The fuck with the mail man

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i opened the door to find the sexiest mail man i had ever seen. I was already horny so i decided to let him in. Hey Sexy, i whispered and pulled him into my house by the shirt.
This mail man was really sexy and had one hell of a body. I could tell from the look on his face that he wanted to fuck my good and hard. He was making me way horny just by the look that he was giving me. I winked and grinned evilly.
I pulled him to my sofa and slid off my pant in front of him. My underwear was soaked. I ran my hand down his chest and to the huge bulge in his pants. I could tell that his cock was huge. ohh how i love big cocks i thought to myself. He then undid his belt and slid off his pants and boxers. His dick was HUGE.
I got off the sofa and down onto my knees to suck his hard pulsing cock. I slid my mouth up and down the giant shaft, slowly at first. I began to speed up. I stopped before he was ready to cum and nibble lightly on his balls. He moaned quietly. I moved back to the head of his dick and sucked softly. I felt the cum shoot into my throat and I swallowed every last drop.
He stared into my eyes like I was the most sexy thing he had ever seen. He lifted me onto the sofa and layed me down. He slid my underwear off and spread my legs wide. He leaned down and began to suck on my clit. He slid 3 fingers into my tight wet pussy and moved his fingers in and out, slowly at first and then he sped up. I began to moan. He moved one hand up and rubbed my tits. I yelled when I hit climax and he sucked up all of my cum.
I was ready for him to fuck me, i was so horny. Fuck me i whispered into his ear. He quickly got up and lifted me up and carried me to the bed. He threw me onto the bed and began to fuck me. He slid his cock in and out of my tight pussy. I cock got deeper with every thrust. My pussy was pulsing in desire for more of him. I began to moan. OHHHH YEAHHHHH FUCK MY PUSSY HARD!!! GET IN THERE DEEEEEPP OHH. With my moans the speed of his thrusting increased, it was like a runner finishing a race. It was fast hard and deep. It felt so fucking good. I began to scream and he fucked my pussy. OHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH UHH HARDER HARDER HARDERRR!!!! i moaned DEEEEEPPP. OH YESSSSS YESSS i screamed as i hit the climax of my orgasm. I cummed all over his cock and he pulled out of me. I slid over and began to suck his cock more. His cock got hard again and he flipped me over to fuck me more. I screamed louder than ever on my third orgasm. He keept fucking my over sensitive pussy.
After hours of hard, fast and deep fucking. He pulled out of me he kissed me once softly on the lips got dressed and he spoke quietly “ill be back tomorrow” he winked and left. It was one of the sexiest days of my life…

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