Truck stop

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My wife and I had planned to meet a guy I met online. So I met him at the mall and drove him back to our place. Sat down had dinner talked for a while and watched some tv. Me and my wife were making out when it all started. I began rubbing his leg and I could actually feel his cock getting harder. He got closer to me and started rubbing my leg also I undid his pants and popped his already hard cock out and began to stroke it and he did the same to me. My wife told me to suck on him so I did. Deep throating him and licking his balls. While I was doing this he was playing and sucking on her tits. It was so hot sucking his cock and watching her enjoy watching me and getting her nipples suckers on. I was sucking on him for so long my lips went numb. His cock was dripping with my spit. I pulled my head off of him for a minute and she attacked me French kissing me hard and very passionate. out of no where I feel his mouth on my cock. Just the feeling of him sucking and making out with her at the same time I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I came hard and point in his mouth. I felt bad though cause right after I came my 2 sons woke up so we had to end it and he still has not blown his load. So I was on my way to take him home and I still felt very bad and I had a little surprise for him. It was 2 am so the truck stop was very dead. So we went into the men’s bathroom both got in one stall I barely got the door shut and I was on my knees sucking his cock again so it got rock hard. I got as much spit on it as I could I stood up turned around and just slammed his whole 10 inch cock in my tight booty hole. I rode his cock for about ten minutes when she said he was about to cum I jumped off got down on my knees again and sucked his cock as hard as I could so be would cum in my mouth. I almost choked because there was so much but I swallowed every drop. And I was so horny after I swallowed it I told him to fuck me again so he had me bent over the back of the toilet and he was fucking me so hard I thought he was going to split me in half. Then I felt his cock swell up again deep inside of me and I got a nice big sticky load of his cum in me. he pulled out of me and I dried my ass held in his cum and we both left. The rest of the way back to drop him off was pretty quiet but that could have been he was sucking my cock again until I came in his mouth. I can’t wait for our next meeting.

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