The Visitor

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He barely heard her tell him she was leaving. She kissed him on the cheek and he waved absently at her. There were just under four minutes left in the 4th quarter of the Monday night game. The Rams were clinging to a 6 point lead and with the spread that meant they were up by 2 ½. He needed this one to complete his 4-game parlay and get back on track. He’d been in a slump as of late, losing almost 2 grand over the past five weeks. But if the Rams could hold on that all that would be a distant memory, this one game practically getting him back to even. Then he would stop having to make up excuses to Linda as to why the credit card was declined at the mall and how come bill collectors suddenly were calling during dinner.
Even though they were up, the Rams were not playing well. Fortunately the Falcons were playing worse, having both a fumble and interception returned for scores. Now the Rams were punting again after going three and out and he let out a groan. He breathed a sigh of relief as the kick bounced into the end zone and the game went to commercial.
“Love you babe. Have a good night.” he called, but as the words came out of his mouth he could hear the hum of the garage door going up and Linda’s ’04 Infinity start up in the garage. He glanced at his watch, 9:40. Linda worked at Tensodyne, a manufacturer of electronic parts for airplanes. She just recently was promoted to “Area Leader”, whatever the hell that meant, and along with a 12% raise she also got moved to the graveyard shift. As much as he enjoyed the extra cash, he missed the sex they had enjoyed. Now when she was getting home he was on his way out the door and by the time he got home from ten hours of busting his ass at the lumber mill she was getting up and getting ready to do it all over again. They still had sex, but it much less frequently and they mostly had been relegated to quickies, or at least sped up considerably so that it was almost a race to see who could get off first. It was better than nothing but he longed for an hour long session, the kind that they once enjoyed before the rat-race got them down.
With 1:45 to go the Rams scored a touchdown and Rick was feeling good. He flipped thru the channels, not finding anything worthwhile. He was feeling a little horny so he found a porno and put it in. As he watched the action on the screen he undressed until he was naked on the couch. He used the remote to skip ahead to the action. He rubbed his limp cock and it began to swell. He stroked it until it was stiff. He decided to get some lube so he got up and headed for the bedroom. Just as he was passing the front door the doorbell rang. He was standing stark naked in the living room and his first instinct was to go back to the couch and retrieve his pants, but the curtains in the living room window were somewhat see-through, especially at night. He instead moved to the laundry room and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him. He would get rid of whoever it was and then get back to business.
He flipped the porch light on and opened the door just slightly and peered out. He was surprised to see an unfamiliar brunette standing there.
“Hi” she said. “Is Linda here?” She was short, no more than 5’2″ and just a little on the chunky side, but certainly not fat. Her dark hair was shoulder length and she ran her hand through it as she stood there.
“Um, no, she’s not” he said. He was trying not to stare at her tits, but the halter top she wore was really low-cut and about 3 sizes too small. “She went to work about 45 minutes ago.”
The girl frowned. “She works the graveyard shift?” she asked.
He nodded. “Yeah. She switched about two months ago.” He was doing everything he could to keep focused on her dark brown eyes.
“Well that sucks.” She said. Then she extended her hand. “Hi. I’m Sam. Linda and I went to high school together.” He opened the door a little more and leaned awkwardly out, holding his towel with one hand and shook her hand with the other.
“I’m Rick. Nice to meet you.” he said. He saw her eyes glance down to the towel and he instinctively closed the door slightly.
“Oh I’m sorry.” Sam said quickly. “Did I get you out of the shower?”
He hadn’t thought of that but he went with it. “Not quite. I was just getting in.”
“Ok. Well sorry to bother you” she said. “I ran into her at the mall last weekend and she gave me her number and address. I was in the neighborhood so I thought I’d drop in. I didn’t realize it was so late.” She went on “I would have called first but my phone is dead and my car charger shit the bed this morning.”
Rick smiled. “No problem at all. That’s too bad. I’m sure Linda would have loved to chat with you.” She didn’t say anything so he said “I’ll be sure to tell her you came by though”.
She smiled and took a step backwards. “Great. I appreciate it.” She turned and went down the steps. He tried to check out her ass but the skirt she wore revealed nothing. On the bottom step Sam stopped and turned. “Would it be too much trouble to borrow your phone?”
