The Next Door Neighbors

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I have live in a small, secluded subdivision near a small, rulal Texas town. I am happily married to my high school sweet heart. We live on a country road near few other houses.

My wife and I have become great friends with our neighbors. Often times we get together for dinner or to watch a movie. Our neighbors, Susan and Larry, are an equally committed, happily married coupla and always a lot of fun to be around.

One evening, while enjoying a light dinner and a bottle of wine, we talked about our love lives. We nervously talked about “our first times” and eventually started talking about our lives before marriage.

Sharon and I shyly admitted that we were both virgins when we met and remained that way until our wedding night. Our neighbors thought that was an awesome thing and admitted that they were disappointed that they could not make the same claim.

I confessed that I was somewhat regretful that I had never been with another woman. I lamented that not only had I never been with another woman but that my main regret is that, except for an occassional glimps at an adult magazine or movie, I had never see a real live nude woman. Sharon slugged me and we all laughed.

The evening ended on a pleasant note with hugs and kisses all around. As I was leaving, Larry discreetly asked me to check my mailbox in the morning. He said he had something he wanted me to look over.

The next morning, while retrieving the newspaper from the driveway, I remembered Larry’s request and checked the mailbox. There was an envelope with my name on the front. It was marked “personal” so I slipped it in my robe pocket, retrieved the newspaper, and went in to enjoy my morning coffee.

As I read the paper, I remembered the envelope and opened it. It said:

“Don, Susan and I could sense a real sense of regret in your voice last night and would like to give you a gift. After Sharon goes to work tonight, please come to the back porch at seven. Follow the instructions that will be waiting for you. Please don’t tell. Your best friends……”

I didn’t know what to think. I nervously shredded the letter and began to imagine all sorts of things.

Sharon worksthe night shift at a local hospital and I had weekends off. It was a cool, late January day and she slept in. I made her breakfast and woke her with my usual gentle kiss. We enjoyed the rest of the day together and parted with a big hug. I knew that she would be in early the next morning.

I was very nervous about what was to transpire but remembered that my neighbors were my friends and they knew that I would never betray the trust of my wonderful wife. When the time came, I bundled up for the long walk down the road to their house. I noticed that the house was dark but the screened in back porch light was on. Their back porch, open during the warm months, was enclosed in thermal plastic wrap during the winter. A large portable heater was on and the area was quite comfortable. There was a chair sitting in front of and facing the French doors, which lead directly into the dining room. A large dining table is centered in the room. A sticky note was affixed to the door that said, “Make yourself comfortable, knock when you get here.” I knocked on the door and the chandelier above the dining table was turned on, set low at the dimmer switch. Susan appeared holding a poster that read “Do not talk, do not touch the door. Sit back and relax. Enjoy the show.”

I sat down as she disappeared. A few seconds later soft music began playing and she reappeared. She was dressed in a beautiful, sexy, tight-fitting “little black dress”. She was wearing a long set of pearls that I remembered Larry had bought her several years ago. She began swaying to the music. She walked toward the door but leaned up against the dining table, no more than five or six feet away from me. She turned her back, uzipped her dress, and exposed the most beautiful back I had ever seen. She then turned her head toward me and smiled. She then reached behind her and unclasped the dainty bra strap. She then slipped out of her dress and crossed her arms over her chest. She turned around, smiled, and then the lights went out.

I gasped. My cock was aching. I was really turned on but was not a happy man. Then the lights came back on and she reappered. This time she was wearing a business suit and carryihg her brief case. The music came back on and she slowly began her seductress dance once more. She slowly undid her scarf, took off her jacket, and unmercifully began unbuttoning her silk beige blouse. Button, by button. She never took her eyes off me. Shen she had removed her blouse, I noticed that she was wearing a sheer lace bra that was designed to enhance her wonderful breasts. She released the center clasp on the front of her bra and crossed her arms, once again.

The lights went out.

I was on fire! I then heard the music begin again. The lights came up and I was shocked to see her sitting on the dining table, totally nude. Her body was the most exquisite thing I have ever seen. She was sitting crossed legged. She then straightened out her legs and produced a large silicone vibrator. As the music played, she spread her legs apart and began rubbing her soft beauty mound with the large penis shaped tool. Her nipples were stiffly pointing at me. She threw her head back, exposed her soft pink “second hole” and began to insert her finger into the tight spot. I stood to get a better view. I could see that she was working to not only provide me with a great show but to get to that point that can only be reached by oneness with yourself. She began moaning and stretching her legs as she shuddered. Her spasms came in waves as she rocked back-and-forth in her glorious dance of self-pleasure. She screamed as she came. I was at my limit.

The lights went out. A few seconds later, she reappeared wearing a robe and holding a poster that said “My turn. You next”

The light in the dining room dimmed, the porch light came on……….

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