Trip to Hawii

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Detacated to: my good friend which i love dearly…..NO NAMES….

The Hotel in Hawii (Part 1-day 1)

We step off the plane into the warm air, the sun beaming down on us warming our skin as goose bumps rise in the island
breeze.Our hotel room was booked before our flight so we got a cab and headed there to relax before our nature walk the
next morning, that we planed before our trip.
This is our first vaction since getting married and buying our house.So it’s way over do.As we get to our
hotel we get our sweet on the top floor with the complete view of the main island, expensive but worth it.This was kinda the
honey moon we wanted but couldn’t afford at the time.

We went up the elevator and to our floor and draged our bags to the door and open it and you laugh and began to kick the
bags into the room.I smile like i always do cause i love the way you do things as silly as they are sometimes.First thing i
see is how huge our room is.And when you see it you grab me close and kiss me gently and ask me “is this what you wanted
baby”,i smile and say “hell yeah”.Then we both run and jump on the bed like 2 little kids laughing and bouncing around.Then
we notice that there’s mirriors on the celing.And we look at eachother and giggle like we do all the time when we see something
dirty.We slide over close to eachother and begain to kiss softly, then the door bell rings,it’s room servcie with 2 bottles
of Champagne on ice and 2 glasses.You run to the door and answer it and the maitre brings the cart into the room you pay him
and he leaves.

The sun had not yet set so i decided to take a bubble bath in the huge tub i fell in love with when i saw it in the brochre,
i ask you to please pull out my small bag so i have my froo frooz as there called.So you toss it at me and i catch it and look at
you funny the way a wife looks at her husband.Then i turn and go start the water and add the bubbles.Then as i notice in the bathroom
there are all these little lights that look like candles.So of course i light all of them as the warm steam fills the room.I undress
and slip into the tub and melt in the heat.

When i went into the bathroom you see the remote for the tv but no tv,So you look at the remote and see an open scene button so you
push it,out of the celing slides down a 45″ flat scene.You think “hell ya” and you flop back on the bed to check it all out.
300 channels and more sports then anything.You find a UFC fightnight and stuck you become.Knowing i’ll be in the bath for

The fights go on for awhile and about now the sun is about to set and you wanted to watch it with me.So you pop the cork on
the champagne and walk into the bathroom where i’m listening to my ipod with my eyes closed bubbles up to my neck.You take a secound
to sit and look at me with a smile on your face.I open my eyes and smile back as you kneal down and tell me slowly as you pull my
ear peice out,you wisoer”the sun is gonna set soon”.I say “ok baby” and you lean in and kiss me on the forehead, then
you walk out of the bathroom so i pull the plug and get out of the tub.i grab the towel and streak into the room and grab my big
big bag with my clothes in it ,as you laugh at me and i run back into the bathroom.

I walk out of the bathroom in a light green flowy short dress with my legs all soft and smooth and my boobs barely covered
but you love it when i dress sleezy so what the hell right.You call me over and hand me my glass then grab yours and pour me
a glass then yourself and you look me in my eyes and say “i love you my woman”,I look back at you and say”i love you my man”.We toast
and chug our first glasses.You finish first and start teasing me”chug chug chug” you say.And i do then we laugh and notice the sunset
so we grab our bottle and slide the slideing glass door open then step out onto the huge hotel patio.The view is breathetaking.
You can see the whole island,all of the jungle trees and the smell of the sea air.We walk up to the rail pour eachother anohter
glass an hold eachother as the sun sets and the chill of the night came in the warm breeze.You tease me about how it made my
nipples hard and i chase you back into the room and we tackle eachother onto the bed.

You lean over me and begain to kiss me gently, you slide your hand up my inner thigh and realize i’m not wearing and panties.
So you begain to touch me in the ways only you can,slowly circling my clit as i begin to jump slitely you slip your fingure
in me deep cause thats the way i like it.I bend back and moan.Now that you got me goin, i grab you softly at the shoulders and
lean you back then wisper in your ear “don’t move”.I begian to kiss on your neck slowly licking and biting
your skin and tickleing you with my hair and slideing my nails over your chest down i go,Lower and lower as i do you grow hard and
rise out of your boxers we bought you at Fredrick’s.I pull you out and stroke you firmly then put you in my mouth taking my tongue
and making swirls softly,my lips warm,and wet.