Rick shook his head. “Not at all. Come on in.” As he said that he hesitated. He remembered the porno playing in the living room and his clothes strewn around. He opened the door and Sam walked in. He immediately steered her towards the kitchen. “The phone is on the wall over there”. She was rifling through her purse and he took advantage of her preoccupation to get a good look at her rack in the light. They were gigantic but he couldn’t tell if they were fake or if she was just extremely blessed.
Whatever she was searching for she couldn’t find. “Oh. Hello!” she said.
He followed her gaze down to his towel and to his horror saw a very noticeable bulge. He didn’t have a particularly large penis, 6 ½, and even though he was just slightly hard the towel was hiding nothing. “Oh, uh, wow, I, uh…” he stammered, his face nearly beet red. He turned away from her and willed his prick to go down.
She smiled. “Should I take that as a compliment?” she asked.
His bulge was slowly going down and he thought about the question. If he said yes she would know her friend’s husband had been checking her out. On the other hand, if he said no that would be rather insulting. Before he could answer she moved next to him. “Awww. It’s going bye-bye” As she said this, her right breast brushed his elbow.
He froze. ‘Surely that was accidental’ he thought. Then it happened again. It was no accident. She was inches away from him still looking at his waist. She brushed his elbow again, actually more of a rub than a brush as he could feel her nipple through her top. “There we go” she said and smiled as she watched the bulge gradually reappear. He was willing it to stop, to shrink away but Sam pushed against him again, this time rubbing both of those huge globes against his arm. He looked at her and saw her nipples poking against her top.
He didn’t have a chance. The bulge was back, bigger than ever. He felt awkward, but he didn’t know what to say or do so he just stood there. Sam stepped back, sensed his uneasiness and said “Did Linda ever tell you about our contest?”
He almost said Linda had never mentioned her at all but just shook his head. Sam went on. “Back in high school, she and I had a contest to see who could give the best blow jobs.” She laughed and shook her head. “Those were the days.”
Rick could not believe what he was hearing. His Linda? A dicksucking contest? He had always thought that Linda gave the best head of all the girls he had dated but up until now hadn’t really wondered why. Now he knew, she had lots of practice! He was imagining the two of them on their knees, a mass of jocks, stoners, nerds and even some faculty lined up in the school gymnasium, getting their blowjob and a survey to fill out, the results tabulated and a pair of bronzed knee pads with the winner’s name etched on them on put in the school trophy case.
“Well?” he asked. “Who won?” He wasn’t sure if he really wanted to hear the answer.
Sam laughed. “Well I guess that depends on who you ask.” She moved around to face him. “I guess maybe you should judge for yourself.” She smiled up at him shyly, her erect nipples mere millimeters away from his bare chest, her waist grazing the extruding part of his towel.
Sam rubbed his cock through his towel and he gasped. He suddenly remembered how horny he was. He stepped back. “Uh, I don’t know…” he started. He did know that he wanted to settle this debate once and for all but he also loved his wife. In the 11 years they had been married he had never strayed. He wasn’t sure what to say, so again he said nothing.
As if reading his mind Sam said “Don’t worry about Linda. She won’t mind at all. I’ll bet that if she were here right now she’d make me go down on you just to prove that she was better.” She laughed and Rick smiled. Knowing how competitive Linda was he could actually hear her saying something like that. Still, he didn’t feel right. He thought that she should at least be here to supervise the proceedings, in the interest of fairness of course.
Without warning Sam jerked his towel off, his cock springing to life. Sam let out a squeal and dropped to her knees. She wasted no time getting him into her mouth. He wanted to protest but instead let out a soft moan. Sam certainly had a different technique than Linda. Where Linda was soft and caressing Sam was frantic and forceful. Linda focused on the head; Sam had his entire shaft in her mouth.
