The night got better when Graham returned Part 2

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Joan was asleep and I was still going over the events earlier in the evening when Graham had helped me to get her home after appearing to collapse after a drink.We had never met Graham before that night and as I was to find out he had spiked her drink in order to get into her pants. it was a night that I was to treasure for another reason.
I was just dropping off to sleep as I felt the duvet moved behind me and I felt another body move into the bed. a voice whispered Its me Graham. as he spoke I felt somthing pressing against my arse and he went on to say Joan has a lovely fanny and made me realise how enjoyable am older woman can be.
When you held my cock before I pushed it into her dripping hole I guessed that you might like the same. it was then that I felt his hand rubbing something cool and creamy around my bum and as his fingers moved inside me my cock started to swell.I felt his cock Slowly entering my lubricated hole and I pressed myself against Joan who had shown signs of waking up.What are you doing she said as I pushed my tool between the cheeks of her plump bum.I said you enjoyed Graham earlier now its my turn. At this Graham pushed hard into me causing me to gasp as his large cock forced its way inside me and resulted in mine forcing its way in a similar fashion into Joan,She gave a squeal and said no it hurts at that Graham reached around us both and pulled us all together. By this time I had cum my load and could feel Graham throbing inside me. I now know how Joan felt earlier. Graham pulled out of me and moved over me towards Joan what was his his next move I wonderered?

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