Total Xposure

My name is Jane, and like many women I have a fantasy that involves being naked in front of others. Of course, I have never been able to realize it…until just recently when an incident that should be too embarrassing to tell has gotten me off several times just thinking about it.

I was invited to attend a large party at the home of one of our neighbors. It was a gorgeous brick home with an Olympic size pool and spacious back yard. The owners were successful business types that the lawyer I work for represents. I came to know them through the many visits to the firm, and one day the wife called and invited me to the party. I was thrilled and immediately began searching for something to wear.

I found an adorable strapless tube; it was burgundy and I immediately went to the changing room to try it on. I stand 5” 8” and have a very attractive figure that I maintain by regular exercise and jogging. I slipped the dress on and looked in the mirror. It was hot. My 36-C breasts filled out the top perfectly. The bottom hugged my shapely hips and the dress was cut just short enough to make it look sexy, but not trashy. I had found the perfect dress to wear. A few days before the party I had my hair done and picked up a pair of sexy heels and I was ready.


The minute I walked in I could feel eyes roaming all over my body. The house was quite crowded and I had not felt this sexy in a long time. I was lavishing the quiet attention when I literally bumped into a guy. We started talking and I learned his name was Steve. He was a charmer, and quite attractive. As we began to talk I found we had several things in common and in no time we were talking and laughing and having a great time. Out of the corner of my eye I see this brunette giving me angry stares, but I assumed she was just jealous of my looks, so I paid it no mind.

Steve and I continued to talk before he left for the rest room or something. Almost at once the brunette was in my face yelling at me.

You fucking slut, that is my boyfriend you are hitting on. You have been rubbing your tits in his face since you got here. Leave him alone and find some other guy to fuck tonight,” she fumed.

Excuse me!” this is a party and we were just talking bitch. Calm down and keep a tighter leash on your boyfriend,” I fumed back.

The more I denied I was flirting with him, the angrier she became. By now the ruckus was catching the attention of all the other guests that were nearby. Just as I decided to shut up and let her leave I felt my hands being pulled back and pinned behind me.  Her two friends had my arms pinned tight and were not about to let go, despite my best attempts to break free.

Since you like showing off to my guy, maybe you would like for everyone to see you,” she snorted and pulled the strapless dress down exposing my bare tits. I was screaming for her to stop, but with my hands locked in place I could not avoid what was happening.

The guests were now yelling and laughing as she forced the dress down my body and literally ripped it from my legs, leaving me clad in only a black thong and my heels. The crowd was laughing and yelling for her to finish it as I pleaded with her to stop.

Should I take her panties off  too?” she yelled to the crowd.

Of course, they wanted to see everything I had and she was more than happy to oblige them. She pulled the black thongs down my legs, exposing my shaved pussy and full ass to everyone. I now knew what it was like to be naked in front of others and my pussy was getting wet, despite the embarrassment.

Once I was completely naked, her friends released their grip from my arms and I quickly tried to cover up the goods as she and her friends laugh at my exposure. I was hot and hornier than ever despite the humiliation of being stripped naked by this bitch and her friends. My poor dress was in shambles and I bent down to get my thong and shoes, exposing my shapely rear to the hoots of some males nearby. 

Not so fast sweetie,”she yelled, savoring one last bit of humiliation for me. Catching me off balance, she grabbed my arms and pulled me across her lap. “This will teach you to flirt with another girl’s boyfriend,” she hissed and proceeded to administer a bare ass spanking with dozens looking on and laughing and pointing.

My legs were kicking and I was pleading with her to stop, but more than anything I was praying no one noticed the building wetness on my poor cunny. She spanked me until my was redder than my face then let me up. I turned to get the shattered remains of my clothes and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Leave the way you are bitch!” she growled as her friends scooped up my heels and panties and refused to give them to me.

I—I cant leave naked!” I begged, but my please were futile.

I made my way through the throng, feeling hands roam over my naked flesh and eyes watching my tits and red ass jiggle.  Cell phones were catching my humiliation. I would probably be on the net before the night was over.  The run home was even more adventurous, but since it was only a few houses away I made it without further incident.

I have thought of that party more than once and gotten myself off each time. I cant wait to be exposed again.

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  1. Kenneth

    Sounds like it is a turn on, public Expouse

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