The House of Love

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It was about my addiction to sex, not the money…although that was definitely a good incentive. I was in my first year of college and total broke when I came across the ad in the paper. “GIRLS WANTED to entertainment gentlemen in The House of Love.” I hadn’t been to the club before but I had heard a lot about it. It was $100 just to get in and you HAD to be gorgeous. Every time I had passed the place the security guards were only letting the best looking men and women enter. My friend had told me that the place was one big orgy with very dim lighting, floor seating with scattered cushions everywhere giving patrons every opportunity to ‘make themselves comfortable’. And let me tell you, my friend wasn’t wrong. I had been working there for almost two weeks and couldn’t get enough of the place. I was earning a fortune and having the time of my life.
My shift was due to start in an hour but I had turned up early deliberately. One of the benefits of working in the club was that all the staff could come and go as they please.
I had put on a short black leather skirt with high black pumps to show off my long toned legs and I wore black low cut halter top that advertised my perfect DD tits. I hadn’t put on any underwear, as it was one of the house rules, and I had trimmed my pussy smooth. My long blonde hair was cascading down onto my shoulders and my bright blue eye’s were alert, ready for the hunt.
I nodded to the security guard at the door as I passed him and open the door into the club. It was as dark as the night outside but I could just make out the silhouettes of the patrons because of the dim light from the bar in the corner.
I decided to start with a drink as I walked towards the bar, passing couples in various stages of arousal and positions. There was a couple on the dance floor kissing passionately, her shirt was gone and his hands were on her breasts and her hand was down the front of his pants. On the floor to my right there were a couple of guys working on a girl. One was kneeling between her legs tasting her juices while the other guy had his dick in her mouth and was pumping away. I slowed and watch her arch her back and spill her juices into the guy’s mouth as he lapped furiously. The other guy blew in her mouth and I watched his face as he screamed, although it could not be heard over the music. God I was getting hot. I could feel myself getting wet.
I kept walking towards the bar continuing to scan the room. The bartender gave me my usual and I began to sip seductively waiting for a catch. Watching the room around me made me so horny, I began to move my pussy back and forth over the bar stool as my clit gently grazed the leather skirt.
Suddenly I felt hands reach behind me to cover my tits. I let them roam. I didn’t need to see his face, I didn’t want to. You only came to this place for one thing. I put my drink back on the bar and continued to rock on my seat and he undid my shirt.
My tits popped out and his hands became rougher and began tweaking my nipples. I swivelled around and pushed him away. I leaned back against the bar and opened my legs so he could see how wet I was. I looked him in the eye and began curling my finder at him, becoming him to come to me.
He immediately dropped to his knees, lifted my skirt and started lapping at my hot cunt. I was grinding my pussy into his face as his plunged is tongue in and out of me. I flipped my head back and began to fuck his face. He began to nibble my clit that had exposed itself with my heat. I couldn’t believe how good this guy was. His rhythm became faster as his tongue went back to my pussy and he drew a hand up to finger my clit.
I grab the back of his head and screamed as I released my juices all of his mouth. He continued to lap until I was clean before looking up to me again.
I grabbed his hand and led him to a stack of cushions in the far corner. I pushed him down and ribbed open his shirt. My mouth was hot on his chest and I could see his arousal in his pants.
I took of his belt and pulled down his pants. His massive 8″ stood as hard as a rock starring me in the face. I gently licked the pre-cum off the tip of his cock and felt him shiver in anticipation. God he tasted good. I filled my mouth with the length of him until I felt his dick on the back of my throat. I began to pump with one hand as I sucked and licked with the other letting the head of his cock hit the back of my throat with each movement of my head. I cupped his balls and felt them tense, he was ready to come and began to shiver. He squeezed my tits as I sucked harder and faster until finally, I was rewarded with stream after stream of hot steaming come. I swallowed it all and continued to suck him dry. He lay back and closed his eyes. He looked spent, and I was damned disappointed as I was wet again.
I stood and turned to see the silhouette of another man closing in on me. I could make out the outline of his muscles and smiled to myself. He kept walking towards me as I backed up eventually against the wall. He pressed his lean body against me and I was delighted to find him totally naked with an eager erection.
He lifted my skirt and run his hand up my thigh finding my wetness. He raised my leg and rested in on my shoulder and tilted my hips forward. His rock hard cock plunged into my aching pussy as my juices coated his dick. I was grinding my cunt onto his cock as fast as I could as we found our pace. I grabbed his arse and felt the muscles tighten and release with each thrust. My fuck hole gripped his dick and I began to tremble. My loins were aching, my pussy was ready to release. I was about to cum.
He must have known because he pulled his cock out and threw me onto the pillows and rolled me onto my stomach.
He plunged two fingers into my throbbing cunt and dragged my juices up to my arse hole. He pulled me up so that I was in doggy and reached underneath to start fingering my clit before plunging his rock hard dick deep inside my tight arse hole.
I had never done this before. It took a few seconds for the pain to subside before the pleasure overwhelmed me. I rammed my arse hole onto the guys dick over and over as he vigorously worked my clit, his fingers rubbing harder and faster to match the rhythm of his arse fucking as he neared orgasm.
I couldn’t take it any more. I was panting and sweating as I thrust fast and harder onto his solid cock. He grabbed my arse cheeks and spread them further apart for his final thrust before his send his seed spurting into my arse hole.
I felt myself begin to shudder, he increased the speed of his fingers as he pulled his cock immediately out of my arse to grind his face into my pussy as I came. I began grinding my cunt onto his eager mouth as he drank my cum.
I collapsed onto me stomach and rested for a moment before jumping up, to clean up for work. Tonight I was rostered on for pole dancing, but unfortunately what I get up to on my shifts is confidential.

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  1. Kate

    that was a good story…
    I was wondering if you could add a part two to it
    the story made me real horny :)
    Anyway add somethin like she counters another guy and it ends up being her boss the owner of the club and she gets fucked my all the guards or somethin
    Just an idea of course.
    Hope to hear another

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  2. Big Tits

    That made my cunt very wet thanks but I could of used more cause I am still fucking horny, thanks though, more please

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  3. samurai

    good story,check mine out..tell me what you think,email me…

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