The Beginning Progressed Quickly

Fourteen days after the beginning, things progressed very quickly between my wife and my friend Chad. In the first thirteen days there was a lot of making out and fondling behind my back; my wife had sucked his cock off twice and swallowed his cum. The night of the fourteenth day progressed to more than I was expecting. Of course, I thought about it happening but not so soon.

As usual we had been drinking heavily and things went on behind my back as the evening went on. It was just after midnight and I started to act really tired and pretended to nod off in the chair. My wife mentioned to me several times that I was going to fall asleep, that I should go to bed. I decided it was time and said that I had to go to the bathroom. I did my thing in the bathroom, then went and laid face down across the bed acting as if I was passed out. Quite a bit of time passed before my wife came to check on me, as they were obviously messed around. Laying across the bed in the dark, I heard her coming down the hall before she came in and turned on the light then quickly turning it back off. I listened as she walked down the hall and back into the living room where I heard her tell my friend Chad that I was passed out on the bed. After they each made a trip to the bathroom, I began to listen closely, knowing they would start messing around and she would be sucking his cock soon. I quietly got off the bed, stood next to the doorway, and listened where I heard the sound of them making out. Things then quickly begin to heat up as I heard  the sound of them shuffling around; I soon found it was from them stripping out of their clothes. After about five minutes or so, I became so curious that I just had to get a view. I got down on my hands and knees, and very quietly crawled down the hall making my way to the entry into the living room. While staying down on all fours I slowly peeked around a chair hoping to get a look with out them noticing.

There they were, my wife down on her knees sucking Chad’s cock while he stood over her. It wasn’t a side view where I could see his cock in her mouth, she was on her knees in front of him with his back towards me. I noticed they were on a blanket as she continued sucking his cock. I wish I could see more but I could picture seeing her mouth wrapped around his hard cock as I watched. Chad moaned softly as my wife sucked his cock and he whispered to her telling her how good she was. She continued for some time, then I heard him telling her that he wanted to lick and taste her pussy. She liked the sound of that and he pulled his cock from her mouth, telling her to lay back. As my wife laid back onto the blanket, my friend dropped down onto his knees between her now spread legs. His back was still towards me but I could see the right side of my wife’s body as she lay there waiting for his tongue. He wasted no time and for the first time I watched as he stuffed his face between my wife’s thighs, where his tongue quickly found her pussy as my wife let out a soft–but loud–moan. He continued, burying his face deep to begin licking and eating my wife. She was soon out of control; I watched her body thrashing around as she pulled on his head as he continued. I knew she was trying to keep quiet but her moans would get a little loud at times. It wasn’t long before he had my wife cumming in his face; I watched as her body arched while she pulled on his head, forcing his face into her pussy as she came. Just as my wife finished cumming, Chad sat up and grabbed my wife by her ankles–lifting her legs up high, he began to move things even further. I thought a lot about him fucking my wife–that would have been the biggest turn on yet–but I wasn’t ready to let it happen. I quickly thought about standing up and walking in on them, stopping him from fucking her, but it was too late. As I watched, hesitating about stopping them, he shoved his cock into my wife’s pussy.

Again, being a little loud, she moaned out as he sunk deep into her. I almost stood up but like always I was so turned on and continued to allow it to happen even though I was nervous about it. The excitement quickly took over and I lost the nervousness as I watched my friend fuck my wife right there on our living room floor. His back was still towards me and I could still see part of my wife’s right side as she lay there on her back, getting fucked. He continued holding my wife’s legs up high and wide as he thrust his cock harder into her. I could hear the sound of her wet pussy as he slammed his body and cock repeatedly into her. Damn! I was trembling, almost out of control, and taking short hard trembling breaths as I continued to quietly watch from behind the chair. I heard him whispering to her, asking if he could cum in her and I heard my wife whisper back, “Oh, yes, cum in me Chad.” He started thrusting his cock harder and faster into my wife as he continued fucking her wet pussy. They tried hard keeping their moans soft and quiet as they both moaned out with pleasure. Again I wasn’t ready for this to happen, but I knew he would be cumming in my wife’s pussy soon. He continued thrusting harder and faster, telling her that he was going to cum. I heard my wife tell him, “Oh, yes, Chad; cum, cum in me.” Then it happened; he let out a soft grunting moan as he began to cum inside my wife’s pussy. I watched as he shoved his cock deep while pulling her legs against his chest as he shot deep inside her. His body thrust as he continued cumming, giving her every drop. When he finish cumming he collapsed on top of my wife and I knew it was time for me to go. I quickly sneaked back to the bedroom and found my place as I always do, passed out waiting for him to leave. That night when he left my wife didn’t come and wake me like she had since the beginning, two weeks prior to that night. I quietly went back down the hall and found her laying on the floor. I returned to the bedroom and let her sleep on the living room floor until morning.

When morning came so did I, waking her by rubbing my hard cock against the moist crotch of her cum soaked panties. I then had her bend over doggie style where I inserted my hard cock into her used wet pussy from her late night, early morning fuck. As I begin to fuck my wife, she told me what all happened after I had passed out which quickly had me cumming. I shoved my cock deep and gave her a fresh load of my cum in her pussy that was filled with Chad’s cum six hours prior.


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  1. Rainbow Writer

    Looking forward to reading them. Watching your wife having wild sex with another man is such a turn on. I’ve written several stories of late and my wife gets off reading them. They bring back a lot of hot memories.

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