The Cabin in the Woods, Pt. I

The Cabin in the Woods

The storm intensified outside to a blowing blanket of gray-white. More than two feet of snow was expected before it was to stop. Gary lay on the brown leather sofa in his small, comfortable cabin. His slumbering, erotic dreams were illuminated only by the firelight. He has been out here alone for nearly three weeks trying to work on his next novel. Love stories; passionate, erotic love stories. Time at his cabin had always worked before but somehow this time he couldn’t break through.

As he dozed with his hand stroking his cock through his pajama pants he heard a faint knock at the door. The power had been out for hours already and it was nearly midnight, who could this be. When he opened the door he found a young woman standing before him and she seemed exhausted as she collapsed into his arms. He brought her in by the fire and discovered that she was absolutely freezing. He lay her down on a sheepskin rug in front of the fire to warm her. She wore only a thin silky black dress, black stockings and black four inch heels. Her hair was soaked from the driving snow, as was her thin dress. Gary peeled the dress off her frozen, unconscious, body, revealing full, beautiful, bare breast with nipples like frozen cherries and black garters which held her stockings in place. The cleft between her legs was bare of panties and hair. Gary, resisting his urge to touch her, covered her in a blanket instead. After nearly an hour she woke with a start and looked around. Gary brought her a cup of tea and asked her name. She replied, “Rachel.” He asked how she had come to be at his cabin in the middle of a blizzard. She told him the story of how she had a fight with her boyfriend up on the road and he kicked her out of the car. “The road is nearly two miles away” Gary said in surprise. “I know but I followed the light of your fire through the woods. It was easy to see because all the other power had gone out.” She sipped her tea and failed to notice for a while that her blanket had slipped down, exposing her full, warmer breast. When she finally notice that Gary was staring at her breast she pretended to be surprised and pulled the blanket up enough to cover her nipples. “You shouldn’t cover yourself too much, it’s better to allow the warmth of the fire to touch your body.” Gary said with hope that she would drop the blanket. Rachel smiled “is that why you removed my dress?” “Yes, and a damn good thing too, your nipples were nearly blue. I see that they have gone back to pink now but you should still stimulate them to encourage proper blood flow.” “Oh really?” she asked. “Absolutely, that’s why I’ve been rubbing y-yo-your feet and hands while you were asleep.” He tried to appear nonchalant. Rachel slowly opened the blanket and let it fall to her sides exposing her whole body to the fire. She cupped her breasts and pinched and rolled her nipples between her fingers. Gary couldn’t stop watching, his cock growing to full length. Rachel loved the attention and continued to pull and twist her nipples while she watched the hunger in his eyes grow. She spread her legs and her smooth pussy lips opened to expose her pink hole. Her lips glistened with moisture and Gary reached over to touch them. They were completely smooth and the firelight danced over the slick moisture, highlighting her swollen clit that was now fully exposed. He allowed his fingers to glide over her hard button before they slid into her pussy and began to pump. Rachel responded immediately by bucking up and down on his hand. Gary quickly readjusted himself and took her nipple into his mouth. It had been over three weeks since he had sucked tit and he was starving. Rachel moaned loudly as Gary pumped her pussy and escalated into a full scream when she finally came. Gary rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her onto all fours. He mounted her from behind and shoved his dick into her slick pussy. She screamed as she exploded into another orgasm. He fucked her hard causing her tits to swing back and forth. He balls slapped at her clit over and over again while he played with her swinging nipples. After nearly an hour of hard, pussy-pounding fucking Gary came. They both collapsed onto the sheepskin rug on the floor and fell asleep.

In the early hours of the next morning while the snow was still falling, Rachel woke to Gary licking her clit. Her legs were wide open as he lapped hungrily at her love button. Her nipples stood straight up and he reached up with both hands and played with them. What an incredible lover, she thought. She came over and over again as his tongue probed deep inside her pussy and then danced on her clit again. When she was finished he got up, a throbbing cock in front of him, and went to make her breakfast. A little while later he returned with a nice omelet for her. He sat on a diningroom chair with his cock standing straight up and had her sit on his cock. Her slick pussy slid right down on his huge member and she slowly rode him while she ate her omelet. Her attentions focused on the food and his on her. He played with her big nipples and massaged her clit, allowing her to suck her own nectar from his fingers between bites. She moaned as she chewed. When she finished he turned her around to face him and put his mouth to her tits. Sucking each nipple over and over again and his cock slipped in and out of her pussy. He dipped his finger into her pussy before teasing her asshole. Tracing small circles around her pink puckered hole before slipping his finger into her ass and slowly pumping it in time with his cock. The entire morning was like one huge orgasm. After a while he picked her up and lay her on the cold oak table. He held her legs above her head and watched as he slowly pumped her pussy. He placed her ankles into her hands and had her hold them while he spread her pussy lips with one hand and played with her clitty with the other hand. He pumped his cock into her slow then fast then slow again. She screamed and bucked with each orgasm. When he finally came he gave three great, hard pumps accompanied with loud moans and then pulled out and walked away.

Rachel, barely able to move, lay there as she heard the shower go on. After a few minutes he came out with a semi-erection and no clothes and told her she could shower now if she wanted to. She jumped at the chance. She washed her body and wondered at how he could be sporting an erection of any kind after that session of sex. When she came out she had no clothes to put on and couldn’t find him at first. She walking into the back room and found him writing as fast as he could, his dick now fully erect. “Can I have some clothes to put on.” She asked. “No, I need you just the way you are. No, on second thought, go and put your garter and stockings on with your heels, then come and just walk around the room for me.” He seemed different, almost driven. She did as he asked and came into the chilled room. Her nipple became instantly erect, not from excitement but from the cold. She moved about the room to keep warm while he took short breaks to watch her sexy form before returning to his work. He wrote feverously. This went on for hours until the light began to fade from the room. She noticed that he never lost his erection and never touched it either. Finally the pen stopped and he looked over his writing. “You inspire me.” He said as walked up behind her and gently stroked the crack of her ass. He fingered her nipples, brushing his fingers back and forth over the chilled nubs. His erection hurt now after hours of neglect and he bent her forward and shoved his cock deep within her walls. She gasped in surprise, not pain as she was already wet from knowing that he watched her. He fucked her hard like an animal, pumping and driving his dick into her sopping wet pussy. It was as if he owned her. She belonged to him and would do anything to please him. Just then he pulled his dick from her pussy and walked into the living room
and sat on the sofa
. She had to have more. She followed him and fell between his legs taking his cock deep within her mouth and sucking. At first he just watched and then he stroked her hair as he became aware of her commitment to him. Now it was interesting. He had her crawl up onto his lap and he played with her pussy while sucking her tits. He spread her pussy juice over her asshole and fingered her. She loved it. When she was nicely lubed he positioned her asshole over his cock and encouraged her to sit. At first it hurt but she was determined to please him. She finally had his entire cock up her ass and she slowly began to pump. He moaned loudly and watched by firelight as his cock slid in and out of her tight little asshole. Then he reclined her body just enough to push a finger into her pussy and use his thumb to play with her clit. Her tits bounced and her nipples danced before his eyes. He pulled and played with her nipples as she gave him the fuck of his life. Finally they both came. After a few minutes they discovered how hungry they were and both went to the kitchen. As Rachel began to make sandwiches for them she realized that Gary’s dick was hard again and was already pressing against her ass. She was exhausted and her pussy was raw but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

To be Continued…

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