Train Journey

My normal method of transport is by car but for once I decided to take a train from my home town in Hampshire to a small station just on the Scottish border. There are so many roadworks on our motorway network, it just made sense to go by rail. As it was a long journey, I treated myself to a First Class upgrade and headed off to the station to collect my ticket. The journey should take around 6 hours, so I got the 13:05 train which should have me at my destination by just after 7pm; perfect to get to my overnight hotel in time for dinner.

I boarded the train and found my pre-booked seat. The compartment was totally empty so I sank back in the wonderful leather seat and made myself comfortable for the journey. We were soon speeding through the English countryside and I drifted off into a peaceful sleep. I awoke about an hour later to find a stunning young dark haired girl sitting directly across the table from me. I did think this was slightly strange as there were plenty of empty seats elsewhere. Anyway, we got chatting and she said she hated travelling alone and enjoyed meeting new people.

We talked about ourselves and I asked if she was married or had a boyfriend. Rachel said that she had split with her boyfriend as she caught him cheating with her best friend.

“That’s terrible,” I said. “How could anyone cheat on such a pretty, sexy girl?”

“He was into some pretty weird stuff, sexually,” she said. “And I just like normal stuff like fucking and sucking and being licked out.”

Well as soon as she said that, I asked if she wanted to have some fun as we were all alone in the carriage.

“Mmmm OK,” said Rachel. “It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a cock to play with.”

She moved across and sat next to me and pulled her short skirt up to reveal a lacy white thong. Already a moist patch was clearly visible. I rubbed her pussy through the thong and at once she opened her legs and began a gentle moan. She moistened even more and I pulled the thong to one side and found her slightly swollen clitty. I gave it a gentle squeeze and this nearly made her come already. By now, she was soaking and I pushed my middle finger easily inside her. As I began too gently finger fuck her, she unbuttoned my trousers and out sprang my solid cock. She eased the foreskin gently up and down over the swollen helmet. It felt amazing. She was clearly approaching her first orgasm and as I finger fucked her deep, fast and hard, she wanked my cock furiously, almost making me squirt. I held her hand to stop as she came with a  violent shudder and scream. Luckily no one was around to hear her!

Her love juice had now flowed onto the leather seat and as I pulled her onto my lap she eased herself down onto my thick shaft. She took the whole fat length inside her with no effort. She was clearly used to having big cocks inside her cunt. I unbuttoned her top and released her pert milky white breasts. They weren’t  large at all, but very firm and smooth. I leaned forward and took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked hard to make it erect. I gently nibbled it as she rode up and down my aching cock. Her pussy muscle were tightening around my shaft as she was approaching her orgasm. I struggled to move inside her as she was so tight. As she forced herself down, she came with another violent shudder and scream. Her pussy flooded with her silky musky juice as she rode deeper and harder than I could almost take. Her orgasm lasted and lasted and rolled into another one. She was fucking me furiously now, slamming down on each stroke, crushing my balls every time. The mild pain from this and her wetness and tightness made me start to cum. I couldn’t hold back any more and my cock exploded its thick salty load deep in her womb. I could feel it spurting out of me on every stroke until I begged her to stop.

After a few moments, she eased herself off the spermy musky puddle and bent forward to slurp up all the spunk of my still solid penis. She sucked and nibbled the foreskin, rolling it up and down, swallowing all of my remaining salty hot juice. The trouble was, the more she did this, the harder I got again and in no time I was on the way to ejaculating again. I forced her head up and down, so that Rachel was deep-throating me. She was gagging and choking but continued sucking me until I finally spunked my load down her throat. She sucked me dry and licked all around my cock head till every trace of semen was gone.

She dressed herself, pecked me on the cheek and moved back to her own seat opposite me. I put my flaccid cock away and soon drifted off into a wonderful sleep. When I awoke some thirty minutes later, she was gone. I never saw her again. My only regret was that I didn’t taste her smooth pussy.

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