The Secret Room 2

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John’s intrigue into being a master and having his Uncle and Aunt for learning opportunities sparked a desire in him to have his own slave. He posted in a national magazine for BDSM to find a lady who was wanting to be a slave and was near his age. After a few hits John read one hit that made him interested. Liza, had replied to his ad and stated that she was out of control in her young life and needed someone who would take control of her until she grew up. Since she lived 700 miles away, John responded back to Liza to send photos and to make arrangements to come and live with him. After a few correspondences and explanations of what was to be expected John  made the arrangements on a train for Liza to come to him. His first demands was that she was to wear a dress, with no underwear and she could only sit on her bare ass. what Liza did not know,was John’s uncle was going to be on that train to make sure she did as ordered.

Liza arrived and John met her at the train station and asked if she had done as she was ordered. Liza affirmed she had done as commanded. They stopped for diner and Liza sat first without raising her dress and John noted everything she did and said during diner. When they arrived at John’s Uncle house John took Liza straight to the “Secret Room” showed her around and asked if she wanted to see what being restrained felt like. Liza agreed so John brought her across the room to a wall with shackles for the arms and legs told her to face the wall and he shackled her arms and legs. When she was secured to the wall, John asked Liza if she consented to being tamed as his slave and Liza agreed. John then asked Liza if she had obeyed his command to wear a dress with no undies and only to sit on her bare ass during the train ride. When Liza claimed she had done as ordered, John ripped off her dress, grabbed a whip, hit her across her butt cheeks and asked her again. Liza again said she did as told and John now whipped her three more times and asked again. Liza admitted again she had done as told so John whipped her five more times. Liza was in shock at the pain and cried out for John to stop and she would obey all his commands in the future. John assured her that she would and proceeded to whip her five more times. John then released her and brought her to shackles in the floor with a length of chain to it and binded her down. He went and grabbed a blanket, threw it one the floor next to her and told her she would be sleeping there naked until he decided to let her have the mat next to his bed. When John left the room and locked the door, Liza cried herself to sleep wondering what she had gotten herself into.

The following morning John unlocked the door and asked Liza if she still was interested in learning control and being a slave. Liza let him know that she thought about it all night and needed control in her life. With this information, John released her, put her back in the wall shackles and whipped her five more times for being disrespectful to her Master. John gave her some clothes that opened in the back as needed and lead her upstairs to his room and gave her the rules. Rule 1: I will be addressed as Master, Rule 2: you will always walk just behind me on my side, Rule:3 You will not talk until spoken to until you have been fully submitted to me. Rule:4 You will listen and do as I say. “Do you agree to these terms?” John asked. Liza agreed.

John had Liza join him in the shower and had her bath him, then he took his turn bathing her. During the shower, John gave Liza a razor and told her she will remained completed shaved even her head until she grew up as now she was just a child to him that needs growing up. Liza balked at having to shave her head so John reached up in the shower, pulled down a shackle and secured Liza , then got a whip and whipped her 10 times letting her know she was not allowed to talk back and for not obeying his command without question. When the shower and whippings were finished John had Liza climb in bed with him and made her explore his body with just her tongue. When Liza turned to lick his feet, John reached out to touch her pussy and felt it dripping wet with cum and felt the heat in her pussy. He reached in a drawer and gave her a dildo and told her to relieve herself with it. After this session needed, John took Liza to meet his Aunt and Uncle and introduced her as his slave and she would not have a name until he decided she was worthy of one. When Liza seen John’s Uncle she remembered seeing him on the train and knew now how John knew her lies about the train ride.

For the next month Liza still slept on the floor naked in the Secret Room and John had to whip Liza on a regular bases because of talking without permission and not calling him Master. Liza finally went a week without a whipping so John allowed her to start growing her hair back and moved her into his bedroom with a new floor mat. This was perfect timing as there was going to be a party in the Secret room for John’s Aunt and Uncle’s friends and John wanted to bring Liza out in public for the first time.

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