Taking My Wife On A Blind Date Part 2

At the entrance a bouncer was checking ID’s. He looked at mine then checked J’s ID close. He smiled and looked her up and down, stopping at her tits for awhile then her eyes.

At that point I said, “Looks like fun, huh?”

The door guy looked at her again and I continued, “She is.”

J smiled at him and we walk by him. J told me she thought he was going to explode right in front of her.  J told me again no one was going to “smile” cause of her tonight.

“Not even me?” I asked.   J just gave me the look.

Some of the guys look to be right at 21 and the oldest at 60 and above. Lots of good old boys to mingle with tonight. I guided her to the bar and an empty stool. I sat on the next stool with an empty one on her right side. Hello boys! Empty stool here!
This is when I took another look at the fit of her very oversize blouse. The arm holes were much larger than if she had the right size top. I could see most of her bra cup. The button front had a deep V before the first button she left buttoned. Cleavage is good! I could tell the color of her bra even in this light.
If all goes well. The crowd is going to get to see me wear her bra. J gets no bra and a white oversize blouse.
I know her bra will not clip around me so I brought some rubber bands to expand the bra hooks for me.
The bartender asked about drinks with a big grin to J. J said wine. Big glasses? She nodded yes with a smile. He stopped to introduce himself. J seemed to like him.

The hope for tonight..
Nervous is not a strong enough word for this first time meet up with an internet guy. I hope this is not a mistake. He seems real and controlled enough to make this fun. I don’t know his real name yet but that will happen. Should I let J in on the surprise I have coming for her? She will ask his name and I don’t know it yet so I will not tell her.

I told Hamburgny, that’s his screen name,  the area and the bar’s name we would stop tonight in hopes he will be able to show. He scheduled himself in the area for this meetup. I have my phone set on the site we communicate on in case he needs more help. I have not let him know our hotel. I must know he is trust worthy and J must let us play her up before he finds out that info. He says he has greying hair and wears glasses, average height and good size dick. So I am hoping any guy I see with glasses and grey hair is him.

She finished drinking the wine and asked for another. When the bartender returned a guy moved next to J to order a drink. While waiting he asked J if she ever danced. J told him she liked to dance. J looked at me and smiled. I leaned over to tell him anytime she wanted to dance it was fine with me. He told her his name was Todd and he loved to dance with beautiful women like her. J said thanks. She continued to talk to him with me fading into the background. I moved my stool away enough to stand next to J. I like that more than sitting while we/she talk.   Todd is targeting her. This is always fun to watch.
I start to scratch her back through her blouse while he is focused on her. He glanced at my hand a couple of times. He looked me in the eye each time. I had her blouse all moved around before I left to take a piss. When I got back his friend had joined the targeting party. He was in my spot on her left so I moved behind her and put my hand on her shoulder so she knew I was back and he knew I was with her. J turned to me to introduce her “new” friend, Dainis.  J smiled at him then asked me for another wine.

Putting her hand on his chest, J said, “Isn’t he gorgeous?”

Her drinking smile was showing already. He said I was lucky to have a beautiful and sexy wife.  I asked if J was being a gracious host. Dainis put his hand on her left leg smiled and said she is perfect. Todd from her right side chimed in that she was the best hostess around! Dainis looked at J then and said that she is a great hot hostess too.
This got me hard! Where is Hamburgny! He may miss out..I messaged him to hurry.
They kept up all the chatter and touching for an hour while I massaged her back and shoulders. I would reach around to fondle her tits from the bottom but no bra move because I was holding back for Hamburgny’s arrival…
two more messages to Hambugny but nothing back.
Another message to Hamburgny: “Her boobs are getting ready to make an appearance, hurry!”
J is on her 5th large wine now. I am happy for Todd and Dainis. Not happy about Hamburgny’a absence.

It turns out Todd and Dainis are not friends. They just spotted J at the bar. J is having a lot of fun with them. She likes the sparring going on between them.
I am lightly scratching her back again, did not know what else to do with the guys trying to move in on her. Dainis seems to own her left leg from knee to thigh. Todd is too slow and only has her hand when she reaches out to him. J knows what she is doing! Todd is OK but Dainis is Hot! Todd can stay but it will be only to watch the main event.
She smiles at me every so often.
J asked me if it was getting hot in the bar. I agreed it was so she then undid another upper blouse button.  Dainis offered to help her with her buttons!  Todd is just watching and smiling. J looked at Dainis then re-buttoned all her blouse buttons. OK Dainis what will make me not as hot? J is smiling at me waiting for an answer from him.
“Nothing will make you not as hot, but I can cool you off,” He said while getting close to her face.

J says, “Dainis, show me how to be cool and hot at the same time.”

Dainis reached for her blouse then he paused holding her button in his fingers to look at me with a questioning look. I smiled, told him it was her party so listen to her.
J smiled and said OK then show us.
Dainis undid her center button that left 3 above and 3 below. He used both hands to look inside her blouse. Dainis opened the button above and again looked in while brushing her tits with his palms. Now it is 2 above and 3 left below center blouse. Todd tried to reach for a button but Dainis told him to just point at the next button for him to open. J said yes point to a button. It was the next lower button.   Dainis opened that one as J held Todd’s hand and pointed at the next lower button with his shy finger.  One button below and 2 above with the middle 4 open. J took Todd’s hand again he is not fighting her as his finger touches her bra covered nipple. J lets go of  Todd’s hand. He just let his hand drop away!
J leaned toward the bar and her top 2 buttons looked to be a normal above the bar for others to see. But under the bar she as open to the hands of others.  Both guys are watching her for a cue.
I took this opportunity to reach in and opened the final lower button.  I then pulled her blouse out of her shorts.  J turned to me and said thank you honey. She has her blouse hanging open from the 2nd button down. It kind of looks like an open tent/tit flap.
She asked the guys to buy her another drink. She got 2 drinks set in-front of her and the bar tender told her the next drink was on him! (what does he want?)
J took both Todd’s hand then  Dainis’s hand she placed each on her upper leg. I need to thank you for the drinks she smiled. The guys began jockeying for location, Dainis found the shorts loose leg first! He got his hand in and at the same time tightened the other leg opening to keep Todd out! J then put Todds hand on her tit under the blouse over the bra. Dainis is getting a wet finger right there in the bar! Todd has a bra clad tit (Todd the looser). I am massaging J’s back but stop to msg Hamburgny again. Nothing back, but Dainis seems to be checking his phone now with his free hand.
Our bartender called me over to say she needs to tone it down while a certain group is in here. He loves the show but we need to listen to his instructions right now.  We can play a lot more in a bit. He also asked how he gets invited to the party?
I told the guys to pull back from her. Then I told Dainis and Todd the bar tender told me to cool it till he gives the go ahead again. Both guys smiled and Dainis said we have a go-ahead to to handle her in here?  Yes but she is in control of of your fondling, you understand?
I then told them J loves to give BJ’s to guys she meets! just wait for the go “4head”
Dainis went to the piss room. Todd was afraid to leave her side.

That is when Hamburgny finally messaged me. ” I am sorry it took so long to answer. I am busy with a beautiful wife that has great tits, an understanding husband and a sexy mouthagina. I have been using her tits and pussy to get her ready. She is going to give me a blow job  right here in the bar! This wife is hot.  Thanks for trying so hard to get hold of me but your wife will get hold of me soon. I know you are a great friend.”

I began to think, “your wife?”

Then a moment later a new message: “forgot to sign last text, Dainis.”

Then a smiley face.

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