Teaser Or Pleaser?

The day started like any other.  Shave, Aloha shirt, slacks, and off to the office. This afternoon I was to attend an awards function. Not being the first time, I knew pretty much what to expect. Arriving, I signed in and looked around. As expected, more or less the same crowd. Guys standing around chatting plus a number of women dressed like they’d just left the office. Nothing special. Finding a snack table, I helped myself and strolled over to a guy I knew to talk story.

After a few minutes I heard him exclaim, “Holy Shit! Would you look at that!”

Turning to look I was stunned. At the sign in table was this absolute heart stopper. She was wearing a floor length, off the shoulder muumuu, looking like she’d just stepped out of a movie.  Her body filled that muumuu like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I could only stare open mouthed as she seemed to glide around the room, chatting and laughing with everyone as she went. I made sure to be sitting at her table as the program began. She said her name was Lani from blah. blah. company. I could barely speak.  Long black hair pulled behind her head, cascading down a gorgeous back; she was regal looking. The off the shoulder ruffled gown framed her beauty like a picture.  Sparkling brown almond shaped eyes, full kissable lips. I did my best to remain professional but it wasn’t easy.

At the end of the function we exchanged business cards and said our good-byes. Arriving home I gave it a shot and called her. After a couple of rings she answered. I identified myself and told her how much I’d enjoyed meeting her.

“To be honest with you, I’d like to get to know you better. Are you married?”

After a pause she replied, “Yes and no.”

This time I paused, and then asked, “What do you mean?”

I heard whispering in the background before she replied, “I’m married but my husband lets me have men friends.”

Holy shit, what had I stumbled into?

“Are we talking about a threesome?”

More whispering in the background, then “Maybe, no promises.”

She agreed to meet me for dinner the next evening. I watched her walk in wearing a pair of stretch jeans that ate her gorgeous ass up, plus a big loose fitting long sleeved shirt, tied at the waist. After being seated, I ordered pupu’s and wine. Nervous at first, before the wine began having its effect. It was her husband’s idea, she explained, and she was only considering it to please him. She made it clear she loved him dearly. I told her I understood, which of course I didn’t.

Who in his right mind would offer his wife, especially one like this, to another guy? I’d have been carrying a gun if it were me, but who was I to complain? After another glass of wine she shot me a shy smile as I felt her bare foot slip inside my pant leg. I immediately invited her back to my apartment.

“You seem like a nice guy. Can I trust you to behave like a gentleman?”

What else was I going to say?

She followed me the short distance to my place and I escorted her inside. Leaving her sitting on the couch, I put on some soft music and offered her more wine. Sitting together and sipping  wine I leaned over to kiss her. Stopping me, she said her lips were reserved for her husband. Momentarily rebuffed, I eased a hand toward those awesome tits. Emboldened because she didn’t stop me I began to caress them through her shirt as she sighed softly. It was then I encountered something unexpected.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You’ve discovered my jewelry,” she giggled.

“Can I see?”

“Will you be a good boy?”

“Of course!”

I watched in anticipation as she slowly released each button, untied the bottom, and grasping the edges opened it wide. I was speechless. Not only did she have world class tits with long brown nipples, but they were pierced with dainty gold rings. Each ring had a tiny gold initial suspended from the bottom.

“These are my husband’s toys,” she shyly explained, as she shimmied her gorgeous shoulders causing the charms to dance. “You can touch them if you like.”

Would I like? I immediately reached for her twin beauties. Closing her big brown eyes she began to moan softly as I weighed her gorgeous mounds.  I began rolling her nipples one at a time, fingering the rings which caused a shiver to run through her. Her nipples got even harder, if that’s possible. I reached down to unfasten her jeans but she grabbed my hand.

“You promised to behave. I’m not the kind of girl that sleeps with a man on the first date.”

I had a raging hard on. I wanted her bad and I wanted her now! Excusing myself, I went into the bathroom to consider my options. Deciding to go for broke, I stripped, gave my shaft a couple of strokes to make sure it was at full staff, and walked back into the room. I guess I figured the sight would change her mind.

Her eyes grew wide, “You’re such a bad boy. I told you I’m not that kind of girl.”

I sat back beside her, again trying to unfasten her pants when she slapped me. Chastened I began to apologize.

Wrapping a small hand around my hard cock and giving it a squeeze,  “It’s OK, just behave yourself or I’m leaving,” she warned.

