The Sexy Seductress

I wouldn’t say that I’m a smutty guy.  I’d rather say that I was quite in tune with my sexual side.  I’m not the kind of guy who likes to watch dirty pornography— I would much rather watch a woman hide her sexy parts only to reveal them in a very seductive way—that gets me much hornier than just a bang video.  The beauty of a woman—her soft features, her smooth curves— far surpass any other beauty in this great world.

Once in a while my wife and I like to have fun— kinky fun.  I think the kinkiest thing we’ve ever done was have sex on top of the hood of our car in a hotel parking lot.  It was a RUSH!  We tried to park in an unlit area, but I’m sure we could be seen if someone looked hard enough.

Recently though I’ve been trying to kick it up a notch.  Last month I sent a blindfold to her at work through the mail with an anonymous note.  The note said, “Answer the door tonight wearing only this!”  She did it too!  I didn’t say a word when the door opened, I only led her around by the hand.  I’m sure she could tell it was me, but I’m also pretty sure that there was a tiny part of her that wasn’t sure who else was in the room (or that maybe I was in the room but that it wasn’t me leading her around).  We both agreed that it was a pretty wild thing to try out.

I’ve started to read up on the internet about some cooler things we could do to make the sex more interesting.  I was reading a few stories the other day when I got an idea that would really push our boundaries and get our hearts pumping again.  I really miss that feeling of uncertainty—it’s the same feeling you used to get when you would drop a girl off at home after a first date—you just couldn’t tell what was going to happen.  Were we going to kiss?  Was she just going to go right inside?  It may be really great or it may just fizzle.  I miss that rush.

The idea I got was part of a birthday present to my wife—I told her that for her birthday this year she was allowed to go on the internet and find two guys, any two guys, that she would like to have some fun with– ‘anything goes’ sort of fun.  The idea would be that she would invite these two men to have a wild night with her, but not tell them that the third man in this mix was her husband.  This all took some courage for me because you can never tell who your wife is going to pick—she could pick two huge musclemen and make me feel like a shrimp, or she could pick two really handsome guys who boast about a twelve-inch cock.  The two men would think that the three of them were there to have some fun with a single, wild woman.

I ran the idea by my wife one day (her name is Beth, by the way) after she got back from work.  I told her that I had a kinky idea for another sexual escapade, but that this idea involved her doing some homework.  I told her about the other two guys and the idea of me being the third man.  The moment after pitching the idea Beth’s face went from that of utter shock to that of excitement and anticipation—it was cute.  A huge smile came over her and she began to ask, “Are you sure, baby?” and “You’re sure you’re cool with this?” over and over.  I kept reassuring her that it would be a huge thrill for me to watch and participate in the adventure; that I would have as much fun as she would.  She laughed and smiled, “I don’t think so.”

She went to the computer to start hunting down her two hunks.  It took her a few weeks to pick the guys and have some sort of relationship with them online before the big day.  We agreed that the best strategy was to pick a hotel in a city about an hour away, so that nobody would recognize us, and make sure that the men were from there also.  She ended up picking these two handsome guys who you could tell were businessmen from the area.  The first guy was a little older than I was.  He was 40 and kept himself in good shape—a swimmer I think.  From the looks of the pictures you could tell he was a rich guy.  The second guy was black and a bit younger than me.  He also was a businessman and seemed a bit sleazier than I would have thought Beth likes.  I told her it was her choice, though.  She told me that she really hit it off with the guy while chatting.  I just assumed that she picked him for his penis size.

Finally the day came for our big night.  It was a Saturday night and we had arranged for the men to meet Beth in a nice hotel suite that we rented out for the night.  The men were to knock on the door at a certain time.  We scheduled it so that neither of the men would be knocking on the door at the same time.  Beth wanted to wait until the men got there to tell them of the glorious game they were all about to play.  I told her it was risky, but she said that she knew the two guys would be into it.

I told Beth that tonight was up to her what she wanted to do and how far she wanted it to go with the three of us.  She said that she had a plan and that I shouldn’t worry about the details from here on out.  In fact, she said, I should go get a drink at the hotel bar and stay there until 8:30.  She told me that she wanted me to be the last guy to arrive.  She told me to act like I didn’t know about any other men and that I should act like I was really into it to get the other two men excited some more.

