The Middle

…as the week went on mine and Ronnie’s time together got even better.
So our relationship continued on for years after that wonderful Christmas weekend, and another time in particular I will not forget.
So one morning I was getting ready for school when I got a call from Ronnie “hey baby girl, what are you doing?” “getting ready for school, you?” “oh riding around town,” “why are you riding around town?” “well actually I want you to look out the window” “why?” “just look out your window” and so I did and what did I see but Ronnie sitting in his friend’s car outside my house, I ran down my stairs and out the door jumping into his warm embrace. I begged my mom to let me skip school that day but she said no so Ronnie took me to school and hung out with me every chance I got outside of class, but what I didn’t know is that he had the evening planned out for us.
When he picked me up from school his friend wasn’t with him which made me happy because that meant we had time alone. We got to my house and as we walked up the stairs to my front door he grabbed me, turned me to him and kissed me so deeply and fiercely that my knees buckled under me and the only reason I was still standing because of his grip around my waist. As I fumbled for my keys he wrapped his arms around my waist holding me close and kissing my neck, we hardly were able to reach my bedroom before he had his shirt and my shirt off and on the floor. He threw me on the bed and took my bra off exposing my luscious breasts, he started kissing at my chest and sucking on my nipples making them hard enough to cut glass. He then moved down and slowly removed my shorts kissing my thighs all the way down my ankles until my shorts hit the floor. At which moment I turned pushing him onto the bed, it was my turn to tease him…I bent down onto my knees taking his pants with me until I exposed his 8inch member with the girth any woman would dream of, I started kissing the head of his penis watching his face as I did so. Then I took his member in my mouth and started sucking on it as I did the look on his face was pure pleasure and I could c in his eyes he was going to explode any moment so…I stopped…he looked at me with sadness on his face trying to figure out why I had done that to him but with an evil look in my eye I jumped on top of him inserting his huge member inside of my soaking wet pussy, he could feel the heat radiating off of it making him go crazy, I started to move up and down slowly at first letting him feel the pleasure but be teased at the same time. I watched his face as I could see he was longing for more so I started to move faster watching his face showing he was about to cum, then I felt it a warm feeling filling me up from the inside as he climaxed making me cum at the same time. But I was not finished with him…as I started moving up and down again he turned me over onto my back and started kissing and biting at my neck making me ever more turned on and wet. He then wrapped his arms around me and pulled me up onto his lap in a sitting position grapping my waist he helped hoist me up and down on him making me cum again, this time it was my turn, I wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck and I started to slowly and deeply grind on him making us both writher in pleasure of the sensation and closeness we felt, as I reached that final climax my body shook with so much pleasure that I could not move any longer. So he lifted me up gently and sat me on the bed and helped clean me up and dress me before my mom got home, we then decided to lay on the couch and watch a movie so it looked like nothing happened…first thing my mom said when she walked in the door was “it smells like sex in here…”
To Be Continued…

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