What could I do? I’m no rapist. She continued to slowly stroke my shaft as pre-cum oozed over her fingers.

“I think somebody likes me,” she said, dipping a fingertip into the clear fluid and wetting her nipples

I bent to lick them clean as she continued to stroke me slowly. I watched in amazement as she leaned over running her tongue over my twitching cock then sucking her sticky fingers one at a time.

“Umm, tasty,” she murmured. Giving the head a quick kiss before standing, she announced “I have to go home now.”

I couldn’t believe it. What a cock tease! Buttoning her shirt and gathering her purse she headed for the door. I followed like a whipped puppy begging her to stay.

“Call me tomorrow,” she said as the door closed, leaving me dumbfounded with the worst case of blue balls since high school.

About half an hour later the phone rang. It was her. I’d recovered somewhat but my balls still ached.

“I’m in bed wearing a see through baby doll nightie,” she cooed.

My cock began to respond. “I’m still naked and my balls are hurting,” I replied.

“Poor baby, maybe I can help.” Sighs and more soft cooing began coming through the line.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“My fingers are inside my panties and I’m rubbing my pussy,” she replied.

I began to stroke myself as I listened intently. Her breathing became ragged and she began to moan into the receiver. I stroked faster as it was apparent we were both approaching climax. With a loud scream she came as my cock exploded, shooting stream after stream into the air.

“Do we feel all better now, sweetie?  Nighty night, call me tomorrow.” The line went dead.

Of course I called the next day. She agreed to have a late dinner with me two days later. This time she was wearing something that looked like a pair of black lounging pajamas with a semi-sheer jacket tied in the front. She looked incredibly bedroom ready and that’s exactly where I hoped we’d end up. Seated across from one another at a table in the back, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

“Are we feeling better today?” she asked with a giggle.

“Teaser,” I replied.

Halfway through the meal I felt a bare foot slide into my lap.

“You think I’m a teaser?” she asked, rubbing my hard cock with her foot. I could only groan. “Open your pants.”   I complied. “Push your shorts out of the way; I want to feel him,” she hissed.

When her warm foot touched my bare cock, I gave an involuntary jump.

“Uhh Mikee, he feels so smooth and hard,” she cooed as her toes roamed up and down my shaft.

I was powerless, caressing her warm foot as she continued to touch me. I was nearly cumming when the waiter arrived, asking if we wanted coffee.

“Sounds good,” I managed to reply.

My eyes were getting glassy when my tormentor asked, “Are you ready for dessert?”

Untying her jacket she let it fall from her shoulders. I nearly choked on my coffee. Hidden under that jacket was a completely see through top. She might as well have been topless. I gave a quick look around to see if anyone was looking. Fortunately, most everyone was gone by then.

“You like?” she asked, her awesome tits on open display.

I could only nod. About that time the waiter came back. Instead of covering herself as I expected, she gave me a wicked grin as she pulled her shoulders back and proudly thrust those beauties out even further. The waiter couldn’t help but stare but said nothing. My poor cock was throbbing.

“Are we about ready to leave?” she asked, slipping her foot into her shoe.

Somehow I managed to stuff my raging erection back into my pants before walking out bent over. Lani brazenly strode in front, full breasts on open display. A wet spot spreading on the front of my pants, I escorted her to her car. In the semi-darkness of the parking structure, I began running my hands all over those gorgeous tits as she moaned. Slipping a hand under the elastic of her pajama pants, I ran my fingers down between her legs and hit pay dirt. Her hot pussy was sopping wet and covered only by the thin material of her sheer top.

She began gasping and panting as I stroked her mound. Easing the material aside I slid two fingers into her hot pussy which caused her to jump and cling to me for support, trembling in anticipation. Her hand grabbed at my bulge, stroking and squeezing my raging hard on. This hot married momma was definitely ready and I was going to take her right then and there against the door of her car. The only obstacle was two snaps holding her top together at the crotch. They were slick with her juices and trapped between the folds of her steaming pussy. Try as I might I couldn’t get them unsnapped.

Coming down from her high she moaned, “My husband’s expecting me home; I have to go.”

I could not believe my ears! She was going to leave me hanging again! I watched helplessly as she drove away. She was the biggest cock teaser of all time! I wanted her so bad I could taste it and I wasn’t about to give up now. I had to devise a plan.

To be continued…


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