I must have sat in that hotel bar for about an hour and a half, but it felt like I was down there all night.  I eyed up every guy that came through the hotel lobby, thinking that must be one of them.  I kept hoping that things would be okay when I arrived and that the other two guys weren’t fighting with one another, or gang-raping my wife.  In the end though, the alcohol calmed my nerves and I started to make my way up.  Maybe that’s why Beth sent me to the bar, to loosen up.

We rented a suite on the top floor–  I was there earlier in the day.  It was pretty nice.  There was plenty of room to walk around, and the room was divided into a sitting area, and a bedroom.  I was guessing that the three of us were going to sit on the chairs in the sitting area, and not just run into the bedroom and crank out a quick fuck.  If I knew Beth, she would be planning something pretty hot and seductive for the three of us.  It was kind of thrilling to know that the entertainment of the night was, in fact, for me as much as it was for Beth.

I knocked on the door.  I heard loud footsteps and finally one of the men answered the door.  “Oh, I must have the wrong room, I’m supposed to meet a friend of mine here.”  I played dumb with the guy.  “Is this room 1219?”

“Yeah, this is 1219.  You must be the other guy.”

“The other guy?”, I said with a stupid look on my face.

“Yeah, it seems the young lady running the show tonight is a bit wilder than we all thought.  You aren’t the only one who expected to be alone with Vivian tonight.”  Beth was using the name Vivian tonight.

“Really?!  Oh, that’s hot!  What does she have planned?”

“We don’t know.  When I got here, she sat me down and told me that she still had to get ready and that that more men were coming.  I was a little shocked but she said that we won’t leave disappointed, that she’s gonna be really on fire tonight.”

I looked at the other guy.  “Same here, dude.  She said the same thing to me.”

“Oh, this is getting wild!”, I said.  I took a seat on the last remaining chair in the sitting area of the suite.  Beth moved the chairs around to form a semi-circle surrounding a soft, leather ottoman.  The three of us just sat there, dressed in our finest.  I was glad I dressed up.  The guy on my right was wearing what looked to be a $1000 suit.  It was really nice looking, I’ll admit.  The guy on my left was wearing a European-looking outfit and had a nice color to him to match the color of his suit.  I could tell by the cut of his leather shoes that the guy rolled in money.

Beth was in the bathroom getting dolled up.  My heart was pounding!  I must have been shaking like I was stranded in theAlpsor something.  I was so nervous—not so much for me, but for Beth.  I kept imaging her sitting in the bathroom not sure if she would be able to go through with all of this, crying to herself.  I can imagine that it’s easy to tell one eager guy that he’s not going to score, but three guys… that might be hard.  And then there’s the little secret of her husband that we have to keep locked tight.  Oh, I was getting really nervous.  I kept thinking of how we could get out of this situation unscathed if we needed.

Finally, the door opened and the music in the room turned on.  ‘How the hell did she set that up?’, I thought to myself.  The music was a classic 1940’s softie.  Ella Fitzgerald or something.  I’m not too good with that era but it sounded seductive as hell.  I imagined that she’d be coming out looking all 40’s on us.

The three of us sat there in anticipation a little bit longer due to the fact that we couldn’t see around that damn corner.  I was dying to see what Beth (or Vivian, I’ll say from now on) looked like.  Then, all of a sudden a shoe peered out from around the wall.  It was a cherry-red stiletto.  Vivian’s leg wrapped around the corner, showing a single, stockinged leg gently caress the wall up and down.

‘She’s fuckin’ with us’, I thought to myself.  ‘She must really be enjoying this.’  I didn’t realize it until that point that Vivian was going to be okay with all of this and that she had been drawing out are anticipation by making us wait a few minutes too long.  I finally started to settle down.

Just then Vivian walked out from behind the corner.  She looked AMAZING!  Her legs looked like a movie stars, stockinged up past her knees.  She was wearing a silk robe with God knows what underneath.  I couldn’t wait to get that thing off of her.  My wife was the type to hit the gym a few times a week.  She always looked good.  She had straightened her hair and put on more eye makeup than I’d ever seen her use.  The combo made her look like a very high-class prostitute.

