Two lesbian strippers show new girl what its like

After Janette’s private session with Ricardo, she went back to the dressing room to find Nicoletta and Sable once again making out. It was coming from the little room where would sometimes change. A small exit decorated with a couch and lights and a camera for Chico’s web site. Janette walked in and down on the metal chair in the corner. She only had on her shorts and her heels. They were on the cream couch wearing nothing with Sable on the floor on her knees fingering Nicoletta. Nicoletta saw Janette and smiled. Sable turned around and waved at Janette and told her to close the door. She did and the two went back to what they were doing. Janette looked on and stayed quiet as the drool formed in her closed mouth. She almost felt her pussy drool as well as Sable licked her partner’s slit and her partner squirming around and bucking her pelvis at her. Sable then slowly came up and lay on top and took Nick’s breast into her mouth. Nicoletta then pushed her away and got up. She walked to Janette and took her hand. They walked to the couch and the three decided to get sofa bed out. Nicoletta pushed the coffee table out of the way while the other two took out the cushions and had a small fight with them. They opened the bad and threw some pillows onto it. The three sat on the bed in a circle and Sable started playing with Janette’s hair.

“So,” asked Nicoletta, “Have you always wanted to be with a girl?”
“No, it’s just that when I saw you two going at it my first night I was here I found it so beautiful.”
“Would you eat out a girl,” questioned Sable touching her own breast.
“I wouldn’t mind it at all. I’m tired of sucking dick.”
“Yeah, it gets like that,” said Nicoletta, “Then I talked to Sable. And ever since I have been so satisfied.”
“But I don’t want to be a full blown lesbian. I just want to fulfill a fantasy. To be with a girl. Just to make love with her.”
“Sable, since you led me to this, show her what’s it like. Then I’ll show her something a little later. I have to make rounds anyway.”
“That can most definitely be arranged.”
They kissed and Nicoletta sucked on her girlfriend’s breast. Janette watched and touched the other breast. And Nick kissed her hand and sucked on some fingers. She left.
Sable turned to Janette and took off the shorts Janette had on.
“You know,” she started and threw her shorts on the floor. “Most of us are bi. And I wanted to see if you wanted to be in it.”
“No I only want you and Nicoletta.”
“Done. Now I have seen your boyfriend. I bet he is good in bed, huh”
“Yes, he is.”
“But he is a guy, he knows what you want but can’t give it to you like a girl can,” she pushed Janette’s hair back and slowly kissed her forehead, cheeks, chin, and licked all along her neck. Janette started to masturbate. “Ooh,” said Sable. “I like that you want to please yourself.” Sable squeezed on Janette’s clit and finally kissed her lips. Janette accepted the kiss and dived in further. They played with each other’s tongues and Sable eased her back. They made out for a while and Sable came up and pulled her back to her breasts. Sucking gently, Janette moaned. They sat up and Sable fed Janette her breast. She took it with hunger and sucked on it greedily. Sable moaned and changed nipples and fingered her new friend. Janette pushed her hand away.
“Eat me Sable. Give my kitty something it has been wanting for a long time, please,” and continue to sample her nipple.
“No sweetheart. I don’t want you to feel it too soon. Can you keep a secret.”
“Since I first saw you, I wanted you. You are just too pretty. Listen, be my girl on the side.”
“I want to be my little girl on the side. We all do it.”
“Do you really mean it?”
Janette got up and eased Sable back. She ran a tongue trail down her cleavage up to her clit. Sable’s legs spread and Janette used her thumbs to open her slit. There it was. The pink valley that Janette wanted to taste to a long time. She ran her fingers down it and licked off some liquid. She found Sable’s clit and proceeded to run her tongue over it. Using her fingers to open it a little more and wiggled her tongue around. She kissed the region and sucked it. Sable pinched her nipples and smiled at her pupil.
“Do I taste good to you baby?”
“Oooh, you eat a little pussy good. Yeah that’s it. Aaaah!”
“I like it. I love eating pussy.”
“I knew you would. I think it is time for me to make you feel like a woman.”
“I already do, ooh it’s so wet. I hope I get all the cum.”
“Oh, ‘Nette. Let’s 69!”
“Yes please.”
“Ok,” Janette continued to feast. Sable used her hand to block her pussy. Janette pulled back and sat up and lay back. Sable got up and lowered herself to Janette’s area.
“I thought were 69’ing.”
“In a few. Right now I want a view of this,” She stared at the pussy nearing drooling and she then dived in and licked her private with a quick strokes. She lapped up the liquid flowing and used her tongue to press on her clit. Janette played her breasts and moaned loudly. With every moan Sable worked hardly and did more it.
“”I’m coming. Sable I’m coming,” She said in a whisper. Sable stopped and shifted her body into making them a 69.

About twenty minutes later they both exploded into each other and they dived into each other’s lips. They lay back on the bed and kissed. Sable pushed backed Janette hair and got up. She gathered her clothes and started to put them on. Janette sat up and crawled over to her. She got off the bed and kissed her and pushed into the wall. They made out for a minute and Sable pulled them both down to the floor. Both crawled to the wooden chair in the corner and Janette sat on it. Sable got top and the couple rubbed on each other clits for a while. Minutes later Sable pulled her off and laid her flat. Sitting on her face Janette ate her out. Janette tongue kissed her cat for a long while. Finally Sable exploded again and fell forward. She moaned rubbing Janette’s clit. Showing no mercy, Janette grabbed and pillow and screamed into it and she came.

Sable got and sat next to her. Janette lay flat smiling and limp.
“Sabbie, That was good.”
“Yeah, I thought so too.”
“I don’t know if I can take on Nik.”
“I know you will babe. She won’t go too hard on you. See, she likes to take over.” But since you are a little dazed, she’ll do it some other time.”
Janette sat up and crawled on the floor for her shorts. Getting them on, Sable put on her shorts as well. Walking out into the dressing room both topless, they changed into their street clothes. The kissed one more time and Nicoletta walked in. Nicoletta had on her street clothes and she kissed Sable. Janette sat on and Nicoletta walked over to her. Observing that Janette had on a short skirt she asked if they could go in the back. Janette nodded and Nicoletta led her. Nicoletta closed the door and locked it. She and Janette were the same height and build. Nicoletta sat her down on the bed and eased her back. She dived into her breast and Janette pulled out a breast from her halter and fed it to Janette. She feasted and smiled. She stopped and Nicoletta dived into her valley. Janette moaned over and over and smiled when she finally exploded. The made out f
or a half hour and left the room.

When Janette got home, she took a bath and went right
to sleep naked. Around four in the morning, Craig sneaked into the bedroom and went over Janette very quietly.

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