The Telekinetic Neighbor

Diana was a tall, beautifully tanned, blonde woman in her early thirties. Diana was hard at work cleaning her living room, when she saw something next door that caught her eye. A woman about her age was outside, directing to the movers where her boxes should go. This woman was a beauty, and she had an air of confidence about her. She appeared to be five feet five, five feet six inches tall to Diana’s five feet ten inches in height. In contrast to Diana’s tanned skin, this woman had a lighter peaches-and-cream complexion to her. Her long, naturally red locks cascaded around her shoulders, and she was wearing a short, light green dress that fit her curvaceous body tightly in all the right places. Diana had always been sexually attracted to women, more than just in the curiousity stages. At an early age in her life, Diana knew she was a lesbian.

Diana decided that now would be the perfect time to meet this woman, and see if she needed help with anything. So Diana went into her bedroom to find the perfect outfit to wear. For a sunny day, she decided to pick out a very sexy outfit–a tight, white cami-type shirt with a pair of Daisy Dukes she had cut from an old pair of jeans with a pair of her favorite brown leather thong shoes would do her just nicely. Diana changed clothes and finished with a thin ankle bracelet on her right ankle, then she ran out of her bedroom, to her living room, and out the front door.

To her surprise, Diana didn’t see the woman outside. So she walked cautiously and curiously over to the house next door and rang the bell. The woman Diana had seen outside her window answered.

“You must be one of my new neighbors,” she said to Diana.

“Yes,” Diana replied, “I’m Diana.”

The woman held out her hand. “I’m Shanlan, but you can call me simply Shan.”

Diana smiled brightly as she shook Shan’s hand. Shan roamed her eyes up and down Diana’s body taking in her outfit. Shan seemed to approve as she extended Diana an invitation to come inside. Diana didn’t know what Shan was thinking, but she knew she was struggling to keep her thoughts inside. Diana could feel her heart racing as she accepted the invitation to come into Shan’s house.

Shan smiled. “As you can already tell,” she said, “I just moved here.”

Diana nodded.

Shan then looked at a box, and concentrating on it, the box started to open itself. Diana looked on in amazement–she had heard of people with telekinetic powers, but she had never met one in the flesh, until now. As Diana looked on, Shan put away various items by concentrating on the item and its destination. Then she turned back to Diana.

“I’m sorry about that,” Shan said as she smiled sheepishly.

“That was amazing,” Diana replied. “What else can you do simply by looking at an item and concentrating on it?”

This was the question Shan had been waiting for. She walked over to Diana and put her hand on her cheek, caressing it.

“I know we just met,” Shan said to her demurely, “but I find you so attractive, Diana. More than just curiosity. I want to touch you so bad.”

Diana could already feel her thong getting wet just by the way Shan was touching her face. “Shan…I want to make love to you,” Diana replied.

Shan smiled as she led Diana to her bedroom, which too had unopened boxes. To make Diana feel more comfortable, Shan lifted a box from her bed and set it on the floor. Then Shan slowly removed her dress to reveal two creamy, size 36C cup breasts with quarter-sized pink nipples that protruded like little pencil erasers from the old number 2 pencils they used to write with in school when they were little girls.

“Relax,” Shan said to Diana. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