As quickly as she started, she stopped. She stood. “Where’s your bedroom?” she asked. He didn’t reply. He couldn’t reply. He took her by the hand and led her down the hall to the master bedroom. “Lie down” she said softly but firmly. He did. She moved between his legs resumed her fast and furious fellatio. He closed his eyes and concentrated on not shooting his wad too quickly. Not only did he want to savor this forbidden fruit but he also thought that if he blew his wad right away Sam would win the contest, and his allegiance was to his wife. No matter how toe-curling Sam’s blowjob turned out to be he would ultimately say that Linda was better.
Suddenly a bright light caused him to open his eyes. Sam grinned as she pressed the buttons on her cell phone. He was confused. “What are you doing?” he asked.
Sam dropped the phone back into her purse. “Proving a point.” she said and stood up. She rummaged through her purse and pulled out some lipstick and reapplied a fresh coat.
“What? That you give a better blowjob? I NEVER said that!”
Sam laughed. “Are you shitting me? Do you really think we had a blowjob contest?”
Actually he did. “So you didn’t?” He was still really confused.
She sneered at him. “Fuck no! Linda was bragging about what a great faithful guy she had and I bet her that I could get you to let me suck your dick. Linda said No way! Not her man.” She produced a brush and began to brush her hair. “I guess we know who was right and who was wrong now, don’t we?”
He was reeling. She set him up. Lied to him to get him to cheat on his wife and he went right along with it. Suddenly he pictured Linda at work, opening up a picture message and seeing her “faithful” husband with his eyes closed enjoying a blowjob from a complete stranger whom he had only met and invited into their home minutes ago. Linda would freak! He was sure of that. He had to do something.
“Did you send that?” he asked, trying hard to disguise the panic in his voice.
“Not yet. I wanna be there to see the look on her face.”
That was good. She still hadn’t seen it. He still had time. Time to do what, he didn’t know. All he knew was he had to do something! “Let’s make a deal!” he blurted.
“A deal?” Sam asked. “A deal for what?”
Rick looked at her. “A deal for the picture. How much to delete it?” He thought about his parlay ticket. “I’ve got cash. How much will it take for you to delete it?”
Sam looked at him. “Ok, do I look like I’m hurting for cash?” It was a rhetorical question and she didn’t wait for an answer. “I guess I should tell you that Linda and I were never really friends. That bitch always looked at me like I was dirt and she was the fucking Queen of England.” She stared into his eyes. “I saw her at a baby shower a few weeks ago and I heard her bragging about her great house, her big promotion, and her sweet, loyal-as-a-puppy-dog faithful husband.” She sneered at him. “I guess that’s you sport.”
He had a sinking feeling that he was fucked. Still, he had to keep trying. “Ok, what then? If not money what do you want?”
Sam shook her head. “I don’t think you want to give up what I want.”
“Try me.”
She hesitated a moment, then said simply “Your ass.”
Rick thought either he misunderstood or she misspoke. Did she mean to call him an ass? “Excuse me?”
Sam moved toward the door. “See? I told you.”
He rushed over and grabbed her arm. “Wait! What do you mean?”
She shrugged free and said “Just what I said. I want your ass.”
Once again Rick didn’t get it. “My ass?”
Sam nodded. “Yup. Your ass. I’ve always wanted to feel what it’s like to fuck a guy. I want to fuck you, in your ass, with this.” She pulled a latex dildo from her purse and waved it at him.
He was in shock. That was the last thing he had expected to hear. “I, um…”
“Forget it” she said. “I knew you wouldn’t do it” She shoved the dildo back into her purse and walked to the door.
“Wait wait wait.” He stammered. “Ok. I’ll do it.”
“You sure?”
He was pretty sure that he didn’t want to but he didn’t have a choice. He nodded slowly. “I’m sure”
Sam smiled. “Ok, but no backing out once we get started, got it?”
Rick nodded again. “I got it. So you’re gonna delete the picture, right?”
“Of course” Sam said. “This will be our little secret.”
Rick watched as Sam walked toward the bathroom. His cock, which had been standing at its full 6 ½ inches just moments earlier, was now limp and lifeless. “Just relax” Sam said. “I’ll be out in a minute”.