“I hope you boys are hungry.  I have plenty to eat” she said as she she made her way down the small hallway and towards the three of us.  We all sat there with open mouths and, for me at least, sweaty palms.  Step by step she made her way closer until she reached the ottoman.  She raised her leg and placed her stiletto on top, curiously showing off her legs.  I’m sure all three of us were trying to see if she was wearing panties.

“Now boys.  I have one rule and that rule is that I am in charge tonight.  If anybody disobeys, nobody’s getting anything.  Understood?” Vivian comanded.  We all nodded like schoolboys.  She stood there in front of us, not two feet from each of us, and slowly undid the knot of her robe and slid the garment down past her shoulders, stopped and turned.  “Damn!” I thought to myself, “I should have known she’d do that!”  She turned around and let the robe slide down a bit further past her shoulder blades and then onto her hips.  With her body turned from us we could see she was wearing a red bra, and as the robe slipped off of her body completely, we could see her matching cherry-red thong.  I could feel my cock throbbing.  This was intense!

Vivian turned around and showed off her body.  Her abs were tight, I think she had been working out hard for this night.  Every night she was doing crunches and sit-ups.  Her breasts were being held up by her bra, her cleavage looking super-sexy.  My wife, I’m proud to say, has the breasts of a Victoria Secret model.  It’s not why I married her, of course, but it definitely perks me up some times.  This was one of those times.

She walked over to the first guy on my right.  He was sitting on his chair licking his lips once in a while.  I could tell these guys were going to go nuts on her pretty soon (no pun intended there).  Vivian took the man’s hands and placed them on her hips, guiding them up and down her curvy body.  She stradled his legs with hers, threw her arms around his neck and gave him such a kiss I think my wedding ring would have fallen off had I worn it.  It was the first time I’d ever seen her kiss another guy.  That was the most painful part of the night, to tell you the truth.  His arms were moving up and down her back and down to her ass, where he gave her a squeeze.  She abruptly stopped the kiss and lept off of him.  You could tell the theme of the night was ‘leave them wanting more’.

Vivian made her way over to me and did the same thing.  She straddled my legs and ran her hands up and down my chest, onto my face, kissing me the entire time.  She made her way over to the last guy in a similar fashion.  I think it was her introduction to the three of us.  The night was about to heat up, I could tell.

Before Vivian jumped off the last guy, she threw her legs around in the opposite direction, with her back to the guy.  She sat down on his lap, took his hands and placed them on her breasts.  The man squeezed them instinctively.  Vivian reached around and undid her bra.  I watched with amazement as Vivian’s breasts bounced down, nearly pushing the bra away from her body.  The guy didn’t even bother to remove the bra, Vivian did that, he just kept masaging her tits.

Just so you know, I was loving this!  Once in a while, I could tell that Vivian was checking up on me by watching the expression on my face.  I think she was using my reaction to gauge what to do next.  Finally she got up and slowly laid down on the ottoman.  Naturally the guy got up and made his way to Vivian.

“Sit down!” she yelled, pointing her finger at the guy.  “I’ll tell you when to get up.  I’ll tell you when to sit down!  I’ll tell you when to drop your pants and I’ll tell you when it’s your turn to fuck me!”

The three of us sat silent, our eyes as large as saucer plates.  It was brilliant!  It was a clever way of yelling at all three of us, but without our cocks going soft.  After hearing the ‘turn to fuck me’ line I’m sure we were all just that much harder.  It was a nice touch.

Vivian laid back down and began to slip off her panties.  Over each stocking it went, past her heels, which would remain on the entire time, by the way.  She laid back down and spread her legs for us.  We sat there, us three, and stared at her georgeous, sleak, shaved vagina.  We were all licking our lips and breathing deep breaths.  Vivian continued to lay on the ottoman, the three of us sitting on our chairs like trained dogs staring obediently at a bowl of food.  She had us exactly where she wanted us.  This was a test if I’d ever seen it.  She was making us more and more excited the longer we had to wait to dive into her lucious pussy.  I sat and watched as she lay there moving her legs up and down, back and forth.  She even once slipped her finger down into her vagina and fingered herself for a moment, just to show us how wet she was getting.

