The little perv

It had been a long typical summer’s day. Started of fine nice and warm with a cool breeze and bit of cloud floating in the sky. I had decided that as it was the weekend I would go for a walk, nothing hard just a wander through one of the parks. The one I chose was about 10 miles from the nearest town, nice and remote with few people that went there and a few cottages scattered around the back country lanes. I wore a loose t-shirt and some baggy joggers with some loose fitting boxers. I packed up a little lunch and set off around 1 ish.
As I walked through the rolling national park I lost track of time and it started to rain, it was getting on a bit also, nearly 8 so I made a dash for my car. It was starting to really get heavy my t shirt was getting soaked by the time I got in my car and my joggers were clinging to my legs. I set of back home wet and a bit miserable that I was freezing by this point.
As I drove along one of the back roads at a steady speed as I knew there were blind bends in the road I came across a woman walking through the rain holding her arms trying to keep warm. She was a largish lady with a big round bottom moving from side to side as she walked. She was wearing a white summer dress from what I could see which by this point was clinging to her back legs and bottom. I slowly pulled up beside her and rolled down the window. As she bent down to look inside I was fixated by her large cleavage that was showing a lot through her white dress. Her bra obviously didn’t fit right as her tits were falling out of it with the weight of them pulling down. I asked if she would like a lift somewhere.
As she sat down in the car I took a look at her in more detail. Her large belly bulged a little as she adjusted herself in her seat. I looked further down and notice that I could see her dark hair around her pussy. She isn’t wearing any panties I suddenly thought to myself. I felt my dick start to fill with blood. I couldn’t let this happen as my joggers were clinging around my groin, and she would clearly see that I was being turned on. I kept looking over to her, as I drove off. She was in her late 30’s to early 40’s. Blond hair and blue eyes. Very pretty she wore no makeup except a little eye liner which had started to run down her naturally pinkish cheeks. I tried to start a conversation as she sat there shivering. It didn’t work the way I had planned. So I just asked where she was heading. She told me that it was a little cottage somewhere around the lanes but as she had gotten lost she couldn’t quite remember where, I suggested that we head to the nearest town and start from there. I also reassured her that I would get her home safely. Really I wanted to keep her in the car as long as possible, I had never sat next to a woman that had made me feel so turned on. I kept glancing at her huge tits I couldn’t help it, my little cock was getting bigger by the moment. Soon it would become noticeable. My nipples were also starting to tingle I felt like I hadn’t had a wank in weeks. I was sure that she was noticing that I kept looking at her chest and by this point I didn’t care.
I wasn’t very experienced with women, I had watched a lot of porn but I knew that didn’t count. I had always fancied bigger women though. Especially with large boobs and a big arse. I had always thought that where as everyone else saw the importance of having a nice tight pussy, I would prefer a looser wetter pussy. One that I could bury my face into and feel completely enclosed, a pussy that would completely soak my face that I could suck for ages, one that my cock wouldn’t feel squashed in but fit nicely and very wet and warm. I considered myself a little bit of a pervert really. I would often go swimming when it was full of women who were trying to get back into shape. I would swim next to them and often try and bump into them just to try and feel something I shouldn’t. I would stare at their big squashy tits bob about inside a loose fitting swim suite then rush back to the changing rooms just before they showered so I could see them shower.
While sitting in this car with this woman I felt like that pervert again. I decided to make a little move. At the next lights I reached over to the glove compartment rubbing my arm against one of her tits while looking at them. I messed around in the glove box for a moment then exclaimed where is it and brushed back across her again. I looked her straight in the eye and smiled then drove on. My dick was fully hard now and clearly visible through my joggers.
As we drove around the lanes I notice my fuel gauge was running low. We didn’t talk much but I kept looking at her. I was driving in a very low gear hoping the fuel would run out and I would spend more time with her. I little cock as fully hard now as I kept looking at her huge tits. Her nipples were hard and I kept thinking I wanted to suck on them. I would have reached out and started feeling them if I knew she wanted me too but I didn’t. I didn’t even notice her look at me I was concentrating on driving and looking. I imagined all the things that we could do if I had an opportunity. The way she sat made me thing that she liked to be in control. She was sat fairly straight up with her head back. The heater was on and she was drying herself out. She kept brushing her wet hair back and lifting her arms up while she stretched. This made her bust heave and look even bigger. I started to imagine what it would be like to have her. I wanted her to reach over and touch me anywhere but she didn’t.
I thought that she would be a forceful lover; I wished that she would be. I wanted to be at her mercy in whatever she had me do. My little dick started to throb as I thought on. But my time was up the petrol run out.
