The Lucky Guy, Part 1

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“Ooh yeah…yeah…” Jacob moaned as he about to cum his hands moving faster over his dick. But then a knock on the door made him stop abruptly and wonder who it was. He looked at the time and got shocked it was 7pm. It had to be his dad. He quickly shut the porn video on his laptop, picked up the napkins and flushed them down the toilet and went to open the door. He made sure that his now semi-erect penis wasn’t so visible through his shorts. He unlocked the door expecting his dad but when he looked to see who it was his jaw dropped. Standing in front of him was a drop dead sexy stunning blonde. His penis stood out like a windmill does on a plain. She looked at it and smiled. Jacob looked at her. She had blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and full lips. He now went over her body. She was wearing a rainbow colored dress with an extremely deep start point, quite clearly showing her purple bra and the shape of her perfect 32C cups. Her dress stopped just below her pussy, exposing her long and thin legs. “May I help you?”Jacob asked after awhile. She smiled again, Jacob thought his dick would explode, and said, “I’m Heather, baby.”She waited for him to respond so he said, “Uhh…um…I’m Jacob.” “I’m a porn star, and of late we’ve been noticing that you’ve been watching a lot of porn and becoming members of many money requiring sites.”(This was true, he had holidays before his college began.) “Um…sorry?” “No honey, don’t be sorry. Many producers thought you should be rewarded, so here I am.” Jacobs jaw dropped again as his eyes went over her body again. “For how long?” “It’s a life long membership.”, she said smiling again. “Come here.”, he said. She stepped forward and he began by just holding her hips and began moving them up and down her side. He was about to kiss her, his lips inches away from hers when he remembered his dad was on his way home. He swore. “What happened, Jake?” she said, her filled with fake concern. “My fucking dad’s coming home.” He thought quickly. “Can you come tomorrow?” “Sure, honey. What time?” “8 am, wear the same dress, bra and undies.” He said smiling. She turned to leave when he called out. “Bend over.” She stopped, hesitated but then bent over, her dress sliding over her ass revealing her purple undies. He didn’t touch her for fear of losing control. He grabbed her roughly pulled her around and began kissing her hard on the lips. She responded with equal passion. After two minutes, he pushed her away and said, “Tomorrow, 8.”and shut the door.
The next morning, his dad left at 730am. Jacob sat on the bed thinking whether Heather had been a dream. But at 8 he heard a soft knock on the door. His flaccid penis became hard and throbby. He opened the door and sure enough, there she was standing before him in the same clothes as yesterday. He pulled her in and shut the door. Then he looked at her. Unable to control himself any longer he pushed her against the wall and brought his penis over her undie. He began kissing her and she kissed him too. His tongue in her mouth and hers in his. They kissed for 5 minutes. HE pulled away and began licking her neck. HE kissed and licked every piece of skin available in sight. Then he grabbed her hand and pulled her over to his room and threw her on the bed. He jumped on top of her and they kissed again. He sat on her and began feel to her breasts. He tore her dress apart and threw it down. There she layin her purple bra and undie. HE noticed her undie was dark near the pussy area. “You wet for me bitch?” He asked her. “Oh yeah, honey.”She managed to moan out. He put his index and middle finger in her mouth and she began sucking on it. He removed it and then opened her bra. He stopped himself from attacking those boobs. He looked at them. Her breasts were tight and soft. Her nipples erect and firm. Then he attacked her boobs. Licking the right nipple and massaging the left breast with his hand. He then switched to the left nipple. Licking the whole breast, he was now an animal. She was growing hornier by the moment and groaned and moaned “Yeah baby, like it baby?”
After an intense breast licking session he stopped and stood by the side o f the bed. “Take off my shorts and suck my cock.” She did willingly. Quickly removing his pants and his 8” penis just lopped out, erect and veins throbbing. Her eyes widened slightly. Then she put it in her mouth and the world felt like bliss to Jacob. She began giving head, moving her mouth over his penis sometimes fast sometimes slow. When he was about to cum he pushed her head away. She lay on the bed panting, her boobs shaking with energy, her legs spread apart. He moved towards her and removed her undie. HE stared at her gleaming pussy. Wet with anticipation. He moved his head towards her pussy and planted his mouth over her pussy. He put his tongue inside her and began licking with a ferocity he didn’t he could. Her moans slowly turned to shouts, “Yeah Jacob, do it to me. Come on! Yeah! Oh yes!” While licking he put his middle finger inside of her. And her shouting intensified. He moved it in,out,in out, increasing his pace with each thrust. When he felt she was about to cum he stopped. She groaned and said, “Come on honey, fuck me already! Please!” He had to oblige now. She lay on the bed face up, legs in the air. He guided his penis to her dripping pussy. He rubbed the tip of his dick on her pussy eliciting more groans from her. Then unable to control himself he thrust inside her. She moaned ever so loudly. “Fuck me baby! Hard!”
After twenty minutes of thrusting both of them had on orgasm, as he squirted his load inside her pussy and got a feeling of pure ecstasy. He flopped down next to her. They stared at each and shared another kiss. He began fondling her breasts. And said…………………………..TO BE CONTINUED

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