Thailand Beach Holiday

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It was only chatting to a London cabby recently that I decided to try a Thai holiday. I’m not that adventurous really in seeking out new holiday destinations. The cabby jotted down all the details for a holiday he had just returned from. How to get from the airport to the beach house, where to eat, drink, visit etc. So that was good enough for me. I booked it and here we were at Phuket airport. My wife went grab a couple of cold bottles of water while I went to find a taxi. We jumped in and headed off for the one hour drive. The weather and scenery were stunning and we were both so looking forward to the amazing food and beaches.

The taxi drove up the gated drive and pulled up outside the most amazing glass fronted house. He helped us in with the luggage and I gave him 500 Baht for which he seemed extremely grateful. We left the luggage and explored the house. It was truly magnificent. As it was late afternoon we decided to leave the unpacking and head down the drive to the beach front and have something to eat and drink.

The cabby had highly recommended a sea shack restaurant called The Blue Crab and we soon found it. It was very ram shack but highly inviting with a really friendly atmosphere. A young Thai girl showed us to a window table, with fantastic views over the ocean. We ordered a couple of fresh seafood platters and some cold beers. It wasn’t long before a beautiful young girl came over and introduced herself to us. She said her name was Isra and she was looking for some work. We asked her what she meant and she basically wanted to live with us for the week as housekeeper and cook. The cabby had mentioned this in passing but I didnt really take that much notice. I chatted to my wife about it and depending on what she would charge, we agreed to take her on. She said she would do it for 1500 baht which is less than thirty pounds. At that price we couldnt refuse. She joined us for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks. I settled the ridiculously cheap bill and the three of us headed back to the house.

Once inside, she said for us to sit down and relax and she would unpack our cases. We did and after and hour she came down. My wife to see what she had done and everything was perfectly folded and hung in the wardrobes.

We said we were going to bed early as we had been travelling for a long time and we showed her to the spare room. My wife and I soon dropped off and it must have been about 6am I heard our bedroom door open and there was Isra standing completely naked. She saw my puzzled look as my wife was still fast asleep. She said nothing and simply climbed in between us. This woke my wife who wondered what the hell was going on. Isra explained she would do anything we wanted for the week including anything sexual. I had no idea about this at all. My first worry was how old she was but she assured me she was old enough (just). My wife was only wearing a very thin nightie and me some cotton pyjama bottoms. I felt Isras hand slip inside my PJ’s and feel her way around my cock and balls. Judging by my wifes reaction I guess Isras other hand had found my wifes pussy. Thi was all very bizarre at 6 in the morning. Neither of us knew what to do so I slid my hand across to Isras tiny flat stomach and felt down to her smooth hairless pussy. My wifes hand was stroking her almost titless nipples.

By now my cock was as hard as hell and by the sound of it Liz was well on the way to an orgasm. Isras pussy was so tight but incredibly smooth and very wet. I fingered her nice and gently, rubbing her swelling clit with my thumb. She started to moan in a very sexy squeaky voice. That was it, Liz yelled as a powerful cum ripped through her body. I was quite close to cumming to and I wanted to enter Lizs pussy. I move myself above her and Isra guided my cock inside Liz for me. We moved to the edge of the bed and I began to fuck her quite hard. Isra had somehow got in between us and was licking the hell out of Lizs clit while I was banging her for all I was worth. I was so close now and Isra sensed this. She pulled my cock out of Liz and slurped the whole sticky length in her little Thai mouth. I immediately pumped my spunk down her throat, jet after jet of thick lumpy sperm was choking her little mouth. She took my cock out for ┬ámoment, dribbled the spunk back on my cock and then began to suck it dry. The feeling was amazing. Once I was dry, I was still solid and she asked if she could feel it inside her. I looked at Liz was was rubbing herself like crazy and nodded ok. Isra climbed on top and gently eased me inside her little puss. She went straight down on it taking the whole length with no problem at all. Liz was still frigging her clit and rolled to her side and began lickikng and sucking her titny titties. By now she was fucking me like a crazy girl and with no warning, she screamed as she came like hell. A flood of her Thai pussy juice flowed down onto me as I began pumping a good load of English cream into her. She wouldn’t stop once I had done and continued to ride me. He pussy had some incredible muscles and she gripped my cock really hard. She quickly orgasmed again and this time she let me slip out of her. Liz had spent too and we all laid there for a while before falling into a sweaty spunky messy sleep.

