The Intruder

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Danny often scolded her for doing it but then he wasn’t there, besides she was happy, and whistling one of her favourite tunes was an expression of that happiness.

So her husband didn’t recognise the tunes she whistled, so he claimed that she was tone deaf, who cares, so Adele whistled as loudly as she was able as she busied herself at the butler sink that Danny had installed just days ago. It had had to be mounted slightly low as she was just five feet two inches tall.

Danny had been attracted to his wife in the first instance by her diminutive size, all one hundred pounds of angelic delight, he had said.

Adele was enjoying her chores so much that only the clatter of a dish on the edge of the sink brought her to the realisation that she was much noisier than she intended; her wet fingers caressed the edge of the new sink hoping that it wasn’t chipped.

Through the kitchen window the summer afternoon sun shone brilliantly so much so the Adele had to shade her eyes as the yellow orb smiled in her eyes; he seemed happy that she was happy.

Had he been with her, her husband would have groaned as she burst into song. She herself had to admit that she was not a song bird, but what the hell, who else could hear her?

Darkness came so suddenly that it drove all thoughts from Adele’s mind, the air from her lungs and instantly silenced her happy singing. As she drew a breath to utter a yell of surprise a band, no doubt the same as that now covering her eyes, clamped shut her mouth.

A big hand slammed into the back of her head pushing it forward, and as her body was so close to the sink it forced her to bend at the waist. Her arms, now pulled behind her, were forced upwards causing her to be able to move only one of her feet.

One foot swung back in an act more of frustration than aggression, but it made contact with something hard, and a low grunt told her that it had hurt. As a consequence her arms were pushed still further upward sending a shaft of pain between her shoulders. In her thoughts only, for she was now unable to express them verbally, raced every expletive that she had ever heard, and oh yes, she had heard a few.

Who ever was her assailant now looped around her bare arms a cord that burned her delicate white flesh as it was pulled so tightly that her elbows almost met behind her. Once again a stab of pain pierced her over-stretched muscles.

Tears of pain and anger, trapped behind the band that obscured her vision, stung her eyes. Adele once again lashed out with a foot but her attacker had removed his legs from its reach. Just to be sure she quickly changed legs and kicked out hard with the other foot. A satisfying yelp of pain told her that the coward behind her wasn’t so clever after all.
Of course it was inevitable that her only weapons, her feet, were next to be constrained, and by the same rough cord that burned her arms each time she struggled.

It wasn’t until much later that Adele discovered that the bonds at her ankles were joined by a cord to the bonds at her arms and which finally looped around her neck with an end free for her assailant to use to control her. She partly discovered this when the cord around her neck was tugged once causing her to turn so that now the only thing helping to maintain her balance was the sink that was now behind her.

A metallic snapping sound alerted Adele, a sound she had heard many times before as she had become an accomplished seamstress, making many of her own clothes and also providing a much needed income by crafting clothes for other women. The sound was that of a pair of dressmakers scissors that were large and very sharp. The sound caused Adele to draw in a sharp breath, the thought of what those shears could cut through caused panic to rise in her breast.

A yelp of panic, muffled by the tape over her mouth, escaped more from her nose than anywhere as Adele felt a sudden coldness of the blades of the scissors as they were drawn slowly and threateningly across one of her cheeks.

If only it was possible to bring a knee up between her captor’s legs, crushing the twin orbs hidden in his dangling sac. From experience Adele knew how sensitive were a guy’s balls, for she always delighted in sucking in, one by one, Danny’s testis. But woe betide her if she ‘accidentally’ bit one. Danny would double up in pain, swear at her and be very cross until he saw the mischievous gleam in her eyes, then he would forgive her when she made amends by kissing them as she stroked his hardness.

The cold steel of the shears on the other cheek reawakened her fears, was he going to cut her? Stab her? Kill her? Such was the fear engendered by her thoughts Adele was unable to control her bladder which began to empty itself into her panties and skin-tight pants. A sigh of satisfaction came from behind. Humiliation coupled with fear and anger caused tears to fall from her dark brown eyes.

Almost in answer to her unasked question, the steel jaws sliced through the fabric covering her left arm. In no more than three snips the now severed sleeve fell from her shoulder and slithered down the smooth, white skin of her upper arm until it reached the bonds at her elbows and there it hung. Strangely Adele was thankful, thankful that this was an old blouse that was just about ready for the waste bin.

