The mysteries of the two vampire girls

I waited for her in the oak tree where we were meant to meet. It was almost midnight and I could not hold back my unbelievable horny feeling towards this beautiful girl. I slept with male vampires and this was my first time with a women vampire, this was my first time with a women at all. I played with my long, black hair as I leaned against the large tree trunk. I heard a crackle come from the dark woods.

I stood up straight and fixed my short red blouse and pulled up my spandex pants. I saw her bright green eyes appear from the top of the tree branch in front of me. Her fangs glistened against the reflection of the night sky. Her blonde hair blew in the midnight wind. “I thought you weren’t going to show,” I said as I walked toward her. She glided down from the tree and looked into my eyes. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” She was my best friend and I still couldn’t believe I was doing this. She slipped her hands behind my ears and pushed her lips against mine.

I felt the slither of her tongue. I put my hands around her waist and slid my tongue on top of hers. Her tongue ran along my vampire fangs and she pulled away. She smiled at me with a devilish look that sent a chill down my spine. She leaned forward and untied the back of my short blouse. The blouse floated to the ground. I felt the cool breeze sweep past my nipples. ¬†She rubbed the tips of my breasts, and my nipples instantly became hard. She leaned forwards and wrapped her lips around them and sucked the tips. I felt a strike of pleasure flow through my body. I couldn’t help but feel this was right. She moved her head to the left and gently sucked the other one.

I put my hands on the back of her head and stroked her hair. “I’m sorry if I’m not contributing, this is my first time.” She looked up at me with the same smile. “Its ok, I’ll do the work.” She slid down to were my vagina was and licked through the spandex. I mounded and grabbed pieces of bark on the tree. She bite onto the spandex and ripped it with her fangs. She then slithered her tongue between the lips. I felt my blood rush and my heart pound. She put her hands into the pants and ripped them off. She stood up and took my hand. She turned me around and had me face the tree.

I heard the crackle of her kneeling down. I then felt the sudden touch of a tongue against the rim of my butthole. I moaned in satisfaction as her spit ran down my rim. She put pressure on her tongue and then I felt at least three inches of her tongue pierce my butthole. I held onto the tree branches and moaned as she slide her tongue in and out off my hole. I could feel her spit inside of me. I had never felt so alive. That’s when I knew this was my new way of being.

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