This is a story that will happen if you want it to

This is a story that will happen if you want it to. It is my true fantasy…

I knock your door. You will answer and invite me in. Nothing will be said. I will sit down; you will get two glasses of red wine and sit next to me. You will be wearing a short summer dress, no bra, no knickers. Your pussy will be smooth and hairless. You will already have played with yourself and made your pussy very wet. You will be craving cock.
You reach across and remove my trousers and boxers. My cock will be very clean and suckable. You slide it into your mouth and begin to finger yourself. I will suck your nipples. Your clitty will be swollen and aching to be touched. My shaft is now very erect with the foreskin retracted, exposing a shiny swollen helmet. You lick around the slit as you finger yourself harder. You keep going until you feel like coming. Everything stops. You lay back, legs high and wide and ask me to enter you. I oblige and push my fat shaft inside your wet tube. You notice that my ball sac is heavy with semen. You beg me to start fucking you deeply as you rub your aching clit. I oblige and began thrusting into you. You soon come and flood me with love juice. You moan as your orgasm intensifies. I am very deep inside you now. I continue fucking your cunt. There is a noise. It is your husband watching me do his wife’s pussy. He is masturbating his little prick that rarely satisfies you. You usually have to finish yourself off by hand. I stop shagging and lay back. You climb on top and slide down on my swollen pole. This is now very deep for you as my helmet hits your cervix. You ride up and down, coming and coming with me deep inside you. Your juice is flooding down your legs. Your husband now appears and offers his little dick to your mouth to suck. You oblige and easily take it, balls and all into your mouth. Your pussy is on fire and needs quenching with sperm. You beg me to squirt on your fire and as you speed up and bounce deeper, I can feel my load rising. I cannot hold back and just as the first trickle hits your tongue from your husband, I too begin empty inside you. Jet after jet of thick salty cream splashes against your cervix and coats your tube. I beg you to stop but you refuse and continue milking me. My orgasm eventually subsides but you do not stop and ride me still. My cock is sore and aching but still very hard. Little prick has withdrawn and now sits close and watches as I continue to pound his wife’s pussy like he has never managed before. I can feel you start to cum as your cunt grips my swollen shaft once again. My balls tighten and I begin to pump my second load of seed up inside your pussy, mixing with my last load with your slimy love juice. You slow down, sweating and panting, making sure I am completely drained and empty of sperm before you stop.
I call your husband over and make him lay under your open legs. He opens his mouth and catches my dripping semen in his mouth. I then instruct him to tongue your cunt and suck all the liquid out and drink them.
I get up; drink my wine, put on my clothes and leave.

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This is a story that will happen if you want it to, 6.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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