The Backdoor Neighbors

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It had been several months since I had noticed my backdoor neighbors, Susan and Allan, out in their yard. I called and waved to them both. Allan had been home a lot more lately with the birth of their third child; it was obvious he was trying to be helpful with the children. I could not help but notice that Susan was much bigger on top. She still had her incredible gymnast’s body. (Just to refresh your memory of her…. She is just 5′ tall but has a lithe little body, long blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail, tiny A-cup {not anymore} titties, a very pronounced athletic ass and great smile.) I can never get enough of looking at that great little body of hers. Her tits were now a very full C cup and it seems she had not realized how large they had gotten. Her bra could not hold it all in and she was pushing out the top of it, which created the most lovely defined cleavage. Or maybe she just liked showing off her new full breasts….

Early the next afternoon, I was out back working on the thistles that plague my yard when I saw Susan take their three girls to the car and drive off. I needed to borrow the trailer again for a load of logs over the mountain so I slipped over to their house to talk to Allan. He greeted me at the door inviting me in for a soda. When I told him I needed the trailer again, he grinned from ear to ear. I asked what was so funny.

He said, “You’ll have to pay for what you got last time!”

I almost fell out of the chair. What did he know about our little tryst and bottle of wine? He knew I was sweating bullets until he grinned again. He explained that Susan always tells him all about her “gymnastic” lovers. She told him that she had been particularly pleased with our lovemaking session. I started to breath again when he asked if I could stay until Susan returned from dropping off their girls at her parents. It had been just three months since the newest addition to their family. He explained that Susan was getting really horny and wanted to “get fucked really hard and long” (and that’s a direct quote). It shocked me but I was grinning. It brought me back to our evening tryst when she used her “hanging” apparatus to screw me into the matt in their workout room.

(Just so you get a sense of what I was remembering: With incredible strength and grace, she slipped one foot into a stirrup at my right side and then suspended herself until she could place her left foot in a similar device. In this spread eagle style, she was positioned with her pussy directly over my cock which was now standing straight and tall. Lowering herself onto my cock, she began to squeeze her buttocks and leg muscles to raise and lower her pussy on my dick. It was the most intense sexual experience I had ever experienced. Ever muscle inside her vagina was pulling at my manhood on the upstroke and then released completely to allow her to fall back upon my cock. She became impaled balls deep on ever stroke and pulled my dick almost out of her on the upward grind.)

It emboldened me to know that he knew of our sexual romp in the workout room but I still did not know what he had in mind. He sensed my apprehension and quickly related some of their experiences in the “romper room” as he called it. After a story or two (If he approves, I might write them down for you), he took me back to show me a new apparatus that can only be described as a fuck chair. It was made of three inch bent tubing and had a number of strategically placed pads and straps on the bars. I had seen something like it in some porn films but never actually witnessed one in use. Apparently, his welding and pipe bending skills were not strictly used on the jobsite. He asked if I wanted to see Susan and him “going at it in the chair” on a video he had just edited. Before I could answer, he popped a DVD into the player. Within a few seconds, a beautiful image of these two very athletic young people jumped out of the wide screen TV suspended from the ceiling. In the video, she must have been two or three months pregnant because she had a slightly bigger tummy that I had never seen on her. It was barely discernible but obvious to those of us who had “experienced” her tiny little lithe body. It made her look even a little sexier in my mind.

Allan said that it was the last time that they had really had rough pile-driving sex. Susan loved to be taken very hard and be dominated by a huge man. Both of us tower over her by more than a foot and I out weigh her by more than 180 pound. He said she talked about having two men ravage her body after she recovered from her child birthing but she had not mentioned it for six or so months. Apparently, it had not come up again until she saw me yesterday. She told Allan to prep me for a daylong fuck session while she dropped off the kids. I had no idea that they enjoyed threesomes and was very pleased to be asked to join them. It was also interesting that this fuck chair could be a part of our session. The possibilities made my mind wander.

Allan ran to the door in a youthful sprint when Susan drove into their driveway. He waved her into the house and explained that I had just happened to come over to borrow the trailer again. A huge smile lit up her face and she started to strip off her clothes right in the doorway. Allan pulled her inside and into his arms. He planted a very passionate kiss on her lips. She melted into his arms but looked directly at me. Her big blue eyes were riveting. I cannot remember such an intense sexual stare. Her eyes called to me to join them. I took the lead and pulled her by the hand down the hallway toward the romper room. They remained intertwined but she was shucking clothes as they walked, first hers then his. By the time we got to the workout room, they were both completely naked. She stroked Allan’ cock a little but it was not really necessary as his considerable sized dick was standing tall. His dick was about an inch longer than mine but thinner. She grabbed a couple straps over her head on the “chair” and pulled her body up onto the center pad. She lay back with her head over the appropriate pad and her feet onto a couple pads a little lower than her butt which protruding over the front edge of its pad.

With her muscular legs, she pulled Allan into her pussy with one quick smooth stroke. She let out a clenched teeth guttural scream. She surprised herself with the force of the attack despite the fact that she initiated it. I don’t think they had made love since the birth of their daughter so this was probably her first cock in several months. She just lay on the fuck chair and writhed in sheer pleasure. Her hips were gyrating up and down and side to side at an incredible pace. This motion brought her quickly to orgasm and she came with a huge groan. This time her mouth was completely open. She did not care if the neighbor five doors down heard her ecstasy. It made my dick rock hard just to watch this show of animal lust. Allan continued to pump into her snatch with vigor. His pace was measured and she began to beg for him to fuck her harder and deeper.

