The Shoulders

Posted in: Encounters

Places u on my shoulder carefully placing ur soft warm wet pink lips in front of my warm wet lips. Gently moving u on me shoulder so u r in perfect alignment with me lips and tongue. Gazing into your eyes while glancing at brown sensual hairs around the lips of joy. Blows a warm soft breeze of breath onto ur lips of joy. Slowly licks down the right lips from top to bottom and back up the right side. Slides me tongue right down the middle of your lips and onto ur pink soft clit. Nibbles the tip gently then licks up the clit back to the base. Nibbles from the base of your clit to the tip and slowly places tongue inside the clit lips. Gently pressing against ur clit. Nibbles the tip of ur clit. Then slowly inserts tongue into ur sugar walls where i lick the entire walls and taste the very sweet nectar.

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