The Dirty, Lucky Guy

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Jacob waited for his dad to leave and then ran back to his room and switched on his laptop. He began his daily routine of watching porn. His hand began slipping down his pants and he began jerking off his dick. It was all he did most of the day till his dad came back. He had summer vacations till his college began and he lived with his dad.
Jacob was 18 years old. He would just watch porn the whole day. He was the Porn Master of all teens. He had explored all the sites there were. He even had used his dad’s credit card number and got access to all sites. His never found out because of the discreet billing services all the sites offered. But no one ever knew of this dark side of Jacob. On the outside he looked like a simple guy, good in studies and an average basketball player.
Jacob’s dad usually returned home around 630pm-700pm. So when Jacob heard the knock on the door at 635pm he thought it was his dad. He quickly cleaned up the tissues and stuffed his erect dick into his pants and made sure it wasn’t visible. When he opened the door his jaw dropped in astonishment. Standing in front of him was a drop dead gorgeous blonde, dressed in a rainbow colored dress that went down till mid thigh, it provided ample view of her beautiful breasts.
“Hi, honey. I’m Heather”, she said. “Over the past few days we’ve noticed you’ve been watching a lot of adult videos. That’s why we want to reward you. I’m your reward.”She looked at him coyly. “You’re so hot!” Jacob said. He was about to rush her, in wild thoughts entering his head, when with a sinking feeling he remembered his dad would be coming home. “Can you come tomorrow?” “Sure, darling. What time?” “9 in the morning?” “I’ll be here.” She turned to leave, when Jacob overcome by his emotions grabbed and pulled her back. He began kissing her. She responded with equal passion whether fake or not, Jacob didn’t care. He began licking her neck, kissing it. He could see her nipples poking out of her dress. He pushed her ass closer so that her pussy was pressing his dick.
He stopped abruptly and pushed her away before he tore off her clothes and his dad came. “Come tomorrow, wear the same dress.” He said harshly and went in.
Jacob eagerly waited for his dad to leave. At nine o’clock he heard a soft knock on the door. His semi erect dick became erect the moment he heard it. He ran to the door and opened it. There she was in all her beauty. He grabbed her hand and pulled her in. Jacob immediately pushed her against the wall and began kissing her. He lifted her and threw her down onto his bed. Jacob then leapt on top of her and they began kissing again. He began licking and kissing every part of exposed skin. Then he couldn’t control himself any longer and he ripped open the top of her dress exposing her magnificent breasts (36C). He dived into them licking and sucking everything. His hand crept down to her pussy. He focused his attention there. He pulled down Heather’s purple thong slowly revealing what Jacob had been wanting to see since he was 12 and half years old. He nearly cummed there and then. He didn’t know what to do, his entire fantasy was actually happening. He shoved his mouth onto her pussy. It was already so wet. Heather groaned appreciatively. He began licking her clit. It felt like having an orgasm without actually cumming. His tongue went in and out. He lifted his finger and slowly pushed it into Heather’s asshole. She began moaning and grunting louder. He then began fingering her. Heather was now completely red breathing loudly. Jacob started to move his fingers faster and faster, heather began screaming and her breasts began bouncing. Just when Heather was about reach orgasm point he stopped just to tease her a bit. He told her to remove his pants and she did. His dick popped out,rock hard, veins bulging out. He pushed her back and slowly guided his dick towards her gleaming wet pussy. When the tip of his dick touched her pussy he felt his heart skip a beat and he felt an indescribable feeling. He rubbed her pussy with his dick and she groaned longingly. “Put that inside me, Jacob.” He obliged and inserted his dick. He began with slow motions and then became faster. His hands were on her perfect breasts. ” Oh yeah, baby. Harder harder! Make me your bitch!”Heather screamed. He felt her cum on his dick as she reached her orgasm, and he began cumming. He felt the first pulse of semen leave his dick followed by an even larger mound of cum after which the amount subsided.
He collapsed onto her. They lay in bed talking stuff with Jacob always fondling her breasts or licking something. When his dad was reaching she got up to leave but Jacob pulled her back. “Tomorrow, same time.” She smiled and left.


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