Diana relaxed as she stayed standing, her own nipples straining against her white cami-top. Shan concentrated on Diana’s shirt, and off it came, leaving Diana’s own breasts now exposed. Diana stepped out of her thong shoes, and Shan looked at Diana’s Daisy Dukes, concentrating on the button and the zipper. From Shan’s stare of concentration, the button came undone, and the zipper unzipped itself, leaving Diana even wetter down there in her sex mound. After another stare of concentration, the Daisy Dukes slid down around Diana’s ankles, exposing Diana’s little red thong. Shan, fully naked, walked to Diana, and put her hands on her face, caressing the cheekbones with her thumbs. Diana couldn’t resist, as she planted her lips on Shan’s to give her a deep, very passionate, kiss. Shan returned the kiss with the same passion as she and Diana moved as one to the bed. Shan, still kissing Diana, slowly lowered her to the bed, her own pussy getting wetter with every play of the tongue, as Diana moved her hands into Shan’s silky red hair, caressing it. Shan didn’t let Diana enjoy the feel of her hair for very long though, as she slowly broke the kiss and began to kiss down to Diana’s size 38D breasts. Diana melted as Shan moved her mouth so that it encased one of Diana’s nipples. Shan let her tongue play with one nipple while her hand was feeling the flesh of the other woman’s breast around it. Diana could feel her body growing hot, with desire, as she started to breathe erratically. Shan’s other hand was on her other breast, playing with the nipple there with her thumb and forefinger, and gently squeezing the flesh around. Finally, Shan’s mouth and hands traded places, and she was gently licking and nipping at the other nipple. Diana felt a little sharp twinge of pain, but didn’t want Shan to stop. She moaned with pleasure as she felt Shan stop giving her breasts attention and kiss and caress down the rest of her body. Diana spread her legs open for Shan. Shan slowly removed Diana’s thong, to reveal her pussy with the very wet, swollen, velvety clit, and was hit by the wonderful smell of Diana’s sex. Shan inserted a finger into Diana’s sex well and she felt the muscles of Diana’s sex contract around her finger.

“Ooh,” Shan whispered seductively into Diana’s pussy, “you have a nice, tight pussy.”

Diana could only moan with ecstasy as she felt Shan add another finger into her already dripping hot box, and probe her fingers, hitting Diana’s G-spot with every movement of her fingers. Shan then put her mouth on Diana’s juicy, swollen clit and went to work on it with her tongue, making Diana struggle to keep her orgasm under control. Shan could feel her own cleanly shaven pussy getting wetter as her whole body grew hotter and hotter with desire. She was enamored with Diana’s pussy as she continued to work her magic with her fingers and her tongue, gently nipping on the clit. Diana felt this new sensation and gave a little yelp of both pain and pleasure. Finally, Diana shouted out, “My God, Shan, I’m going to come!!!”

This made Shan switch to her fingers giving Diana clit stimulation, and her mouth licking Diana’s hungry hole, her tongue as deep inside Diana’s slit as it could go. Finally, Diana came, and came hard, her pussy spasming with every burst of come she let out, and Shan greedily lapped up Diana’s cunt juices. Shan then moved up to Diana’s mouth again, kissing her, letting Diana taste her own juices inside Shan’s mouth.

“Mmm, wow, Shan…” Diana mumbled. “It’s my turn now.”

Diana rolled over, so that she was now on top of Shan, and as Shan fondled Diana’s breasts again, Diana slowly kissed down to Shan’s beautiful breasts. Diana caressed them with her hands while she licked on the nipples with her tongue, making Shan even wetter than before. After a while, Diana moved her body, and her mouth, down Shan’s flat stomach to her pussy, caressing Shan’s velvety soft skin. Diana then used one of her breasts to play with Shan’s own wet, swollen clit, and that made Shan buck her hips and moan loudly. Diana continued this for a while before she used her tongue to play with Shan’s clit and inserted two long fingers into Shan’s slippery hole. Diana swi
rled her tongue around Shan’s clit as she pumped her fingers into her clit, already feelin
g Shan’s juices on them. Diana kept up this pace for a while as she let her teeth gently nip Shan’s velvety clit. This made Shan grind her hips into Diana’s fingers more and finally, Diana switched to let her tongue into Shan’s slit and her fingers give Shan’s clit more stimulation. Shan screamed with pleasure as she felt her pussy spasm and juices start to rush out of her wet hole. Diana smiled as she licked Shan’s juices, savoring the taste of her new friend in her mouth. Then, she climbed back up to Shan, kissing her gently, allowing her to taste her juices in Diana’s mouth. The two then laid on the bed, well spent from their orgasms, and Diana smiled as she and Shan were cuddled up together in each other’s arms, she had a feeling she had found her new lover. Shan turned to her.

“Diana,” Shan mumbled softly into Diana’s ear, “you’ve given me the best welcome present I could ever ask for.”

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