The Room At The Top of the Stairs

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Tom was late for work this morning and the rain was making everyone drive like maniacs. He slammed on the brakes yet again and hit the horn all the while cursing out loud and wishing he was back home with Peggy snuggled in their warm blankets.
Thinking of the warm wakeup he had had just a short while earlier, he smiled and shifted slightly as he felt himself getting hard again. Man, she had a mouth that could melt the polar icecaps!!
Peggy loved giving head and she had awakened Tom doing just that; deep-throating his thick cock until he had groaned and shot a load down her throat. She didn’t stop there though, no siree…
Shifting again, Tom reached down and rubbed his hard crotch and made a fast decision. The next corner approached and he turned around, heading back home. He grabbed his cell phone and dialed the office and when his secretary answered he simply told her he was working from home today and to fax him any paperwork but not to call unless it was an emergency. Putting the pedal to the floorboard, Tom raced back to his hot and sexy wife.
Peggy was sitting at the kitchen table in her negligee and sipping her morning tea. The tv was on and she listened to the morning news as usual, wishing she could go back to bed. She missed Tom when he was gone everyday and really wanted to have him home. She still burned and tingled from their morning romp between the sheets and wanted to feel him deep inside her again…
She listened to the horn blare and heard the garage door open…”Tom?”…she thought she was imagining things…Tom never stayed home from work.
The kitchen door opened and in came her husband, looking rather sheepish.
“I decided that I would work from here today…ah hell sweetheart…I want to play some more.” he said as she launched herself into his open arms with a cry of delight.
The kiss seemed to last forever…but they gradually rose for air and then grinned at each other.
“I am soooooo glad you came home darling, I was missing you soooooooo much!”, Peggy whispered.
“Yeah, me too.”, Tom replied.
Releasing her, he slid out of his suit coat and flung it over the back of a chair before reaching to undo his shirt.
“Lets take it upstairs baby…I want to fuck your brains out and I want to do it now.”, he said and taking her hand headed for the doorway.
Peggy lost no time in complying and went straight for the bedroom, sliding out of her robe and leaving it on the hallway floor as Tom followed her to the kingsize bed. He reached out and pulled her gown over her head, exposing her large and wellformed 38DD breasts. They had large, dark nipples that he loved to suckle and he bent down to taste first one and then the other. Peggy reached out and began to undo his belt, her head falling back and a loud sigh escaping her lips as her breasts were being massaged and sucked on.
Nimble fingers undid the trouser button and unzipped the fly, then pushed the pants downward taking the shorts with them. As his pants pooled around his ankles, Toms’ 11 inch cock jumped to attention and Peggy immediately grasped it.
Soon they were tumbling backwards and the bed began to bounce and groan with their antics as first one and then the other was on top, Tom slamming his hard cock into her hot, wet box.
Peggy always had mulitple orgasms and this time was no exception as she burst forth time and again, soaking him and herself with her hot juices.
Tom finally peaked and grabbed Peggy around the waist as he slammed home for his own explosion of lust. After several moments passed, he began to shrink and then slid out with an almost audible pop.
Peggy lay beside him, a smile of contentment on her lips. Tom let his hand caress her breasts and began to whisper to her of his love and desire to fuck her again before much time passed.
The morning passed all to swiftly as they loved and sucked, fucked and ate each other senseless. You would think to watch them that they were newlyweds instead of going on their fourth year as man and wife.
Sitting together at the kitchen table, both as naked as jaybirds, they enjoyed a sensible luncheon of salad and sandwiches instead of their morning diet of each other. The phone rang and Peggy automatically picked it up.
“Hello…Oh Sue. How are you? No, I haven’t forgotten. Yes, 5 is fine with us…no, Tom stayed home today. No, he’s fine. Just didn’t want to drive into town. Yes, of course. Come on over. We’ll be waiting. Ummmhmm, see you.”
Sue and Jack are coming over in an hour…”
“Better get some clothes on then…knowing Jack, he’ll be horny as all get out. I had forgotten about dinner tonight though. Lucky she called.”
They headed upstairs and quickly donned some clothes, just as the doorbell rang.
Tom headed down to answer it, buttoning his shirt as he opened the door. His neighbor and best friend, Jack and his lovely wife Sue stood waiting.
Sue laughed as she entered the foyer.
“I knew you two would be up to no good if you stayed home Tom.”, she said.
Turning to look up she saw Peggy start down. “Peg, I want some of what you just so obviously got!” she said with a smile.
Peg stopped midstair and grinned widely. Then she looked at her husband and his friend. Both nodded slightly and she rushed the rest of the way down and wrapped her arms around her best friend and laughed.
“I was hoping you would say that one day, Sue. I want some of yours and I guess we can finally share the fun.”
Sue was slightly taken aback and then it dawned on her that her friend thought she was being serious…then she realized that she WAS being serious…she had always lusted after Tom.
Jack slapped Tom on the back and leaned close.
“Always knew she wanted to sample that cock of yours old friend…guess now she can, eh? But I get some of Peg too, right?”
Grinning, Tom agreed.
“Anytime friend, anytime.” he replied, feeling his cock grow inside his jeans. Sue was built like a brick house and he was feeling his cock pushing against the zip, making his jeans fit tight.
“Come on into the living room and we can make plans…unless you want to sample things right off, then we can just head upstairs…” Peggy said.
The vote was unanimous as all voiced the desire to taste and sample the spoils right away.
Heading upstairs, Peggy felt a hand rub her butt and knew that Jack was behind her. She felt her cunt begin to juice up and wondered if he was even half as good as Tom. She couldn’t wait to find out…
Meanwhile, Tom and Sue were enjoying the feel of each other as well. Sue reached behind her and could feel Tom’s hard erection through his pants.
This was going to be a marvelous day…
Both women were hot and the air smelled of sex and more sex.
Soon they entered the guest room at the top of the stairs…a large kingsize bed filled the room.
In moments both couples were stripped naked and were kissing and fondling one another; Peggy and Jack were kissing deeply while Jack fingered her hot box. Tom was suckling on Sues’ large and heavy breasts while she began to massage his hard cock.
Tom knelt before Sue and slowly slid his tongue between her legs, tasting the hot juice that seemed to flow from her dripping cunt. Sue spread her legs to allow easier access and her hands bunched in his hair. As his tongue began to slide in and out of her, her head fell back and she groaned with pleasure…
Jack picked Peggy up and gently laid her on the bed. Slowly he caressed her body with his hands and tongue, bringing her to the brink of orgasm several times before he slid his long tongue inside her and lapped up her liquid ecstasy.
Time passed and the only sounds heard in the room were sounds of pleasure and cries of release as the two women were fucked by the others’ husband.
The men had gone down to gather refreshments and the girls relaxed on the bed…Peggy reached out and stroked Sues’ breast gently. Startled at first but then liking it, Sue relaxed and followed suit. Soon both girls were touching and caressing, licking and kissing each other and were so wrapped up in what they were doing that they did not hear the men come in. Several moments passed before Sue spotted her husband staring at her, a huge grin on his face.
She smiled back at him and continued to suckle on Peggy’s breast.
Peggy was busy licking Sues’ hot cunt and didn’t notice Tom until she felt his huge cock slide into her. Meanwhile, Jack wasn’t going to be left out and approaching the bed, he straddled his wife’s head and she began to suck his cock. They continued like this for several minutes before switching around and Jack began to fuck Peggy while Sue sucked on Tom. Soon the four of them were filling the room with sounds of pleasure and release; the bed was bouncing and both women were getting what they had always wanted…one hell of a long fucking day…

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    wow, awesome, your writing is so vivid, I love it

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    Loved it

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