That egotistic guy that I think I love

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I was staying with some family friends but the parents had gone out for a couple nights so i was stuck with david of 15 who was only two years older than me. i was really irritated with him for acting like the boss. even if he was the boss. so i went upstairs to his room and passed out. david had graciously given up his room and decided to sleep in the attic. It was extremely cold so i covered up and fell asleep.
When i woke up my hands were tied up in my gymnastics shirt and my bra and black lacy g string were in the hands of david. my pants wwere nowhere to be found. i felt stupid being completely naked next to him. then i realized he wasnt wearing anything either. his muscles, obviously from football, stood out beautifully and i was immediately wet.
“shhhh. its okay toni we both know you want this.”
I tried to yell at him but he kissed me so deeply that i lost all train of thought. his hands trailed down over my sensitive 36C breasts. twisting the nipples gently. he kissed down my knotted up neck and i relaxed thoughtlessly. his hand trailed down to my soaked pussy and his mouth sucked and nibbled at my nipples slowly. His hand lightly brushed my clit and i bucked into it. he smiled against my breast.
“David please don’t do this.”
david ignored my pleas and dipped a finer into my hole. he pulled it out quickly and rubbed my clit in enticing circles.
“You’re going to beg for me. You may not love me like i love you but i know your body will.”
I could hardly feel the pang of regret as he quickened pace and bit my nipples harder. His hands were moving so fast i could hardly feel anything else. I forgot to breath and choked remembering. “Oh God David please oh please!”
“Please what my dear?”
“David FUCK ME NOW!”
David slid up my body in one quick motion and penetrated my tight virgin hole.
David cut off my scream with a kiss. he pushed in quickly and rode me hard. I was moaning into davids mouth and he smirked at my vunrebility.
I shuddered i didnt know what was happening. suddenly a sensation came over my body.
“I Love You” I panted between breaths.
david still hadnt came so he told me to turn over.
His giant 9 inch cock was pressing into my tiny rosebud. It would never fit. I was starting to panic when he lay his hand on the small of my back. it’s okay you’ll be fine. I felt a cold gel rimming my hole. david inched in until he reached the halfway mark. in one swift painful motion he pushed the rest in and i felt it hit the bottom. I bit into the pillow to keep from screaming. After the pain had eased david uneasily started back out then in.
“Its okay david. pound me im yours.”
david took that consent without hisitation.david came inside me and it made me go into i vigoruos orgasm.
David pulled me into his arms and i fell asleep in his warm strong arms.
the next morning dadiv sat down next to me and hugged me tight.
“Toni can i ask you a question?”
“Of coarse.wats up?”
“If you meant what you said last night please will you make this relationship official?”
i looked into his eyes and smiled. His eyes always make me smile…
“david i’ve loved you since the day i met you. Of coarse i will.”
That was one weekend I will never forget

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