The Drifter

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Newly graduated Lyndon Harris-Pavlova was in Prague for her very first job set up for her by her Czechoslovakian-born father. Since her mother was Black American she was a very exotic sight on the streets. Her father had passed on his blue eyes to her which mixed with her mother’s African blood appeared more grey than any other color.  Her mother’s hair was off black and her father’s hair was brownish coppery. Rich chocolate and creamy milky graham cracker had combined to make a luscious 22 year old young woman straight out of your dreams.

Mirek, a 26 year old Roma(Gypsy) guy raised in orphanages from the age of 3 noticed her when she got off a Metro train at a train station in Central Prague known for male prostitution. Engrossed in her I-Phone 5, she did not even look up. He decided to follow her.

It took Lyndon a full two blocks to sense that she was being followed. A big girl at 5’10” and athletically built 155 pounds, she had no fear when she turned around fully to confront her stalker.

Mirek was stunned. “You are beautiful.” He stammered out in Czech, hoping she understood his non-criminal intentions.

She recognized him instantly by his darker skin tone and black eyes as a Gypsy. He was taller than her by at least 3 or 4 inches and looked like he hadn’t eaten in days. She tossed her waist length chestnut brown wavy hair out of habit and walked toward him.

“Jaké je vaše jméno?” She said in Czech and shocked him.

“Mirek.” He answered simply and extended his hand.

She took it and held instead of shaking it.

“A ty?” He managed to asked as she tugged on his arm to signal she wanted him to come with her.

“Lyndon.” She said and pulled him along.

Secretly tired of forcing himself to have gay sex for quick money, Mirek allowed himself to be lead along by this strange beauty.

Lyndon felt her panties getting wet from her lubricating pussy. Sheltered as a child. Cautious as an undergrad. She was ready for some real dick, nice and hard. Mirek was just her type!

She lead him back to her apartment.

He was shocked that she let him come inside and didn’t even ask him to remove his shoes, raggedy looking Nikes.

She turned suddenly and touched his crotch.

He looked at her with raised eyebrows to see if she was serious. “Biznez” from a woman was rare.

She seemed to change her mind just as quick, grabbing his arm and pulling him down the hallway.

“Sprcha(shower).” She explained showing him to the bathroom off her bedroom.

The water felt great on his skin. He peeled back his foreskin and worked up an impressive erection,fantasizing about women.

Clean and fresh smelling Mirek found Lyndon under the covers of her bed. At a lost for English words, he pointed first at himself then at her.

She pulled back the bed covers to invite him in. He looked a lot better when he was clean! His thick black hair was damp and shiny, bronzed skin surprisingly clear.

He got in readily and saw that she was naked. A long finger was seeking out her pussy before he was fully aware of it. Finding a wet hole, he readily plunged inside.

Lyndon grimaced. She had never really been interested in getting her pussy fucked. It didn’t get much exercise and was tight.  Her first time had been miserable, blood dripped down her thighs after her first had shredded her hymen and she ached for days afterward.

Anal was her flavor. She loved fingering her asshole, longing for a nice hard cock to fill it.

She felt around under the covers until she grasped his erection.

It felt thick and veiny,,,perfect.

Mirek worked his digit in her pussy hoping to draw a pleasured response.

It shocked him to see her not enjoying it.

“Problem?” He asked.

She stroked his erection with one hand and rubbed juice from her oozing pussy over her asshole, lubricating it. The more she thought about his erection up her ass the more her pussy gushed. Finally when she thought her asshole was lubed enough she let go of his erection and rolled over on to her stomach, beckoning him to come behind her by wriggling her ass at him.

He moved closer until her hand could grasp him again.

She rubbed the fat purple head up and down her crack trying to get it wet.

Mirek knew the sounds of arousal in a woman, so he realized that she got off on this.







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