Finally she sat up.  It seemed like a year ago that that guy got yelled at.  Vivian made her way over to the first guy again and ran her fingers through his hair.  His hands found themselves on her hips again, slowly making his way up to Vivian’s breasts.  He squeezed each of them and leaned in a bit.  Vivian leaned in too, placing her right nipple up to the man’s lips.  Instinctively he opened his mouth and sucked.  Vivian leaned her head back with a short moan and looked down once again at the man’s lips.  She giggled a bit.  Vivian liked to have her breasts sucked.  It’s strange.  Most of the big-breasted women I knew did also.  Vivian leaned back enough to remove her breast from the reach of his lips and moved her left breast up to his lips.  He squeezed that one hard, as Vivian let out a short ‘ooh’.

Myself and the other guy watched this action going on in anticipation, both of us running our hands over our rock-hard cocks.  Finally she broke away from the tit-sucking guy and made her way toward me.  She took short seductive steps and ran her breasts up towards my mouth and kept walking, giving me a sly look as she walked by me, and threw her arms around the third guy.  I could hear her mumbling something to the guy.  She would later tell me that she told him she was sorry for yelling at him before, but that this was her game to play and that he had to play nicely.  He agreed, of course.

Vivian let the guy play with and suck on her tits also.  She was loving this, I could tell.  She’s the type of woman who loves having nice tits.  She wears tight shirts to dinners and georgeous, low-cut gowns to black-tie events.  This was just another one of her exciting things she got to do with her ‘girls’.

She was uttering ‘ooh’s and ‘ah’s for the guy—I think he was biting a little.  She backed away from him a bit and grabbed his hands.  She placed them on her abdomen and slowly ran them down to her pussy.  He moved his left hand around to her ass, and kept his right hand free to finger her vagina.  He had big hands, and I’m guessing a similarly-sized cock.  He took his long middle finger and shoved it into my wife’s pussy as far as it would go.  I watched Vivian’s face as he did it.  It was funny.  Her eyes opened up a bit, kinda like it was too cold or something.  He started finger-fucking her right away, like he couldn’t wait.  I know I couldn’t.  I think this was the only time during the night that Vivian lost a little control.  He was finger-fucking her pretty hard and fast.  She had her hands on his shoulders and even drew his head into her chest for a bit.  She was enjoying this more than she thought she would.  She was even moaning and looking around the room, sometimes at us, sometimes at the walls.

Eventually she pulled his fingers out from her sloppy-wet pussy and pushed away entirely.  I think she even had to catch her breath and regain her course of action.  She walked over to me finally.  She turned her back towards me and sat on my lap, running her hand around the back of my head.  She grabbed my hand and ran it down her abdomen to her vagina.  I picked up the finger-fucking where my colleage had left off.  Vivian moaned and squirmed in my lap.  The other two guys even moved their chairs a bit to get a better angle of Vivian’s crotch.  She spread her legs out with her heels kicked high in the air.  She looked like she had done this before or something, like a high-class hooker!  I was in disbelief.

Vivian got up from getting pleasured after a few minutes and turned around, facing me.  “Stand up” she said.  I jumped up from my seat like it was being electrocuted.  Vivian ran her hands down my chest and began to unbutton my shirt.  One by one she had gotten the buttons to come undone and made her way to my belt.  She slowly undid my belt and dropped my pants around my ankles.  My boxers followed.

This was a little awkward for me, being the first guy to show his cock.  As it turned out I had good reason to be a little timid—both men were hung.  Vivian, now on her knees, grabbed my cock and slowly began to lick, just a little here and a little there.  This continued for a moment or two until she inserted my entire penis into her mouth.  This was a nice moment.  I had my slutty wife on her knees, sucking my cock with two very horny men watching in anticipation.  Vivian gave me a few good sucks until she finally got up and told me to sit down.