When we awoke a couple of hours later, Isra had gone and my wife and I both decided to shower and freshen up. Once downstairs, there was Isra. She had produced the most amazing breakfast with fresh fruit. She joined us and although she was basically taken on as housekeeper, we enjoyed her company so much and she was promoted to travel guide too.

We needed to venture into town to buy provisions and Isra led the way. We had a great time exploring the shops and generally mooching around. Having bought so much fresh produce, Isra summoned a taxi to take us back. Back at the house, she made us sit down while she made a pot of English tea and put the shopping away. She asked what plans we had for the evening and we said we didn’t really have any. Can I lay on a beautiful beach barbecue for you? she asked. Liz and I both said that would be wonderful.

We passed the rest of the day just reading, chilling and enjoying the gorgeous weather. About 6pm Isra said she was ready and we should follow her. We quickly changed and off we went. It was a bit weird because none of us had spoken a word about the sexual events of earlier. Anyway, we were very excited about the evening ahead.

Isra found a beatiful secluded cove where she laid down a big blanket. She poured us a couple of cold beers and began to arrange some rocks to make a base for the bbq. She soon had a lovely fire going and her pretty face and lovely tiny body glistened in the evening sun and firelight. She was wearing a very short thin white cotton dress which with the fire behind her I could see she had no underwear on at all. Ohh God she was sexy. I was surprised that Liz didn’t seem to mind all this at all. I think she was secretly very horny with all this.

Isra prepared the most amazing bbq, with mainly fresh fish and seafood along with some chargrilled fruit and vegetables. It was truly wonderful. She had brought a small music player and she put on some traditional Thai music. We all danced and drank then drank some more. It must have been about midnight when we cleared up and headed back to the house.

I was really looking forward to some sexual activity with Isra again and she suggested she gave us both a sexy massage. I was very much up for this so we quickly showered and lay on the bed with only a towel covering us. Isra stripped naked and once again her tiny sexy body was there for us to enjoy. She knelt between us and began stroking and rubbing oil onto us, very relaxing indeed.

After a while, she told us both to turn over and remove our towels. By now, I was erect and Lizs nipples were like organ stops. Isra poured some oil on my cock head and some onto Lizs exposed clitty. She gently worked this up and down my shaft while slipping a couple of fingers into Liz. I tried to ease a finger into Isra but she wouldnt allow. This is your time to enjoy she said. She had the most amazing wank technique I had ever experienced. A slow up and down stroked with a twist over the swollen helmet. Amazing! Liz was well on the way to a cum but Isra slowed her down and was teasing her. I could hardly contain myself and almost without warning a thick jet of sticky sperm shot in the air, landing on Isras tiny tits. What a sight, my white sperm on her brown breasts. Mmmmm. Semen continued to flow into the air in lovely jets, each one feeling wonderful as the liquid left my penis. Liz came hard at the sight of this and moaned heavily. I laid Isra on her back and began to rub my spunk into her tits. She was really flat chested but her little nipples were sticking up. Liz by this time had moved between her legs and began licking her sweet wet pussy. I eased my cock into Isras mouth and began to fuck her throat, my cock stiffening at each stroke. She came many times with Lizs tongue pleasuring her. I was close to erupting again and just before I did, I slid out of her mouth and wanked my load all over her little brown clitty. She immediately came again, rubbing it herself, making sure she pushed some sperm into her pussy. She continued until she spent once more then again, we all fell into a wonderful deep sleep.

I would go on, but to be honest every day was pretty much like this. I probably had four or five orgasms a day with Isra and Liz at least double that. I think all the fresh air, fruit and seafood gave us energy we didn’t know we had.

All too soon though the week was up and we had to say a sad farewell to our house guest. I gave her 5000 Baht which was far in excess of what Isra had asked but to be honest it was so worth it. We did keep in touch for a while and there is every chance we may return next year :-)


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