You release your breathe as i keep licking on your tip in circles.You move and touch the back of my head so i grab your hands and
real fast i pin them to your side above your head and lean in and wisper again “don’t move” into your ear.You giggle and i move
back to what i was doing.Slowly lickng the tip of your dick making it jump and pulse as i lick and suck til your blood pumps harder
and harder til you say “ok i want to feel your inside.So i lean back and you slide over me and stick your hard cock deep into me
you thrust and thrust deeper with every push, i start to cum over and over, my pussy pulsing as you drive into me.i moan and
scream as we embrace eachothers bodies.

We change postion to doggy style cause you like to pull my hair from the back and scratch the back of my thighs.In you go again
deep and fast,we begin to sweat our hearts thumping faster and as we getting close i turn around and grab you and suck til you blow all
over my titties.

Now that we are done we have the rest of the bottle of champagne and fall alseep naked in eachothers arms…..

(end of Day 1)

(day 2)

Our Nature Walk (part 2)

We wake up in the morning and you jump into the shower as i order room service.As you take your shower i pull out our clothes
for the nature walk in an hour.I bring you your clothes an cop a feel by sneaking up on you and you,pull me into the shower with
you and i get all wet, clothes and all so i have to strip.You wash my hair for me and we both look at eachother and know this will
be one hell of a day.So we both get out and get dressed, about that time room service rings the doorbell,so we eat and get our
things ready to go.We grab everythng and head out the room to the elevator.We ask the clerk at the hotel desk where to go for the
nature walk and we head there as to not miss the tour.

The tour bus shows up and there’s a lot of people so we get a seat in the back and head out to the jungle,the guide talking
about the island and it’s history.Us listening to every word.How the islands formed and how many animals where on the island and
how many years it took for the jungle to grow,and what nots.

As we reach the first and most wanted tour stop,we all get out of the bus and are lead down a jungle trail to begin the tour.
We are holding hands and looking around listening to the guide,when i see off to the side a small over grown trail.I look at
you and pull you by the hand and we slip away unnoticed by the guide.And i say “let’s explore honey” and you agree.

I grab your hand and we walk down the trail.The sun is shineing thro the jungle canopy and the jungle mist glowing on the plants
the mist gently brushes our bare skin.Your wearing a pair of swimming trunks with a black wife beater t and i’m wearing a 2
peice with my back open to the air.You stop me in this one spot where the sun is shineing thro and you pull me close and begin to
kiss me deeply.The sounds and smells of the jungle floating in the air make the kiss very romantic.Then i hear the sound of rushing
water so of course i say”i want to find where that sound is comeing from”.You look around and get a baring to where the sound is.
We head towards the sound,water flowing louder and louder.

We step out into an open area and there before us is a huge rock wall with a waterfall at least 20 feet tall falling majestically
down into a large pond.The mist from the falls filling the air.We look at eachother and smile and then just jump in together.
We begin to spash eachother and wrestle around cause we love to play in the water.I swim away and you swim after me,but before
you get to me i slip off my bottoms to my bathing suit.You think”hell yeah skinny dippen”.So you take off your swin trunks and
i take off my top and we swim back to the bank to put our clothes there so we don’t loose them.WE swim out into the water together,
I strattle you with my arms around your neck as we kiss and float there and you grow as you always do.So of course you slip
into me that hot feeling envelope’s your cock as it goes in.I moan and you begin to bring it hard and we spin around in the water,
the waterfall falling covers the sounds i’m making.Louder and louder i get in your ear.Then i slip away from you and head towards the
falls,you on my heals,then we see an opening behind the falls and there’s a small cave filled with silky smooth warm mud.We climb out
of the water onto the rockers which are warm and smooth too.Then climb in behind the falls,i slide into the mud, you follow me
looking at eachother and both let out a breathe from the heat of the mud.Then i move over to you and begian to strock you,and with the
slippery mud you moan and i slowly put mud all over your body at the shoulders, strocking all the while,then you grab a handfull
of mud and slap me on the head with it and we have alittle mud fight.We laugh and then want to get clean so you jump into the water
and i follow you,smileing and joking around.