“Pleeeeeaaasseee, fuck me harder. Make that long dick of yours work my pussy harder, deeper. OOOOOHHHHH, I’m cumming again” and she fainted dead away.

She seemed to be out for just a few seconds when she returned to her senses. Without delay, she motioned for me to come closer. When I approached, she grabbed my cock through my pants and pulled me to her. She ripped at my belt and zipper. Frustrated that it was taking too long, she finally ordered me to strip. After I disrobed, she pulled me by my cock to her face. Her head was tipped back and she sucked my cock into her mouth and gave me that “oh-so-memorable deep throat” blowjob she had used on me in our last session. It was the most incredible thing to watch my thick dick go into her mouth and see the head move down her throat in this most intense blowjob. Allan continued to pump into her with hi
s measured strokes. Each stroke from him
forced her take more of my dick down her throat until I was completely engulfed up to my balls.

It seemed that he loved to watch her suck cock. He was about to loose his control as he watched my dick slide in and out of his wife’s mouth. His pace and rhythm began to quicken. She was loosing her concentration. It seemed that all of us were reaching a fever pitch at the same time. I could not hold back another second when Allan grunted and pulled his dick out onto her rock hard stomach. He spilled his hot jism all over her pussy lips, lower stomach and even up to her navel. It has obviously been a long time since he had cum. It looked like he could have filled a jelly jar. He rocked and ground his pelvis giving her a little smearing of his cum all over her tummy. She loved being covered in his cum. She redoubled her effort at making me blow my load. The swelling head of my dick seemed stuck in the back of her throat and she sensed that I was about to shoot a load in her mouth. She pushed me back and demanded that I spray my hot juice onto her engorged and very ample “C cup tits. “Cum makes them grow,” she said in the sexiest deep voice that I had ever heard. I jerked my twitching cock a couple of strokes and exploded all over those sweet looking tits. I was surprised at the amount of jism I deposited on her. She seemed to revel in the “bath’ of cum we both gave her. She looked up at us both and said, “I want you both again now, so you better stay hard.” It was the first time I had heard her take charge like that and it made her seem even more sensual.

As she smeared my cum all over her tits, she asked if I wanted to taste her mother’s milk. I had tasted it once when my daughter was born thirty years earlier but it grossed my wife out so she made me stop. Susan seemed to cum immediately when I sucked her nipple into my mouth. Her huge areola was engorged and her nipples seemed to resemble big red rubber erasers. I could taste my own cum and the sweet milk of this still nursing mother. What a turn-on!!!! She bucked up and groaned with a real guttural moan that made my dick come to life again. She had just started to enjoy my ministrations on her tits when Allan, probably feeling left out, dove into her pussy with abandon. I could see his tongue dive into her clitoris and flick it from side to side. Susan was now in double licking heaven. Her snatch had not been touched for months and her only sexual release had been the baby’s suckling. She earlier had admitted to Allan that she had fantasized about have two men especially when the baby suckling her tits. It made her daydream of her own needs.

I wanted to dive my dick into her beautiful little snatch so I suggested that Allan and I switch ends. Before I got around her and into position to take her pussy, she turned over and pulled her knees up under her chest. She looked so tiny in that position and her ass was perfectly placed at the exact height for me to slide into her pussy. I love to fuck a woman from behind. Even if I never take her anally, I get the unbelievable sensation of my dick parting her ass cheeks and forcing them wide. I loved the feeling of my balls slapping up against her clit.

Allan’s dick, hard and strong as ever, was buried balls deep in her mouth and her hand was between his legs fingering his asshole. I could not believe she had mastered the art of deep-throating even his long dick. He seemed to be loosing his mind but not his cum. Returning the favor, my slow measured pussy thrusts were forcing her to engulf his long manhood with her mouth and even down her throat. Her forehead was banging against his tight abs. His pelvis rocked up and forward with ever stroke. With my strokes lifting her ass into the air, her mouth continued to be impaled on his cock. His butt muscles tensed and I knew he must have been close to coming again. I slammed a couple of quick stokes into her cunt but she back to push me away from her while she pulled off his cock. He grunted once quietly and then let out a long low moaning grunt while he sprayed his whole load on her face, chest and into her mouth. She smeared it all over her tits and licked up what she could reach around her tongue.

With the same graceful athletic move that she had shown while fucking me into the matt during our first session, she quickly turned over and hooked her legs into stirrups above her head. I knew that meant she wanted it harder, deeper and faster right now. Without any hesitation, I slipped into her sloppy wet pussy and began to make her feel every inch of my swollen rock hard dick. Completely drained of juices by her exceptional cock sucking mouth, I knew I could last a long time. I pumped into her snatch for at least twenty minutes. It was so sweet and wet that I was completely oblivious to Allan. He was completely drained, just sitting near her head playing with her tits, stroking her hair and kissing her very passionately. Periodically, she would erupt in a tirade of dirty talk, demanding to be fucked hard, longer, deeper, more of everything and then orgasm uncontrollably. I think she even fainted away again but came back quickly in response to my pussy pounding strokes. After her third or fourth mind numbing orgasm, I shot a small load of cum into her pussy.

She grabbed the bar above her head and pulled off my cock. I would like to have seen her do that move while I was pound away at her gash. Allan held her up while she pulled her ankles out of the stirrups. She melted into his arms and he carried her from the “romper room” into the master bath where he drew a warm bath for her. The gentleness and care he took to make her comfortable made it obvious he loved her a great deal. He gave me a warm hand towel and a cold beer. He said, “She’ll want more in a little while”…. But that is another story.

More to come. damon1951

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