The Beginning

It all started years ago when I was drunk and offered my friend… wife. They always flirted and joked with each other when we were together and it turned me on. Sometimes when he left I would joke with her about her flirting with him and telling her that I know she wants his cock. She would give me a grin and say, “Hmmmm. No, you’re all I want.”

We all had been drinking one night like usual and somehow we got on the subject of sex. My friend was single and he said how lucky I was to be married because I could have sex whenever I wanted, that he hasn’t got lucky in awhile. He was joking about having to go home and beat his meat and that’s when it all started. The alcohol had control of me and I said maybe my wife could give you a hand with that tonight. I was sitting across from them in the recliner chair and they were sitting on opposite ends of the couch. They both gave me a strange look and I said to him that I wouldn’t mind helping a friend in need; then looking at my wife I said, “And I’m sure you wouldn’t mind giving him a hand.” She said, “You think?” followed with a big grin and I said yes. I told my friend that she knows how to give a real good handjob. “Oh yeah?” I said, “Yeah,” and then stood up from the chair. “Here, I’ll leave you two alone for awhile.” Just as I walked out of the living room into the kitchen I looked back, my wife was scooting over next to him. I figured I would do the dishes from where we barbequed earlier to give them some alone time.

After a few minutes I had to take a peek and walked over to the kitchen table. When I looked into the living room my wife had his cock in her hand stroking him while they were locked lip to lip, kissing. I continued back to the dishes for about five minutes or so before taking another walk to the kitchen table. This time I noticed my wife was on the floor, kneeled between his legs stroking away on his cock. Damn. I was getting so turned on by the sight and thought of all this. I continued doing stuff in the kitchen as I walked back and forth several times, taking looks of my wife stroking his cock. I just finished the last of the dishes when my wife walked in and told me that he wasn’t comfortable with me looking in at them. She said he was nervous and his cock wouldn’t stay fully erect. She then asked me if she could take him into our bedroom and close the door to see if he would be more comfortable. What was I to say? I was the one that made the offer for them to play around so I said, “Sure, I don’t care. But remember, you’re just stroking him off.” She said, “I know ,” and went back into the living room to get my friend.

As they walked through the kitchen I told him that I didn’t care and that they could go into our room. When I heard the door shut I knew exactly what I was going to do and that was to go outside and peek through our bedroom window. After giving them a few minutes to get situated I went and stood at the door quietly and listened before I sneaked outside. The window had mini blinds, so up close I could peek in the small gaps and slits where the guide string runs through and get a good view of them. My wife has a hope chest at the foot of the bed that he was sitting on while she was knelt down on her knees between his legs stroking his now hard cock. It might be a small view but I could see them fully probably at about eight feet away. He leaned back and placed his elbows on the bed as he looked down watching my wife stroking his cock. I was so turned on; my own cock began to grow hard in my pants as I watched my wife stroke his cock. He was talking to her and she would look up at him at times and talk back to him. Then suddenly my wife dropped her head down and took his cock right into her mouth. That wasn’t supposed to happen but what was I to do? Besides I was so turned on that I didn’t care. My wife began bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock while holding the base of his cock with one hand. I always knew my wife wanted his cock and I could tell he was enjoying her sucking it by his expressions. I was getting so turned on as I continued watching and began rubbing my hard cock through my pants.

After awhile my friend guided my wife’s head up from his lap and stood up and had her sit in his place. He then stepped in front of her and placed one of his hands on the back of her head and guided her to his cock. I watched as she opened her mouth and he guided his cock in. He started gently thrusting his hard cock in and out of her mouth. He soon had both hands on the back of her head as he continued fucking my wife’s mouth. I was so turned on like never before and had to stop touching myself fearing I would cum in my pants. At times I couldn’t believe what I was allowing to happen but it was just driving me crazy watching. I really liked watching my wife sucking another man’s cock. Then suddenly my friend shove his waist forward forcing his cock deep into my wife’s mouth as he began to cum. He held her head still as his body jerked while shooting his cum straight down her throat. My wife is a very good cock sucker and she always swallows, I watched as she swallowed every drop of his cum. I watched until he was finished and just as he pulled his cock from my wife’s mouth I quickly went back inside and laid on the couch as if I was passed out. When they came out from the bedroom they noticed me laying there and thought I was passed out; I heard my wife saying I’ll be out for the night. My friend was telling my wife that he was going to go, and she kept telling him he could stay longer, but he told her that she needed to go take care of me and then left.

My wife woke me up and told me that she needed my cock, acting that I had been asleep I got up and followed her to the bedroom. She stripped from her clothes and laid back on the bed and told me that she needed my cock in her now. I stripped down and as I crawled up between her legs I saw why she was so demanding for my cock. My wife was wetter than ever, her pussy glistened in the light from all her wetness. With her laying there spread, I slipped my hard cock right into her wet pussy. We both moaned out with pleasure as my cock sunk deep into her as I began to fuck her wet pussy. As we fucked, I asked what happened and what all they did. At first she just told me about how she stroked his cock. She wasn’t mentioning about sucking his cock until I asked her if anything else happened. She didn’t just come out and say what happened so I had to keep asking what happened next as she told me each step. We were both so horny from all the excitement that we came in just a very short time. Even though I watched everything that happened that night I never told her I watched and kept it my secret. After that night, my wife and my friend continued messing around whenever they had a chance and it wasn’t long after that night that he started fucking her. Throughout the years I never told her that whenever it was possible I always watched or listen to them when they mess around. He always came over at least a couple of times a week, and even though I didn’t care that they messed around they played a lot behind my back. Sometimes all they were able to do was sneak in some make out time, but he usually never left without somehow getting his cock sucked. He had years of pleasure having my wife sucking his cock when I was out of the room or when I pretended to be passed out. Sometimes I catch them purposely and I would tell them to take it to the bedroom. The thought of my wife sucking and fucking another guy turns me on but when I secretly watch her doing it that’s the biggest turn on ever. Whatever happened, almost always my wife would tell me what they did after he would leave, and I started asking her what they did while we had sex.


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