She looked at me in a stern way that said, you’re doing this deliberately. She agreed that I could come back to her cottage to dry off and phone for a taxi. After looking at the map she realised that it was only a mile or so. So armed with nothing more than the wet clothes we set of in the failing light. I walked beside her as we made our way to a little lane she recognised. The rain was still very heavy and we were drenched. Her little summer dress clung to her as her large bottom wobbled steadily. Her tits were bobbing up and down. My eyes almost never left them, I even tripped a little I was looking at her nipples stick out. My dick was throbbing a lot by this point I had never had a hard on for so long. I knew that if I or she touched it that it would shoot straight away. Thankfully we reached her front door and I was invited inside.
In the hall we stood there shivering for a few minutes while we waited for the heating to fire up. I was facing her with my hard little cock clearly visible through my soaked joggers. I decided to take my t shirt of as it was uncomfortable. I kept looking at her heaving tits, and I made it plainly obvious what I was doing. I was being a little perv again, and enjoying every minute of it. I didn’t care that she could have kicked me out I wanted her to realise that I fancied her and wanted her and that I was a dirty little wanker with no shame that would do anything. She didn’t kick me out. She moved a little closer and told me where the towels were and that if I wanted a shower I would have to put it on and wait for the water to heat up. My cock was almost touching her while she told me, I didn’t even look at her face I just stared at her chest as she told me. If I was to be kicked out I wanted to spunk in my joggers in front of her. I felt pathetic but also very horny and in with a chance. Then she walked away.
I walked up the stairs and found a towel and walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. ‘A short while’ I thought to myself so I started to explore up stairs. I could hear her walking around down stairs I could only imagine what she was doing. I assumed that she was on the phone as I heard moans and muffled tones from down stairs. As I was exploring up stairs I found her room. It was the only one of the four with a bed that was made in it. I entered still listening down stairs for her to make sure she wouldn’t catch me. I saw a pair of red panties on the floor next to the bed. If there was ever a chance to find out what her pussy smelt and tasted like I thought this was it. I didn’t care if she had pissed in them, I didn’t care about any of the dirty kinky fetish acts she was into. I wanted to be shown them all. I would try anything, especially for this big beautiful woman.
I brought them up to my mouth and nose and breathed in deeply. Wow.
Already undressed my little cock was throbbing painfully. I licked the crotch of her panties, they smelt musky and were very damp. I couldn’t tell if she had dribble a little piss into them but she had defiantly got them very wet either through fingering her clit or a fetish I hoped she had of pissing while having an orgasm. Either way I had them in my mouth sucking them and smelling them for a good few minutes. I then wrapped them around my dick which even though they were tiny panties they covered almost all of my cock, I felt pre cum oozing out of my dick I think I let out a loud moan but I wasn’t sure. But to be on the safe side I cucked them back onto the bed and ran back to the bathroom where I got into the shower. I didn’t even notice there wasn’t a dressing gown I just got in and warmed up for a good few minutes. I was after all very cold.
With soap all over my body I was enjoying rubbing it into my body. I don’t know how long I was in the shower for but it must have been a while as she was walking around on the landing. I suddenly started to think was her door open when I entered or where her panties on the bed or the floor. I was so obsessed with licking her dampness of them I couldn’t remember. If she went to her bedroom and saw that her panties had been moved she would know for sure it was me who had moved them. By this point my hand was rubbing over my dick slowly but I was about to cum, I had to stop myself because somehow I was going to cum in front of her even if it was through the letter box and I didn’t want to waste any of it in the shower. Then just as I was about to let go I heard a loud moan from the bathroom door. I turned off the shower. It had been pushed open. I thought to myself she has been watching me have a wank. As I got out of the shower my mind was racing, how long had she been there? what had she been doing? Did she enjoy what she had seen? That was when I noticed there was only a little hand towel just enough to go around my I gently dried myself off and wrapped it around my waist. My whole body almost shot my entire load as it brushed against my little hard on.
The whole house had warmed up by this, and it felt like a different place. I wondered if she was out of her wet things, I was thinking that she was she probably had some warm joggers on and a big thick jumper. As I walked down the stairs I could hear she had made a fire. It was crackling and I could see a warm glow from the living room. As I entered the living room I had a sight I had wished for all evening.
