she whispered in humiliation. If there was any hope of a last minute reprieve from the girls it was quickly lost. They all grinned in triumph as they crossed their hands and stared in expectation.

With trembling hands the defeated teacher reached for the zipper and reluctantly slide it down, loosening the clingy dress for its impending fall. As the straps fall from her shoulders the lacy bra squeezing her breasts seductively come into full view of the class. She could hear the whistles and catcalls.. Closing her eyes, she let the material fall from her trembling hands to the ground at her feet until she stood before them in only her low cut bra, thong panties, and heels.

Everything whore!,” one of the girls snapped. They were clearly in control now and the feeling of dominance and control echoed in their voices.

Jenny again lowered her head as she fumbled with the bra until it fell into her hands exposing her succulent tits for everyone to see. The teacher quickly covered them with her hands. The whistles and cheer were deafening as the lust crazed room seemed out of control.

Almost done Miss March,” April sneered as she pointed to the small thongs. Jenny froze, knowing that to reach down and pull her panties off, she would have to uncover her breasts. Her mind whirled in confused fear. April sensed her reluctance and immediately chimed in.

Awwww, what is wrong Miss March?” April teased. “ Can’t decide? Here, let me help you.” Before the conflicted teacher could react April knelt and reached for the thong panties.

N-n-n-n-no!” Jenny whimpered as April ignored her pleas and firmly tugged the thongs past her knees and around the hapless teacher’s ankles exposing her bald pussy to everyone. Forcing her to step out of the panties the teacher now stood completely naked before the class.

A mixture of shame and unexpected excitement filled her senses as she could feel the hot stares of the class roaming over her naked flesh, examining every part of her exposed body. One of the girls flicked Jenny’s nipples and remarked how hard they were getting.

I told you the slut would like this. I bet her pussy is getting wet,” another girl remarked as the others laughed mockingly as Jenny shed tears of shame.

Take your places girls. Time to parade this slut around the room. Let everyone get a good look at her,” April remarked. Two girls quickly pulled Jenny’s arms behind her, locking them firmly as the other four took their places on each side of the naked teacher.

Jenny was sobbing openly as she was put on display and walked slowly down the isles. April held a wooden ruler and smacked Jenny’s ass if she did not move the way the girls wanted. Students were gawking, pointing and howling with laughter as the naked Jenny was marched inches from them. Cell phones were taking picture after picture and even videos.

Despite the hot tears running down her face, Jenny could feel her hard nipples and the growing wetness between her legs. She was mortified that she could find arousal in such treatment, but she could not deny it. She silently prayed the students did not see it, or they would torment her all the more. As they rounded the second isle and began walking toward the front of the room the girls made her stop.

Bend over slut!” April ordered. Jenny could only comply. There was little fight left in her. She slowly bent her body, exposing her shapely ass to the males in both rows. “Now reach behind you and spread your ass cheeks wide. Let them see your asshole,” April taunted.

No April… Please not that,” Jenny pleaded, but was met with a blistering sting from the wooden ruler across her bare ass as the students laughed and applauded.

Why not? They are staring at your pussy and you don’t seem to mind that. Now do as your told bitch,”April thundered.

With trembling hands, Jenny reached back and slowly spread her ass cheeks revealing the puckered brown nub for their amusement. Jenny’s most private and intimate parts were now lewdly on display and she was getting wet thinking about it.

The victorious laughs of the girls and the cheers and remarks of the students filled her ears as she was made to stand and resume her forced trek around the room. Jenny was then marched to the black board in front of the class and forced to write,“I will not dress like a slut,” twenty times as the students watched in amusement.

Like Gladiators savoring their triumph, the girls kept Jenny on display the rest of the day, returning her clothes just minutes before the end of the day. April solemnly reminded Jenny that her naked walk around the class was captured on cell phone and video, and Jenny had no doubt they would turn it in if she ever tried to get the girls in trouble.

The rest of the year went without incident and the following spring Jenny relocated to another town, where it is rumored that she has resumed her cock teasing ways.

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