We rinse off the mudd and move to the bank where our clothes and bag are.i get out of the water and pull out one of the huge towels
we bought just for the trip,and lay it out on the ground then call you over to me.You lay down next to me and i lean over you and ask
“do you want a pop daddy?” You smile and say “oooooh yeah!” So i move down,my wet hair cold from the breeze touching your skin giving you
chills up your spine.I put you into my mouth and begin to move up an down,my lips smooth and firm.Up and down i go,your skin
on your shaft moving with every motion.I then lick your balls tickleing them like my tongue,you get goose bumps all over your body,then
i move back to your dick and suck some more.The mist from the falls and the sound from the water fill you with energy and as i
work it,your cock fills and blast down my throat while you grab the back of my head.

I lean up and say” there you go honey” my eyes smiling at you in the shineing sun that gleams accross my face.You say “dam woman i
love it when you do that shit!”…I say ” i know” with and evil sexy grin.Then i pull out a fat joint and we smoke it and get blazed
sitting naked together by the falls.Then we get dressed in dry close cause the ones we were wearing got wet when we jumped in
the water.And head down the small path holding eachother, back to the guide trail.Where the rest of the people came walking back
to the bus.God only knows what we missed but what the hell,right,we had our own tour.

We all get back on the bus and head back to the hotel.we spend the rest of the day at the beach drinkin margurita”s and then
spend the evening after dinner in our room watching a pay pre view UFC fights you ordered.Then we fall asleep.holding eachother…

(End of day 2)

(Day 3)

The Plane ride Home (part 3)

The next morning we know it was time for our flight home that afternoon.We slept in til about noon.So we had to rush and get
all our stuff together so when we check in at the airport our bags get sent to the right place.We get all our stuff packed and
call the bus boy to come up and get our bags to put in the cab you called.There’s a ring at the door so we hand the guy of stuff
and we head to the elevator and all head down to the hotel desk to ckeck out.The cab arrives and we go to the airport.We get
our tickets and check in our bags.Then wait about 10 minutes for the flight to be called for boreding.Sitting together we hear over
the speaker, our flight is ready so we go to the gate and get on the plane.We got first class so there’s more room on the way back
cause coach was horrible on the way there.

The seats were leather and full of soft stuffing,really comfortable.As the plane begins to take off and pins us to the seats
we smile at eachohter and i lean over to you and say softly in your ear “thank you baby, this vacation was perfect.”And i kiss
you on your hand as i lean back in my seat smiling.You look over at me and smile with your eyes like i love.Your eyes flashing
at me in the lights of the plane.The plane takes off and we are on our way home.

I look around and see there’s not to many people in first class and only one steward working.Well i had to got to the bathroom
so i tell you and i go.I walk into the bathroom and it’s huge.Not up to your neck in shit in coach.So i get the bright idea of
joining the mile high club with you in the bathroom of the plane.So i go back to my seat and wisper in your ear,”the bathroom is
huge want a quicky?”You look at me thinking”hell yeah” then you wisper back “but what if they catch us?”And i reasure you “no
body will catch us,come on”. I grab you by the hand and we head to the bathroom.We slip in without anyone noticeing.

So we start to get ready with clothes on just in case we do get caught.You check the door and make sure it’s locked while i climb
up on the sink counter and pull up my skirt,you pull yourself out all hard and huge..I wrap my legs around you and pull you in.We know
we have to be quite, so we go really slow and deep.We grind in motion and start to sweat in the heat of our breathes, the mirrors all around
us getting foggy from the moisture our bodies are generating.Every time you enter me i cum harder and harder.And when i do my pussy gets
tighter and tighter,so you push deep and making me moan,instantly you put your hand over my mouth and i begin to suck on your fingures to keep
quiet.And when i do you get this feeling like i’m sucking you and your cock fills and you blast all inside me as deep as you can go and you let out
a breathe and moan at the same time.Kissing eachother with one last hard thrust.

Looking at eachother we laugh cause we knew we were just really naughty.We get dressed and slip back to our seats still unnoticed by anyone.
We watched the inflight movie which was “Death Race”.Had some drinks and ate our peanuts they gave us.And landed home at night,got our bags and
our car and drove home to start another work love more then ever…

The End……

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