Next the metal slid menacingly over the roundness of her left shoulder, under the blouse and with just a hesitation as it encountered the thicker strap to her bra continued up to the hem of neck line. The fabric sagged both at the back and at the front where Adele felt cooler air waft over her lace-covered breast as the bra cup was uncovered.

The urge was enormous to raise her hand to provide cover to what she knew was now visible to whomever was attacking her; the lace to this particular underwear had worn so thin that it could no longer decently cover the areola and nipple that were already peeking above the half-cup bra. Nipples that Danny would suck almost insatiably and which she enjoyed so much that any prolonged attention by her husband had her reaching down to accelerate an inevitable orgasm.

There was now a pause in the attack; was he leering at her partial nakedness? Perhaps he was naked and thrusting a hard dick into a make-believe vagina consisting of his hand wrapped tightly around the flesh. Was he planning the next part of the destruction of her textiles?

The latter turned out to be true as Adele heard fabric being sliced then on the second slice felt steel on her flat belly as the shears were directed up the front of the blouse. Remembering the sharp point of the blade she prayed that her assailant didn’t catch the point in her navel.

Danny adored to suck from her belly button; wine, beer, champagne and yes, she had once convinced him to empty that dimple of the remains of his manly fluids. Oh, it had taken many, many attempts by her, to convince him but she was a master, or is that a mistress, of sensual persuasion.

As the shears achieved the severing of the last strands of the nylon at the neck, the left side of the garment fell, exposing taught, untanned flesh on that side of Adele’s slim body.

Once again the guy paused in his efforts, no doubt feasting his cruel eyes on Adele’s partial nakedness. The thought had an alarming effect on her, she felt the unmistakeable sensation of her areola tightening which meant that an already quite pronounce nipple had started to erect.

The shears were efficient in slicing through the blouse on the right side of Adele’s slim and vulnerable body so that now all that covered her firm silky-smooth breasts was the thin fabric of the half-cup bra that threatened to free those desirable beauties.

Now she heard him… at first his breathing then the unmistakeable sound of a hand grasping a hard dick and stroking back and forth. The thought just added to the unwanted rise in her libido and unless she was able to control it by the time he got to her panties, if indeed that was his aim, then he was going to get the mistaken idea that his subject was not only enjoying the encounter but was a willing victim.

A tug at her neck and the sudden constriction around her neck told Adele that the beast had fixed around her neck a choker collar and she almost choked as she struggled to draw breath.

Moving was difficult as the bonds at her ankles allowed her to move her feet only twelve or so inches apart. So trying to follow the path that her tormentor was leading her was fraught with the danger of her tripping or overbalancing.

From her intimate knowledge of her own home Adele knew that she was being led from the kitchen along the corridor and into the living room. On arrival there she was stopped, possibly in the centre of the large room. Something hard touched the back of her knees, it felt as if it was a chair from the dining area.

The guy’s hand, placed on her head exerted pressure forcing her sit on the edge of the chair, her hands still locked behind her. The guy had cleverly bound her arms so that now that she was sitting he was able to pull the cord under her tightly clad butt then, with feet forced up to her rear, pull the cord under her feet thus finally, her arms although still restricted were now in front of her.

The cord at her throat was pulled upwards and in an effort to ease the constriction Adele had to stand up. As her butt cleared the seat she heard it being moved and almost immediately her tiny, half naked body was forced double over the back of it. Quickly and deftly the male’s hands repositioned the cord at her ankles, not to the chair legs, for her legs were forced too widely apart. Later she saw that a wooden bar had been tied to the chair and so held her legs apart. Next, the cord binding her hands was secured to hold her bent double over the low back of the chair which already was biting into Adele’s pronounced pubic bone.

Despite all her efforts, all her struggles during the transfer of the bonds Adele found the man not only adept at restraining her but just too physically strong for her to resist.

Once again the huge steel shears began to slice through fabric, this time after running frighteningly up her backbone until the blades reached her bra, and in one swift action they released the clothing which fell, liberating Adele’s blossoming breasts, the pinnacle of each now a blood engorged, hard nub.

Sweaty, rough hands reach forward and gasped eagerly at her breasts, rolling between each finger and thumb an extremely sensitive nipple, causing her to whimper. It was as well that the attacker wasn’t able to see her face, her eyes, or hear the true sound that would have left her lips had she not been gagged. All would have betrayed the unwanted pleasure that Adele could not deny.

