The Backdoor Neighbor (The Beginning)

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needed to borrow a utility trailer for a quick haul over the mountain. I noticed the neighbor behind my house had one in their yard. I found out his name from a contractor friend of mine and called him. He agreed to loan it to me as a good will gesture. I worked out the details with Alan telling him I would pick it up on Sunday. He said he would be heading for his newest construction job but his wife, Susan, would
be there to help me. He mentioned that she would have to give me the registration and insurance card.

Susan greeted me at the door on Sunday afternoon in a gymnastics leotard. She is just 5′ tall but has a lithe little body,
long blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail, tiny A-cup titties, a very pronounced athletic ass and great smile.
I think she must be 25 or maybe 28 but I can never tell with tiny women. They can really be a lot older than they seem.
I commented that she must have been going to work out. She grinned and said that she teaches gymnastics to the local girls club. “The little girls seem to learn much faster when I show them how to do a routine” she quipped.

We stood at the door while we talked about the essentials on the trailer. She touched my arm as she passed the paperwork over to me. The smile on her face gave me an idea that she wanted me to think more of it, too. I had to leave early in the morning
to get the load over to the job site so I did not pursue this possible invitation beyond a knowing smile.

The next afternoon I returned the trailer to their driveway and left a note indicating I would return that evening to
pay for the use of the trailer. I cleaned up a little, grabbed a bottle of white wine from my wine cellar, and headed for
the neighbor’s house. Alan was not there and Susan greeted me again at the door in those super clinging leotards. The
sports outfit delicately enhanced her shape. She protested that I was not going to pay for the use of the trailer. She
insisted that her husband had agreed to let me use it for free. I brought out the bottle asking if that meant that
she could not enjoy a little wine with me. A big grin came over her face as she said that it would be nice. Almost like
it was an after thought, she mentioned that she and Alan have a great marriage. She went on to say that he is gone so
much they barely get to see each other. It was like an invitation. The door was open.

At 50 years old, I know when all I have to
do is walk through. I asked if she had some glasses for the wine. She slipped into the kitchen after she directed me to the media room. In the wall was a huge wide screen TV, surround sound and all the other electronics needed for a perfect media room. She returned with the glasses and a small plate of cheese, crackers and summer sausage. We snacked as we discussed the great picture on her TV. She became a little bolder as the wine took effect. She asked if I ever watch movies. I said, “Of course, what kind do you like?”

She blushed when she said very quietly, “Erotic movies are best when you are alone. Have you ever watched any?”

I said “Yes, I have seen a few.”

She asked sheepishly if I liked them.

Emphatically, I answered, “Yes, I do. Does it help when you are ‘alone’.”

She just blushed as red a beet.

We sat there a couple minutes in awkward silence before she loaded a movie into the DVD player. I was surprised when
the full-blown image of a well-known Eurasian beauty came on the screen being fucked hard by the biggest black dick
I had ever seen. I have had many erotic dreams fantasizing about this same gorgeous voluptuous porn star. The wide screen TV made it like she was in the media room with us getting it hard and fast from her lover. I got an immediate hard-on and could barely hide it from Susan. She seemed mesmerized
by the images on the screen.

After the action in the movie subsided, I asked her if this was her favorite movie, to
which she haltingly answered, “Yes, very much. I just love the way she takes that big black cock in her pussy. I always
imagine that she can’t take it but he just buries his cock deep and grinds it home in her pussy. I can cum just thinking
about the feeling she must be getting from his cock.”

My mouth hung open. I must have had a stunned look on my face from the dirty talk from this seemingly prim and proper gymnastics teacher because she smiled widely and asked what was wrong. I just stammered out something unintelligible.
Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees in front of me and unbuttoned my jeans. I protested for a spilt second
until her mouth enveloped my throbbing manhood in one gulp. I was getting a first class deep-throat hummer from the
neighbor and loving ever second of it. She licked and sucked me with the precision and vigor that belied her young age. I tried to make small talk to help my concentration but her skill intensified the pleasure taking me to the next level. I warned her I was close to cumming but she ignored my protests to continue her licking and sucking. Before I knew it, I was shooting a huge load of sperm down her throat. She took every drop, swallowed it all and licked up the residue in no time flat. It was a wonderful cock draining mind-blowing
blowjob! I knew it would take me a while to recover from that.

I pulled her to her feet and began to undress this tiny body in front of me. Her leotard slipped off her shoulders easily.
I pulled them down slowly to expose her small shapely breasts. They had a great set of nipples the size of large pencil erasers. I had to brush her ponytail back to get a nipple into my mouth. I helped her out of the rest of her leotard. Her legs were still covered with opaque stockings. Her immediate reaction to my sucking and nibbling on her tit told me they were very
sensitive. This would bear more fruit in the future. After just a few seconds of sucking on her nipple, her body began
to shake uncontrollably. She moaned loudly and pulled away quickly. I held on but she insisted I stop. She said her nipple was too sensitive for direct sucking. It surprised me but I let it pass. She helped me take her stockings off. She then stripped my clothes off in a matter of seconds.

