the pleasant suprise

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The Pleasant Surprise – by Carolyn DeTemple

It started out as an ordinary evening in my daily life. I had just put my kids down for another night’s slumber and picked out a novel to read for the evening. I got all snug on the couch, covered with my favorite blanket and began to read. As usual, my eyes began to shut and I drifted off to never never land. Most of the time, I dreamt of my lover who lives a thousand miles away. We met in a chat room 2 years before and the first time we met, I fell madly in love with him. We have seen each other a few times since then and often talk on the phone or chat online. Just a few days ago, we had the most incredible phone sex. His voice alone stirs me and he has this incredible way with words – something I myself am challenged with. So as I drifted deeper into a steadfast dream state, I began to dream of my dear sweet Johnny.
Thinking I was still dreaming, I heard a knocking on the door.
Knock knock “Carolyn – let me in” I jumped up quickly. It was 2 am and I was almost frightened that someone would be at my door this time of the morning. I went over to the door and looked into my peephole. Oh my god! It was Johnny!
Immediately, I opened my door.
“Johnny?” I asked him as he came in. “What are you….?” Before I could whisper another word, he grabbed me and pulled me close and he laid his soft lips against mine. We kissed and I put my hands around his face as if I were holding him like a cup. After what still seemed to be a dream to me, because I was in a complete daze, adoring this man who decided to surprise me. He took my hand and led me to the couch I had just laid on fast asleep.
“Kids asleep?” He asked
“Yes” I replied. “They are sound asleep”
“Good” Johnny said as he gazed into my eyes. He kissed me again, leaning towards me, gently pushing me down on the couch. “I missed you and I got a wild hair and jumped on a plane so I could be with you”
“Well” I whispered in his ear “This is a most pleasant surprise”
Not even a few seconds later, he pulled my sweats down and inched his way down to my very wet pussy.
“Oh my” he said “you are sooo wet”
He took his finger and started to play with my swollen clit. As he was fingering, he took his tongue and began to lick my wet juices of my pussy.
“Ohh Johnny” I groaned “Oh my, that feels so good”
“You want me to go deeper?” he asked me.
“Oh yes” I replied, almost catching my breath “please go deeper”
He took his tongue, and with his finger inside my pussy, and started to eat my pussy out. The more he tongued and licked me, the harder I pushed my pussy into his face. I started to rotate my hips, as if I were fucking him. I started to grind and as I came I began breathing harder, my heart was pounding and knowing I would wake my kids, I had to moan quietly.
“Oh Johnny – I miss you too” I shed a tear and began kissing him deeply- our tongues rolling around each others’. I kissed him all over touching and caressing his entire body as if I wanted to make sure that this really was happening.
I worked my way down to his very hard cock and began to stroke him with my hands and licked him with my tongue. I put his hard cock into my mouth and sucked slowly, slurping him like a big lollipop. But this was way better than any lollipop I had ever sucked.
I asked him to sit on the couch, and I kneeled on the floor, almost humbly, as I felt like I needed to treat him with a really good blow job. After all, he traveled many miles just to see me. I pulled down the skin around his cock to make his ever so large member more sensitive to my touch. I slid his cock into my mouth and began going down on him. However, I was being too gentle and he whispered “Don be shy, Caroline”, ” Give me all you got” I had a glass of ice water sitting on the coffee table and I decided to try something new. I took a piece of ice and I sucked on it and then began sucking his very hard cock again. But this time I went faster and sucked harder and faster and I too my hands and with a little bit of lube, I rubbed it on to his cock and with a simultaneous motion went up and down with almost perfect rhythm and only a few moments later –squirt ! he began to cum. I put my mouth over the head of his cock and drank in all of his cum, and there was so much of it it dripped down the sides of my mouth. I took my fingers and wiped it up and stuck my fingers in my mouth – just like I had just gotten done eating a nice juicy piece of fried chicken. Hmmm yummm.
By this time I was so turned on again, I reached down to feel my pussy. I took my finger and rubbed my clit. It was very plump and throbbing.
“Fuck me” I said quietly.
Johnny looked at me and he began kissing me very passionately. Then he paused and chuckled.
“What are the magic words?” he asked me.
“Please?” I replied
“No – what ARE the magic words?”
I thought for a moment, and then my eyes lit up.
“Johnny – will you please fuck me”
“How bad do you want me?” he said
“Oh Johnny – I want you soooo bad “
There was a whimpering in my voice and my pussy was clamoring to get his hot massive cock inside of me.
I began to lightly touch his abdomen and went slowly down to his cock, which was already hard again, and began to stroke and coddle him.
“Ok” he sighed “If you really want me”
I giggled and he laughed. But then all of a sudden he flipped me over on to my stomach and said, “Say woof”
For a moment, I was quiet but then I looked over my shoulder at him and with my puppy dog eyes and said “Woof!”
I got on all fours. I have always wanted him to do me doggy style. His huge pulsating cock slowly went inside my wet dripping tight pussy. Slowly slowly he slid it into me and I just tightened my pussy around his cock.
“Oh my God” I said “You feel sooo good inside of me”
“Darling” he replied “you haven’t felt nothin’ yet”
He began to pump me but not too hard yet. Johnny is very well endowed, and in this position I can feel him all the way to my hymen.
We just moved together slowly for a bit. I was already coming again, but I wanted to cum more.
I got brave and said, “Johnny, a little harder now”
He said “What are those magic words?”
“Johnny” I gasped “please, pretty please? Fuck me harder”
He started pumping me harder. By now I had positioned myself on the couch with him kneeling on the floor just having my brains fucked out. He fondled my breasts, holding them in his hands and then moved them towards my stomach, in sort of a flowing motion.
“Ohhhh ohhhh” I groaned
“Are you gonna cum again, my love?”
“Oh yes” I said trying not to squeal.
“Oh Johnny” I said over and over – not knowing what else to say. Everything else in the world came to a complete stop except Johnny behind me pumping me. I could feel his balls slapping against my thighs.
“So Caroline”, he said “now do I feel good inside of you?”
“Oh my yes – oh sweetie – you are so big and I, I ohhh my god”
Johnny began to tremble and he moaned in delight. I felt as if I just had the biggest orgasm of my life. As he came he pushed his cock as deep as he could go and with one big breath he gasped and I knew he had just came. We came together.
As he kept his cock inside of me, he lifted my legs up on to the couch and snuggled beside me, and whispered in my ear “I love you so”
“And I, love you too Johnny”
We fell asleep and when I awoke he was right there besides me. It was the best surprise I had ever had.

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