She turned to the guy on my right (the first guy she had seduced) and told him to stand up also.  I think this was Vivian’s favorite part of the night, undressing her two chosen men.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t choose them for their conversational skills, she had chosen these guys because they both must have sent pictures of their massive cocks.  Vivian slowly unzipped the man’s pants and reached into his trousers like she was reaching in for a prize.  Out of this man’s pants came what appeared to be a python.  About an inch longer than my penis, but twice as thick.  I was impressed!  The funny part was that his cock was still soft!  I didn’t even realize that it was going to get bigger.  I could only imagine what my wife was thinking.

Vivian played with his cock for a while, letting it gently glide around her face like it was her best friend.  The look on the guy’s face was priceless.  He looked like the head of a mafia family, like he owned my wife or something.  It was classic.  Vivian was playing the part though, treating the man like he was her big, tough man.  Vivian grabbed his cock finally and gave it a juicy, slurpy suck.  I’m not sure she tried to do that or not, but that’s what happened.  Suck, suck, suck.  She must really have enjoyed this because it wasn’t her style to linger like this that long.  He even grabbed the back of Vivian’s head and pushed his cock deep into her throat a few times.  Vivian gagged each time, but didn’t quit sucking.  I think she even liked the abusiveness, strangely.

Finally she came up for air and told the man to sit down.  I think she was just as eager for the next guy.  I was as curious as she was to see what this guy was packing.  Vivian made short time of this guys pants.  She didn’t even make him get up.  She undid his zipper and reached in.  It took two full tugs to get the thing out!  It came out like a firehose!  I thought it was a fake for sure!  I couldn’t believe it!  It must have reached out a full foot!  Vivian belted out a moan that I have not heard before in my life!  She even broke character and looked at me, mouth open, and mouthed “Holy Shit!” to me.  She placed both of her hands on the guy’s cock, like she was gripping a baseball bat.  There was even a good-sized amount of cock sticking out from her grip!  The head of his penis was huge also.  I wasn’t sure Vivian would be able to mouth it.  She was going to have chapped lips all week!  She managed though, running her lips over his monster cock time after time.  She even ran her hands up and down like a snake handler at the zoo.  Suck after suck I could tell Vivian was getting closer to the meat of her performance.  She was even getting sweaty.

She came up for air and looked at the guy smiling.  “Time for you to fuck me!”  The guy smiled and stood up.  “You two sit there!” Vivian commanded.  She made one small glance my way with a big smile on her face, biting her lip.  I could tell she was going to have some good memories of this.  She laid down on the ottoman, kicked her legs into the air and motioned for her man to approach her, cock first.

Vivian kept her hands down at her vagina and made sure that she was spread open far enough for the man’s monster cock to fit.  He lined everything up and penetrated.  Vivian’s abdominal muscles flexed and she even sat up a bit.  Her mouth was wide open and she was slightly wincing, obviously just as much pain as pleasure.  Once it was in, Vivian relaxed a bit and smiled.  The rhythmic motion of the man’s strides started to get Vivian wet and relaxed even more.  This was intense—I was watching this guy with a foot-long (or greater) cock fuck my wife.  I really wasn’t sure she was even enjoying it.  She would wince once in a while.  It wasn’t until she really started moaning that I knew she was finding pleasure in all of it.  “Holy Shit!  Ugh!” she moaned, “Harder!”  That surprised me a bit.  “Harder!”  The guy really started giving it to her at that point.  Vivian tipped her head backward, her breasts flailing, and she starting to have panting fits.  The two of us watched this go on for several minutes.  First Vivian was on her back, then she was completely on her side with a leg high in the air, and then she was on all fours, bellyside to the ottoman.