With that she shut the door and Rick sat down on the bed. His heart was still racing over the thought of Linda seeing that picture. He had never had anything up his ass before and just the thought of it repulsed him. He wasn’t gay and only a queer would put something in his ass. Several years ago he went for his physical and the doctor put a lubed finger inside him and he left feeling dirty and ashamed, so much so that he vowed to never go back. And now here he was, about to let a virtual stranger put something much larger than a finger up there.
The bathroom door opened and Sam walked over to the bed. Rick could not take his eyes off of her. She was wearing a red bra that couldn’t conceal the areolas of her breasts, which were even larger than Rick had imagined. Her nipples were hard and pushing against the silky material. On her feet were the same black pumps she wore earlier, not stiletto heels but sexy all the same. The only other thing she wore was a leather belt-like apparatus, which cinched around her waist and both of her thighs. And protruding from the center of this was the latex dildo, bouncing slightly as she walked. It was 7 ½ inches long, slightly thicker than his own penis, and flesh colored.
She moved right in front of him. “Suck my cock” she said as she waved the fake phallus in his face.
Rick took his eyes off of her tits. This was unexpected. “Uh, I thought…”
She cut him off. “Suck it!” she yelled and Rick jumped. She inched forward and her cock was bobbing inches from his face. Rick leaned forward and slightly opened his mouth. Without hesitating Sam grabbed his head and forced his mouth onto the dildo. The taste of latex filled his mouth and he tried to pull back but her hands held him firmly. “Ohhh, yeah” she said. “Suck my cock”
Her hands were still on his head, slowly pushing and pulling it, Rick’s lips sliding up and down the thick tool. He felt weird sucking on a hunk of rubber but Sam’s moans of encouragement kept him going. Gradually, he began to get into it, concentrating on the head for a moment and then plunging the shaft into his mouth, then back to the tip again. Sam acted as if she could really feel his hot mouth enveloping her and when he finally managed to get the whole thing in his mouth she moaned even louder. “Oh, yeah” she cooed. “You’re sucking me sooooooo good. You’re making me really hard”.
Rick was starting to get into it. He sucked on the dildo like a porn star, Sam’s moans of approval energizing him. As he deep-throated her, his nose was mere inches away from her pussy, which was shaved completely bald and smelled the way a pussy smells when it’s getting wet. He could also see that there was a piece coming off the back of the dildo and that it was inserted inside her pussy. The more he sucked, the wetter she became and before long he could see her wetness glistening from her fat pussy lips. He wanted to taste her and he slid his tongue down the shaft of the dildo, over the latex ball sack and between her thighs. He barely got a taste of her when a slap to the head startled him.
“I didn’t say you could have that” Sam said, and she put her cock back into his mouth. After a few more minutes of Rick sucking, she stepped back. “Roll over” she barked. “On your hands and knees”.
Rick slowly did as he was told. Sam grabbed a bottle of KY jelly from her bag and squeezed a generous amount into her hand. She rubbed it onto the tip of her cock and then slowly stroked it, coating the entire shaft with the slippery lube. She squirted a little more into her hand and moved toward the bed. Rick was kneeling in front on the bed, his ass squarely in front of her. She pulled his ass cheeks apart with one hand and with the other rubbed the KY onto his anus. She slipped her finger inside him, slowly but nevertheless causing him to jump, tightening his sphincter muscles involuntarily. She worked her finger inside him, further and further until she was up to her knuckle.
Rick felt that same feeling as he felt in the doctor’s office but as that was a 5 second ordeal, he knew this was going to be much, much longer. He tried to relax as she fingered his tight hole and eventually the pain subsided. ‘This isn’t so bad’, he thought. Then Sam removed her finger and Rick waited, wondering what was next.
Suddenly he heard a small humming, the same sound as the vibrator that Linda kept in the nightstand next to the bed. Then he felt Sam’s hand on his ass, opening his ass cheeks while her other hand guided her now vibrating cock toward his virgin anus. He felt the dildo as it pressed against his tiny hole, the vibrations coaxing him to relax.
He gasped as Sam pushed her hips forward, the head of her cock penetrating him. It felt so huge! He bit his lip hard to avoid screaming out as she slowly pushed her twitching rod deeper and deeper inside of him. She was about halfway in before she pulled it back out, not completely, but just so the head was in him. Then she pushed it back in, again to the halfway mark and then pulled it back out. She repeated this several times, halfway in and then almost all the way back out.