The scissors were again on her backbone, travelling so slowly downwards that the action made her shiver involuntarily. At the waist band of her tight pants they lingered while male fingers ran the length of her butt cleavage tightened by the pants. Fingers insinuated between her thighs pushing hard into her most private area that always excited Danny who would, if she allowed him, spend forever caressing pussy lips lubricated by the gushing of her vaginal juices with his fingers, his tongue and even his nose.

Adele wriggled almost involuntarily at the attention of this assailant’s deft fingers hoping that he would take it that she was struggling to avoid his touch. Hoping too that the urine that soaked her pants would cover what now was secreted by her pussy… the fluid of sexual enjoyment and even want.

Cutting the pants down to the crotch then around each leg in turn caused the part covering her urine-soaked panties to fall away to the floor and each legs to fall to her ankles.

Again the rough hands were at her butt, caressing her cheeks, pushing the sopping textile of the see-through panties between her cheeks, violating her anal area, invading her pussy by pushing the crotch between her pussy lips.

Before even his body touched hers Adele felt the heat from his nakedness on her smooth, pure flesh. Then it was between her thighs, the head grating over her barely covered pussy, just as her husband love to do with his gorgeous cock.

The guy stroked his dick back and forth pressing it hard against pussy lips that only reacted in one way when so attacked, they became super-sensitive almost begging the culprit to part them, to slide between them as they tried to grip it tightly. A wave of a familiar, intense pleasure raced like a wave through Adele’s body, unable as she was to offer anything but a token resistance.

Snip, snip, snip the metal of the shears clicked loudly together and there could be only one piece left of clothing covering any semblance of modesty; her panties, made so thin and so sheer but virtue of the earlier accident when Adele’s bladder emptied its contents into them, added to by vaginal secretions over which she now had no control whatsoever.

Something stung her ass, as the guy’s hand struck her right buttock totally unexpectedly causing her to yelp as loud as the gag would permit. Again and again the fingers bit into her firm buttocks which juddered under the onslaught. To her shame and humiliation Adele was unable to deny her suffering body the pleasure of an intense orgasm. Her pussy and anus pulsed with intense contractions and there was no way she could stop the moan of delight that only the gag was able to disguise. A grunt of pleasure signified that the guy was well aware of the effect he had had.

The shears worked so fast in their task of removing her underwear the Adele was almost unaware of the remnants dropping to the floor. What brought her to awareness of the nakedness of her bright pink and sopping pussy was when the guy’s tongue lapped her rear from ass to clit, back and back again. As his expert tongue attacked her clitoris without mercy Adele gave up the unequal struggle and resigned herself to the inevitable, the unavoidable and the so, so pleasurable orgasms that spread like fire, like electricity, like the wildest surf through her abused body.

The attacker moved, Adele’s body stiffened in anticipated of what would follow. At the entrance to her vagina the heat of his penis stroked back and forth over her labia made so sensitive by the attention of fingers and tongue. Then slowly it pushed forward and Adele drew her breath fearing that the assailant would now show his true colours as a brutal rapist tearing at her most sensitive parts.

Slowly her tube was dilated by a head that had girth and as it burrowed deeper it was followed by the shaft of a cock with even more girth. Out of habit Adele used her muscles to squeeze the invader, an action that she was well aware would hasten her ultimate orgasm and with Danny, her husband, his too until he pumped his hot seed to her depths.

In moments the attacker was pumping his tool hard and fast, and although he wasn’t able to hear her, Adele was encouraging him to fuck her, harder, faster, deeper, until the inevitable conclusion as the pair experience an orgasm so violent, so pleasurable, so exhausting.

His seed spent deep in Adele’s pussy, the violator withdrew his cock and she knew that he was watching as the cum slowly dribbled from her. Then he released the bonds at her hands, slapped her hard on the butt and was gone.

As painful as her position was Adele rested for a few moments without moving then tentatively removed the tape from over her eyes and the tape that had gagged her.

Quickly now she released her legs, stretched briefly and ran as best she could to the bedroom. There, lying naked on the bed, his hands casually behind his head and an enormously smug grin on his face, lay her beloved husband Danny.

Adele threw herself onto his nakedness…

“Oh my god! That, my darling was the best yet, pity about the clothes, and honestly, I didn’t mean to pee myself”. She giggled as they held each other tight.

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