She was on her knees in front of the fire bending forward to put some logs on. She had a short dressing gown on that was so thin there wasn’t much point to it. Her big arse was stuck up in the air and I could see her pussy. Her legs were slightly apart and it was very wet I could see it glisten in the dim light. I could smell her from where I stood and my dick throbbed. I wanted to enter her there and then but I couldn’t, I wasn’t forceful enough, I knew she wanted to fuck my little dick which was surprising as I always thought women wanted big thick cocks in them. I was very scared by this point I didn’t know if she was just teasing me or if she would have fucked me, but I was stuck, my clothes in the dryer no phone, my car out of petrol and it must have been nearly 11 by this point so it was pitch black outside.
As she turned around she moaned, mmmmm. That was it I knew this was going to happen right there and then and I couldn’t wait. I wanted to fuck her there and then but I didn’t as I wanted to take everything slowly so I could enjoy every minute. She told me that she had made a fire to warm us both and that the phones were down. I couldn’t help it, I wanted to look into her eyes but I couldn’t. She had turned around and was sitting in front of me with her knees slightly raised and apart she was leaning on her hand. I could still see her pussy which her other hand was resting on, and one of her tits was resting on her bulged belly while the other hung further to the side. Her pink nipples were very hard and quite big they stuck out a lot. I just stood there staring at her with my cock dripping pre cum in front of me it had lifted the towel right up. I hadn’t even noticed. She moved back around and stuck her big arse further out this time. Her legs were spread wide now her pussy was gaping. I grabbed my cock I couldn’t help it. I shot spunk all over her big arse. It was dripping down her crack onto her pussy. I heard her moan as it landed all over her arse. I watched her move her hand between her legs I didn’t even hear what she said, I didn’t even realise her hand was rubbing my pervert spunk into her loose wet pussy even though I was standing there staring.
As soon as I realised what I had done I felt terrible. I started to say sorry and I would do anything for her to make it up to her. She looked around moaning and panting she was fingering her pussy fast. She turned right around and lay back on the floor. Most of my spunk had been rubbed into her pussy by now and I stared in disbelieve as she fingered her clit. Another of her fingers slipped inside her juicy pussy. She moaned loudly this time. I watched as she started to pull and squeeze one of her big nipples my dick had lost its hard on by now but it was still throbbing and I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was hard again as I was still fixated by the sight of this big woman masturbating in front of me. She slipped another finger in and moved her other hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit hard. I watched as she squeezed her massive tits together and had a huge orgasm right in front of me.
She opened her eyes still short of breath she told me she would make sure I made up for dribbling spunk out of my little dick all over her big arse.
She was grinning as she crawled over to me. With her big tits dangling through her open gown she looks very sexy. My little cock started to throb it was painful but nice. She was very close by this point and she kneeled up. I looked down and could see her big heavy tits bulging on her belly. She grabbed my legs and giggled as she took all of my cock into her greedy mouth. She sucked hard and deep I thought it was going to come off. It was overwhelming. Then suddenly she stood up. Pressed her body against mine and told me every hole will be filled. I didn’t know who’s holes she meant at this point I was hoping she meant hers though, but I was instantly worried. Her body felt amazing next to mine. Her big nipple pressed into my belly and my cock touched just below her very hairy and cum soaked pussy. I put my hands on her big arse and squeezed gently it was better than I had imagined. As I tried to pull her close she giggled again and told me I would be sucking her pussy a lot after I had tried to fuck her. I was almost completely hard again now. I was right between her pussy lips it was electric. She then moved away. She was teasing me with her tits pushing them together and licking her nipples. Then she pushed me to the floor.
Her pussy was covered in my spunk by this point and from down here I could smell her excitement. She had cum dripping down the inside of her leg and could see that she had a very wide pussy as she straddled my chest it seemed to open into a deep hole. Very very wet was her pussy that it was dripping onto my chest as she knelt there. My cock was aching by this point my little head had never felt so big and swollen. And balls were tight and still aching from dribbling my last load over her big soft arse. As she started to gently suck my dick I pulled her pussy onto my face. I don’t know what came over me but I wanted to suck my cum from her pussy lips. I wanted to be humiliated in this way sucking cum from a pussy was very dirty but exciting experience for a little pervert like me. Really I wanted to suck a full pussy, I wanted to suck cum from a big wet pussy and by this point I didn’t care if it was mine. And I had a feeling I would be doing tonight even if I didn’t want too.
As I sucked hard on her clit I found myself push my middle finger into her arse hole. I was quite loose around my finger, I think she liked things in her arse as she slammed her pussy onto my face and began to fuck my tongue I could taste her juices from both holes and it was too late a shoot a load into her mouth. And then as she took her mouth away I shot another load onto her tits. I wasn’t sure what was happening by this point but she sat up and fucked my mouth for a few more minutes. My cock was still throbbing as she came all over my mouth. She suddenly went very wet and I tasted a little of piss. Had she pissed all over my face I didn’t know, but I took it all in my mouth and sucked it down. I was so turned on and very humiliated by it all I didn’t know what to do next I lamely asked I had repaid her yet. She said no!!
