Tina the sexy

This happened a few months ago. I was having serious marriage problems, my wife, a nurse worked the day shifts I a factory worker had night shifts just to avoid each other. We were passing each on the
downswing of our life together.
I started noticing the girl in our building who lives on the 2nd floor, her father is a friend of my wife, they are lovers I think but can not provr it. Her name was Tina she was about eighteen, blonde, hazel eyes, about 5 foot 7 or so, very cute, college student and liked to dress like a school girl he she went out clubbing, average body but last couple months has undergone a growth a last minute spurt her tits have doubled in size and her clothes are struggling against her now almost D-cup body.
When I see her on weekends and stuff she is always in tight track pants, showing off her ever so slightly chunky booty, I decided to try to get into her pants, and it did not take much.
I was downstairs to check the mail one Friday, my wife at work, I guess Tina’s parents too when I ran into her wearing tight pink track pants, and a tank top she was rapidly popping out of, no bra so I could see her nipples struggle against the white tank top. She was getting the mail too.
“hey Tina having a quiet day today?”
“naw worked yesterday and later today”
“ahh so you are starting a long weekend” I turned to see her struggling to get the mail box open. The key was bent.
I watched as she jiggled in all the hot places and I decided to go for it as she was getting frustrated. I walked over and put my mind to it to get her now!
I put my hands on her hips. Standing behind her. Thinking I was going to help with the lock she dropped her arms.
“hey Teen, relax you have to relax, you should relax with an orgasm!”
I began kissing her neck
“what are you doing ?” she asked
“Tina” I said running a hand to the front of her hip and rubbing her pussy through her pants. She stopped me at first.
“I want to fuck you Tina, you are smoking hot you know that? would you like that Tina, you wanna fuck me”
She released my hand and turned to look at me and looked blank for a second. Thinking it over I guess. Then she kissed me.
We stood in the mailbox area making out.Not even caring who saw us. Her hand down my pants fondling and jerking my cock.
“you are not a virgin are you?”
“no way I like sex a lot, fucked a guy last night at the bar in the can””
“good, how about a one afternoon stand”
I presses her against the wall and pulled up her shirt and licked her nipple.
“wait, not here, lets be fucking nasty”
She took my hand and led me down the hall to the custodial room where they keep the building maintenance supplies.
“lets fuck in here” she said opening the door.
As soon as the door was closed she dropped to her knees and undid my pants letting them fall to the ground.
“I give good head”
She took a long hard lick of my cock and then began sucking me off. Her strokes were great she went all the way down, and then up again. I knew if I wanted to last I had to stop her so I pulled her up to her feet pushed her across the room and put her up on a table. I ripped off her pants revealing an untrimmed pussy.
“ah fuck that’s hot. I love wild pussy it tastes best”
“yeah then eat it bitch!”
So I did I went down on her flicking her clit and sticking my tongue right in her twat, fucking her with it, as she washed my face. She grabbed my hair and ground her twat into my face, it was wet and wild and fantastic!
“ya like that whore, ya like tongue fucking?”
“stop and fuck me now!I wanna come on your pole”
I continued for a while licking her sweet cunt until she was close to coming.
I finally stood up and in one motion rammed my cock into her she screamed I delight. Ripping her top off as I slowly pulled almost out then back in hard. As soon as the twins were free I licked tham hard and fast.
“oh fuck yeah pound me suck my nipples”
So obliged and put her legs over my shoulder and fucked her as I licked and sucked her tits. She was so tight and wet it took only a minute as she dug her fingers into my back as she convulsed in a mind blowing orgasm.
I pulled close and stuck my tongue down her throat, I then stood back and pulled out, forced her back to her knees and stuck my cock back in her mouth and came down her throat, long and hard, and she swallowed every drop. I pulled up my pants and left her gasping on the floor.
“thanks Tina I needed that”
“don’t mention it, its the least I can do for the guy whos wife is fucking my Father”
A week later I moved out and started divorce proceedings. That was 6 months ago, never saw Tina again. But who cares she served her purpose.

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  1. partay_grrl

    great story!!!

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  2. lv2fck

    Nice. Shame you ended it so fucking cold like a typical guy.

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