Finally she sat up a bit and motioned to us to come cock-first up to her face, which we did.  Vivian grabbed our cocks, one in each hand and stretched her gyrating body enough to wrap her mouth around our penises.  I was almost timid to do so, given my size.  Finally she pushed the first guy away from her and invited in the other gentleman.  “Your turn, daddy.”  Vivian welcomed the man in with open arms.  She even let go of my cock to leave her hands free to run up and down the man’s chest as he slid his cock into her pussy.  She moaned again.  “You boys are going to split me in half!” she cried as he finished pushing his cock into my wife’s pussy.  Vivian pulled the man down to kiss him.  “Fuck me hard, daddy” she wispered as he began to pump back and forth.  Vivian moaned once more.  She grabbed for my cock, but pretty much just slid her hand up and down my shaft a few times as she got fucked by her ‘daddy’.  He was giving it to her pretty hard, harder than the last guy.

Vivian got up from being on her back and turned around, “doggy-style” she said.  This time the guy really laid it into her.  You might have even heard the smacking sound a few doors down if you were awake!  She was getting fucked!  Her eyes were wide open, as was her mouth, and she would occasionally put her head down onto the ottoman to prevent herself from screaming.  Five to ten minutes of this continued as I could only imagine how hot Vivian’s vagina was getting.

Vivian finally turned around, “don’t come yet”.  She stopped the guy from his gorilla-style fucking and got off the ottoman.  She walked up to me and motioned for me to lay down where she was, which I did.  Vivian straddled my body and slid her vagina down upon my upright penis.  I slid in embarrasingly easily.  She started pumping her body up and down a bit, letting me feel her breasts as she did.  This was our short little time together.  We spoke with our eyes.  She would smile, and I would smile back.  I knew she was having fun.

Then Vivian got an idea.  She leaned her head down towards mine and motioned for the first guy to fuck her in the ass, while I remained deep inside my wife.  I wasn’t sure this was such a good idea given the girth of the gentleman’s cock.  It took a bit more effort than before, but he managed to jam it in.  I thought her eyes were wide before, but this time she was in a bit of shock.  The two of us started to pump back and forth, the double-penetration giving Vivian’s bottom the shock of her life.  She tilted her head up, panting and moaning and motioned for ‘daddy’ to put his cock into her mouth.

Vivian wrapped her lips around ‘daddy’s cock, moaning the entire time.  The three of us really let her have it too.  I figured it this was going to be our finale, we ought to give it to her hard enough that she’s not going to be walking around for a few nights.  I even laughed a bit when I thought of this.  The thought occurred to me that as I was fucking my wife, there were two other penises in her body!  The thought was very arousing.  She took her lips off of her ‘daddy’s cock and said “time for you boys to come into me.  All of you.  At the same time too!  Do it!”

We all started pumping harder as if the captain had given us orders for ‘full steam ahead’.  I don’t know how she did it, but Vivian was as wet as a girl could get.  We all found relative ease in sliding our cocks into her body.  The first guy who was doing my wife in the ass came first.  He groaned and screamed a bit and pumped viciously hard when he blew.  I think he may have even pushed himself in a bit too far when he did because I could feel Vivian’s pussy tighten up a bit when he did.

‘Daddy’ came next.  Vivian was never the type to ‘swallow’, but she did it willingly this time.  Maybe it was ‘daddy’s charm.  In any event, he pumped round after round of come into her throat, she swallowed all of it too.  Finally, I came.  I grabbed onto her hips (the other guys had pulled out by now) and I fucked her like it was just the two of us there.  I pumped her full of juice and kissed her on the neck (I would wait until she brushed until I kissed her on the lips again).  She kissed me on the cheek and got off of me.  As she walked back down the hall to the bathroom she said “you guys have been great.  Have a great night.”

And that was that, apparently.  The three of us looked around the room.  We were half-dressed and holding our cocks.  We immediately started buttoning up and getting ready to leave.  The foot-long guy left first, “Take care gentlemen.  It was a great evening.”

‘Daddy’ stayed a little longer.  I think he was trying to get seconds.  “Let’s get out of here.” I said to him, motioning to the door.  He agreed and we made our way out the door and down the elevator.  I got in my car and made sure ‘Daddy’ was leaving, which he apparently was.  Vivian would tell me later that she got a knock on the door, but didn’t answer it.  I could only assume it was Ole Daddy.

Beth told me that she loved it and that it was something she had always wanted to try.  I told her basically the same.  From time to time we recount the event while we’re having sex.  It’s a good way of reliving some fun.


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