The sex part 2

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After I took a shower and Judy dried me off, we all sat on her bed.
was smoking a cigaret. “Now listen you two” she spoke. “you are not to
do this by yourselves, Tracie will blow you again, we will see if she
swallow you, if she can’t, well, then she can’t, not everyone can. But,
and I repeat, no sex between you, understand?” “yes” we both said at
the same time. “ok, come back over tomorrow after work then” Judy told
me, and kissed me on my forehead.
I dressed and went home, later that nite I heard Pauls truck drive up,
looked out my bedroom window, and sure enough he was home. Paul stayed
for 3 days then left.
The next morning after I got home from work at 7:30 am, my dad was
already gone, and mom was just leaving. I was in the shower, and heard
some noise. Judy appeared in the bathroom, was undressing. ( in small
towns you did not always lock your front door when you were home). She
looked up and smiled “I thought Paul would never leave” she stepped in
the shower with me and we kissed. Her breast pressed against my chest.
cock got hard against her pussy. My hands roamed her back, and ran over
her ass. “I can tell you missed me Mark” she whispered, she could feel
cock getting harder against her. “I did” I told her between kisses.
Judy kissed down my chest, her tongue licking my nipples, then my belly
button. She kissed softly my thighs, being careful not to touch my
cock, which was sticking straight out. Judy looked up at me, then
sticking her tongue out, twirled it around the tip of my cock.. Her
fingers began tickling my balls. I stared straight down at her,
her tongue,and lips kiss my cock. In a few seconds she took my whole
in her mouth, her lips were pressed against my cock hairs. I could feel
the sucking on my cock. with her hands fondling my balls and her
her head bank and forth I could feel the cum in my balls start to surge
out. Judy grabbed my ass with her hands and began to push me back and
forth, making me fuck her mouth. In a matter of a minute or two, I cam
her mouth. Judy sucked harder with each spasm of my dick. I could see
tongue licking the last of my cum off my dick. And with a few last
hard sucks on my cock, she stood up, and we kissed, very long and with
our tongues. The taste of my cum was still on her lips. “ever eat
Mark”? Judy asked me. “no, but I would like to” I kissed her as I
We dried each other off and Judy took my hand and walk upstairs to my
room. She laid on my bed, knees in the air, legs spread apart. “here
my pussy Mark, just do as I say and we will both be in heaven” I
crawled between her legs, my face inches from her pussy. She spread her
pussy lips with her fingers, and told me to put my finger in her, which
did. Judy squirmed a bit, and rolled her hips a few times. “Now Mark,
use your tongue to lick me” I place my tongue on her pussy,and she let
out a soft moan. “thanks it, softly Mark, not to rough, and stick you
tongue in me” she panted as I did as she told me. I could tell from
I was doing, she was really enjoying it. I began to take her pussy
in my mouth, swallowing it as it ozzed out of her wet pussy. “eat me,
make me cum Mark” Judy gasped for air. What ever I was doing, I must
been doing it right. “suck my pussy Mark” Judy said. I put my mouth
around her pussy and began softly sucking it. Judy moaned and began to
scream softly.
“Oh God, oh god” she moaned, Im cumming Mark, Im cumming. Her body
twitched, and I could feel her stiffen up. “fuck me, fuck me” she said
pushing my head away from her wet pussy. As I started to crawl up to
she rolled over on my, raising her ass in the air. “Doggy fuck me” she
Now, I knew what she meant, but I was not really sure myself if doggy
fucking was up the ass, or vagina, and I was afraid to ask, looking
to her at this point. “What do I do” I asked her, “crawl up here,
you belly against my ass” she waved me forward, and when I got as close
to her as possible, she reached under and grabbed my cock, and slid it
her wet pussy. “there, now fuck me mark, ram me as hard as you can”
pushed my cock deep into her cunt. Judy screamed and I kept ramming my
cock as deep and hard as I could. Judy placed her forehead in my
My hand rubbed up and down her back, to her ass. She began to push her
ass back and forth, soon we were in a rhythm. The bed began to bounce
the floor, we were fucking so hard, my head board began to bang the
Judy reached around hand grabbed one of my hands, and placed it on her
tit. Her nipples were very hard. “pull my nipples”. With each pull she
moaned louder. Soon she was “
Snorting” like a dog or animal thru her nose. As her panting became
louder I could sense I was ready to cum, in a few seconds I screamed
“Im cumming, damn Im cumming!” As the first wad of sperm shot out Judy
let out a very loud cry. “go up my ass, up my ass NOW” she yelled. Not
sure what to do, I pulled my cock out, and placed it by her butt hole.
Judy then backed up, forcing my cock in her ass, more cum ozzed out as
slid in. I could swear my cock got bigger from that. He ass was tight,
but she rocked back and forth for a few minutes, gasping and moaning.
breathing was very loud now.
She collapsed on my bed, forcing my cock out of her ass. I laved beside
her, still hard as a rock.
“how was that?” she asked me between breaths. “felt damn good” I
her cheek. “good” she replied, “because you can have all that you want
after Tracie blows you again”. Judy jumped up off the bed, “stay here”
she said and went down the steps. I laved there thinking of how lucky I
was, I lost my virginity and could have all the fucking and sucking I
wanted from this woman. I could hear the shower start up. After a few
minutes Judy came back up the steps towel around her, she tossed me a
wash cloth, “wash your cock off” dropping a bar of soap by me. As I
washed my cock off, she went to the window, bear breasted. Brushing her
hair back, she looked out the window. She grabbed a tissue from the box
in the window, and whipped her forehead off. “I can see my kitchen from
her, and I see Tracie washing dishes” She smiled and looked back at me.
Then a funny look came over her face. She looked back at the window,
down at the tissue box. Then to the waste basket. Now normally I empty
the basket every day, flushing the tissue down the toilet when I was
alone, but did not do so today. She look at the tissue in her hand and
chuckled, “you little pervert she said” and pleasingly tossed the
at me. She then jumped on the bed. “you have been watching me haven’t
you?” “I could not help it” my voiced broke as I answered.. Judy
giggled, if I knew that, I would have show you more. What have you
I told her about Paul doggy fucking her, and her giving him blow
and of course they walk around naked. “well, now you are doing the
thing” We kissed for a long time, our hands roaming each others
Judy rolled me over and quickly sat on my hard dick. Soon it was my
banging against my headboard. Judy back got all sweatily, her nipples
were rock hard. I sucked each one for several minutes, Judy road up and
down on my cock, every few minutes, I would thrust my hips in the air,
and she would scream out. Ove
r the course of a hour, I could feel her
pussy walls swell and twitch many times. I took some time, but soon I
exploded my load of cum in her again.
Judy slid off me, and sucked my cock for a few minutes, then in a
surprise, bit down on my dick.
“did that hurt?” she asked. “a littl
e i said. “just remember that,
because if you fuck my daughter, Ill bit it off” once again warning me.
“no, I wont, dont worry I told her.
Judy and I went back down stares, got her cloths, as she dressed, she
told me to employ the wastebasket before my mom saw it, and get some
sleep, because tomorrow it would be with Tracie again. And no jacking
before that, save your cum!” Judy laughed and kissed me good by.
part 3 cumming.

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