Standing there in nature’s own glory was this girlish figure of a woman. She was at first shy about her body but soon opened
up to my gaze. A huge smile on my face must have softened her resolve. She began to dance seductively in front of me in
a coquettish little jig from her gymnastics days. I hope all of you can imagine the pure excitement I felt at this private exhibition of athletic prowess. She danced for a couple of minutes before falling into my arms and kissing me hard.

“I need you to make love to me now.”

We rolled on to the floor where I began to explore her lovely little body with my tongue and lips. She arched her back and shook every part of her. Her body convulsed in movements I could only imagine before I took her into my arms. She was constantly
moving and moaning uncontrollably with every kiss or lick I administered. It seemed that every part of her body was
one huge erogenous zone. I could barely maintain my concentration. She was a ball of fire. I finally found her tiny clean shaved snatch and dove into it with abandon. She screamed in a long continuous orgasm when I sucked her tiny clit into my mouth. I had to hold on for dear life. She was like a caged animal. Every rock hard muscle in her body struggled to be free from my grasp. This was the most incredible sexual athlete I had ever been involved with. I licked down her legs to give
her a brief respite and she calmed down somewhat. Upon my return upward as I grew closer to her swollen labia lips, she erupted in constant movement that prevented me from really getting a lip lock on that little jew
el between her legs. Up and down, side-to-side she arched her back and
flexed her abs to keep me searching for her pleasure center. I fi
nally gave up and pulled her down until she was directly
under me. The difference between our bodies made her seem even smaller and more delicate. I was careful not to put too much weight on her as I slipped my now throbbing cock into her diminutive little pussy. She arched her back, positioning herself to accept my thrusting shaft. I am just average size and girth but I naturally thought she must have a tiny love canal to match her size. My cock slipped into her with no problem. Her hands pulled on my back. She dug her nails deep into my back muscles. She insisted that I let all my weight down on her and pin her down. I outweighed her by more than 150 pound but she was able to buck me like I have never been moved before. It was an incredible ride. I tried to change her position to allow her more movement but she insisted she loved being “crushed” by my weight.
I stroked hard into her now sopping wet pussy for what seemed hours until she moaned and screamed she was cumming again.
I felt her heels dig into the back of my legs as she exploded in climax. I was sure I must have crushed the life out of her
when she lay still for just a second to savor the moment.

Without warning, she literally bucked me off. I landed on my back with her on her feet standing over me. I could not believe her power and speed. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. We went to her
small workout room where she grabbed a few items for the corner and suspended a couple items from the ceiling.

I asked what they were for and she just said “Lie down here, please!”

I could not imagine what she had in mind so I was even more intrigued. I lay in the middle of the floor where she directed. She dropped to her knees again and started to give me another deep-throat tongue lashing blowjob. I felt my second load building in my groin. I told her that I was close again so she stopped. With incredible strength
and grace, she slipped one foot into a stirrup at my right side and then suspended herself until she could place her left foot in a similar device. In this spread eagle style, she was positioned with her pussy directly over my cock which was now standing straight and tall. Lowering herself onto my cock, she began to squeeze her buttocks and leg muscles to raise and lower her pussy on my dick. It was the most intense sexual experience I had ever experienced. Ever muscle inside her vagina was pulling at my manhood on the upstroke
and the released completely to allow her to fall back upon my cock. She became impaled balls deep on ever stroke and pulled my dick almost out of her on the upward grind. Remembering the intense pleasure she got from her nipples, I lightly pinched each of them between my fingers while I kneaded
her tiny breasts with my hands. It seemed to have no effect as she was in her total concentration mindset. I tried to match those incredible strokes with my hapless bucking bronco routine. She made me want to hold still to enjoy each stroke. It seemed like hours again before her actions brought
the anticipated response. I shot a load so deep inside her that I thought would take a month of Sundays to drain out again. She came again when she felt my hot sperm seer the g-spot deep inside her. She did not relax her hold on my cock for several minutes. By then, I was waning fast and my white jism was dripping onto my groin from her pussy. She flipped over in the stirrups and suspended herself with her face over my groin. She licked my cock and lower belly until I was clean and dry. It was a joy to watch this ballerina of the apparatus as she performs her magic on me. I commented
that she had to be in exceptional shape to do that. She said she had to do something while Alan was gone for weeks at a time.

I could barely move when I finally return to my house that night. She waves politely from her driveway when we see each other. At the store or Post Office, she gives me a polite hug but has never mentioned that night. I think I might have to borrow the trailer again to see if it was all just a dream.

More to Come. damon1951

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    great story, love those short women.

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