Gradually the pain went away and Rick was surprised to find that the vibrations inside him actually felt rather good. He began to slowly rock on his hands and knees, moving his ass toward her as she pushed into him. Slowly she began to push deeper into his ass, each stroke going slightly further than the one before. After nearly ten minutes, Sam was all the way inside of him, her 7 ½ inches vibrating deep in his ass. He was moaning loudly, her hard cock filling him so he could hardly breathe.
She moved faster now, both hands on his hips, pulling him onto her as she fucked him. He could feel her balls slapping against his ass as she thrust into him. His limp cock dangled between his legs as Sam was pumping away with all of her might. He peeked back over his shoulder and saw that she had removed her bra and her enormous jugs were bouncing wildly as she pounded his hole. He found this to be extremely erotic and he reached down with his right hand and began to tug on his member. It was puzzling to him as to why he wasn’t getting hard. For the next six or seven minutes he played with his limp dick as she vigorously fucked his ass but it didn’t get even remotely hard.
Suddenly Sam stopped. “Roll over” she said as she pulled her vibrating tool out of him.
Rick gasped as the head popped out. He rolled onto his back and faced her. Sam grabbed his legs and propped them over her shoulders and, after reapplying a little more KY, once again guided her cock into him. This time it was easier and it was only a matter of seconds before Sam’s balls were once again slapping against Rick’s ass. Her 40DD’s were bouncing up and down, her hard nipples pointing at him as he pulled his own ass cheeks apart, ensuring that her stiff prick got as deep inside him as possible. Any shame or embarrassment that he may have had was long gone now. The strange yet stimulating sensation of being penetrated had overtaken him and he was thoroughly enjoying getting his ass rammed by this freaky bitch.
Again he grabbed his cock and jerked it. He saw several drops of pre-cum ooze out but his little guy still wouldn’t get hard. He kept milking the pre-cum out as Sam pounded away, her tits swinging back and forth with every thrust of her hips.
She stopped again, pulled her cock out of him and sat down on the bed. She didn’t say a word as she laid back, her cock vibrating and standing at attention. He watched as she squirted more KY on it and rubbed it around. Her milky white boobs stared at him and he leaned over and took her left nipple into his mouth. She moaned softly as he gently sucked it, getting as much of that gigantic tit into his mouth as he could before moving to her right one. He shifted his body so that he was on top of her now and he noticed that his cock was getting stiff. He kneaded her fleshy globes as he sucked them and when his cock came in contact with her vibrating dong it became rock hard. He stroked it as he sucked her tits, his pre-cum still oozing out. He jerked himself faster and faster and just when he felt his balls begin to swell, she pulled his head back, her hard nipple popping from his lips.
He sat up and she wiggled her hips until the dildo was situated under him. Rick propped himself up on his knees, pulled his ass cheeks apart and slowly impaled himself on her rod. They both moaned as he sat down completely, all of her thickness vibrating inside him. He began to ride her, rocking forward until her cock came all the way out and then moving backward until it filled him again. Each time he rocked forward he would flick one of her nipples with his tongue, something she thoroughly enjoyed.
He heard a smacking sound and looked down to find his cock was limp again and slapping Sam’s stomach as he bounced up and down. He grabbed it and began pulling on it but it wouldn’t get hard. No matter what he did his cock would not stiffen up. He finally gave up and concentrated on Sam’s tits.
She was moaning. He head was tilted back and her eyes were closed as he rode her. The vibrating end inside her was pushing against her G-spot and each time he fell down onto her shaft she came closer and closer to orgasm. Faster he rocked and her hands moved to her breasts, rubbing them vigorously as she pulled them to her own mouth, sucking and biting her erect nipples.
She came hard. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a yell, both hands pinching her nipples hard. Rick didn’t slow down. He slid up and down on her, squeezing his anus tight and pushing her vibrating end against her love button. She bucked her hips as she came, an orgasm that lasted for nearly a minute.