She turned around and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth I realise she hadn’t swallowed any of my cum. She was laughing as she was kissing me but I kissed her back and this must have shocked her. She must have been hoping for me to spit it out as if it was one big joke and then leave but I enjoyed every minute. I was hers and I wanted to be forever.
She told me that I was in for a night of repayment and pointed to the stairs. She told me to put on what I had found before my shower. Oh fuck she had realised. So with a soft dick hiding away I walked slowly upstairs and into her bedroom. I found her red panties and slipped them on and got on to the bed. I didn’t dare do anything else as I had no idea what she had in mind. I was very nervous by this point. I could hear her giggling down stairs and opening draws. She sounded as if she was making a brew. I also heard a zipper going, I couldn’t see any cases in the bedroom and there was no wardrobe so she must have all her clothes down stairs.
My cock was still soft in her panties and I was getting cold, she must had turned the heating off when she lit the fire but then I heard the system fire up again and I knew that wouldn’t last. Although I hoped that my dick would warm up as it didn’t need to look smaller when soft. I didn’t really care by this point though, I had cum twice by now and she knew that I was a little wanker. If she kicked me out in her panties as punishment now I wouldn’t care about not fucking her even though I would be disappointed that I could not spend any more time with her, at this point I would be more bothered about hypothermia. I heard her giggle more as she came up the stairs. Then the door opened. This was it she would make me her little cum sucking pervert. I couldn’t wait I would do anything for my goddess.
What was I doing I was sat in this woman’s bedroom, a woman I didn’t even know a few hours ago. We hadn’t even exchanged names. And I was in her little red panties waiting for her. I loved it. Go only knew what she had in store for the night.
As she entered the bed room I watched her intently. She had put on a purple netted dress thing. Her nipples were sticking out and I could see her hairy pussy clearly. My dicklet was starting to pulse again it was only a matter of time before I was hard again. It was very sore though I had never wanked like this before. I was told to put some pegs on my nipples which I did with out argument. Secretly I wanked at home with them on I loved my nipples played with. She was holding a small bag and she went to the far end of the bed and placed it on the ground. This was strange but I was going along with this I wanted to see where this night would lead.
She bent over the bag. Her heavy tits hung in the dress and her arse was in the air. Knees bent and her legs were open. That’s it my little cock was hard. Pushing against the tiny panties that my ‘boyhood’ barely filled. I couldn’t help it I got off the bed and stood behind her. Pressing the entrapped dick against her arse hole and my hands on my hips I started to rub up and down against her. She turned just enough to look at me out of the corner of her eye and told me very sternly to wait. She instructed me that because I was such a good cum eater she would let me take some things out of the bag. I walked around and picked it up.
There were a few dildos, one looked very thick, some anal beads lube, a cock ring which looked too big and a funny looking battery thing which must be for her clit. I took out the anal beads as I always wanted to see them in a big arse. She bent over a chair and I poured lube all over her big arse. I spent a long time rubbing it in and into my dicklet through my panties. She moaned loudly as I massaged lube into her gaping pussy and around her arse hole.
She ordered me to get my tiny dick into her arse hole. Sliding the red panties aside I gently pushed into her. After a few thrusts I was close and she pushed me back out. After leading me to the bed roughly by my dick she told me I was doing it all wrong and pushed me onto my back. She straddled me and forcefully pushed her hole back on to me cock. She was bouncing up and down her tits were wobbling around inside her net dress. I was mesmerised. The motion was making the pegs on my nipples move back and forth and it was the most intense few minuets of my life. My nipples felt big and swollen as did my little cock. With out much warning I shoot my load into her arse and I cried out and sat up my head going straight for her tits she held my head as I suckled on one of her big nipples as she continued to bounce up and down on my aching dicklet. As she climbed off I took hold I didn’t want to go flaccid and she got the thick black vaney dildo from her bag and forced it into her pussy. She was fucking her self with it while I desperately managed to keep my dick hard.
After fucking her self hard with this thick dildo she climbed back onto my dicklet and laughed as she fucked me again. Her pussy was very loose and wet it felt so good. She kept asking if it was in and if I had spunked. I told her I had.
“Right” she said sternly, “you have a big cream pie to clean, and don’t forget the ass pie either, you’ll need to get very good at this”

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