Slowly her hips relaxed and Rick sat there, her cock still vibrating inside him and pre-cum leaking from his. He waited as she caught her breath, then slowly got off of her. He rolled onto his back and looked at her, her breasts heaving, her cock still standing at attention and vibrating. Below the dildo he saw a large spot on the bedspread where Sam had come. Her pussy lips were bright red and coated in her juices. He leaned over and lapped at her wetness but she was still too sensitive because she pushed his head away, but not before he tasted her and got a big whiff of her musky scent.
He laid back and grabbed at his prick. Within seconds it was rock hard. He began to stroke it as he looked at Sam’s naked body, wishing he could put some of that KY between those humongous boobs and slide his tool between them. Linda’s 34B’s were nice and firm and perky but she was self-conscious about them and therefore never let Rick screw them. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and he thought he better take advantage.
Just as he was about to ask Sam sat up and switched off the vibrator. She saw the look on his face and his cock in his hand and said “Sorry sport. You shoulda got off when you had the chance.”
She stood up and began removing her strap-on. Seeing that she was not at all interested in him, Rick decided to take matters into his own hands. And he was HORNY! Ever since he had put the porno in he had wanted to shoot his load. Then he got a killer blowjob and almost came then. Follow that up with some unusual yet erotic sex and he was ready to pop. He leaned back and began to beat his meat. It was only a matter of seconds before he felt his balls fill. He stroked even faster and just as he was getting ready to spill he heard a familiar voice.
“You better save that shit for me!”
Rick froze mid-stroke at Linda’s voice. He spun around and there was his wife, completely naked and walking toward him. He was speechless. How long had she been there? How much did she see? How bad was she going to hurt him?
Before he had a chance to ask any of these questions Linda walked up to Sam who was putting the Strap-on into her bag. “Thanks, sweetheart” she said and kissed her gently on the cheek.
Sam smiled and put her arms around her. “The pleasure was ALL mine!”
Rick watched the two women embrace. The sight of their breasts touching had him mesmerized and his cock, which had gone into hiding up at the shock of being caught, was now starting to rise again. He was still very confused.
As if reading his mind, Linda walked over to the bed. “Well?” she asked. “What do you have to say for yourself?”
Rick knew he didn’t have much to say but he thought he’d give it a try anyway. “Well, see, this girl, uh, Sam came over and, uh well, she said that you were friends, and uh…”
Linda cut him off. “You like those tits, don’t you?” She glanced over at Sam who was picking her bra up off the floor.
‘What’s the right answer to that one?’ “Um, well they’re nice but…” Rick started. “…they aren’t as nice as yours.”
Linda smiled. “Good answer” and Rick breathed a sigh of relief. Then she turned to Sam. “Do you think I could borrow that? At least until I can get my own.”
Sam laughed. “You bet” and she pulled the strap-on from her bag. “You might want to wash it first.”
They both laughed. Linda told Rick how one of the girls from work had told her how she had used a strap-on on her boyfriend and what a turn-on it was for her. The more she thought about it the more Linda had wanted to try it on Rick but she was too embarrassed to broach the subject. So after months of pondering it she decided to call an escort service. There she met Sam’s and together they devised a plan to see how Rick would react. She loved her husband but after 12 years of marriage she also knew him pretty well. He had done what she hoped he would.
She told him how she always wanted to fuck a guy up the ass, just to see what it felt like to have that control but she was afraid that Rick would have either laughed or told her she was crazy, either one would have devastated her. Rick was shocked to learn that his wife had not only been in the closet the entire time, watching every second that his cock was in Sam and then her cock was in him, but she had videotaped the entire event.
Sam got dressed and gave Linda a hug. “That was actually more fun than I thought” she said. Then she winked at Rick. “Good luck buddy,” she said. “It looks like you won’t be doing a whole lot of sitting down for a while”.
They all laughed and Sam left. As soon as the door closed behind her Linda snatched the strap-on. Rick looked at her blankly.
“Did you think she was joking?” she asked, cinching the harness around her small waist. “It’s MY turn now!”
Rick started to protest then thought better of it. As he slowly turned around and kneeled on the bed and felt Linda’s hands on his hips, realized that Linda had just caught him cheating on her and instead of castrating and divorcing his ass, she was simply going to fuck it.

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