Using the cleaner

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Elaine arived late as usual and as usual gave no apology.
Elaine is our cleaner, my wife and I employed her about a year ago.

I remember when my wife interviewed her for the job – I recall thinking
that she came accross asa bit ‘common’ – she had that look about her and way of speaking
(if you know what I mean). At the time I noticed a sort of arrogance about her and wondered
how she would get on with my wife – but my wife decieded to take her on,

I noticed as Elain sat on our settee in Jeans and T Shirt that she had nice body, attractive face
, although as I say there was a sort of slightly thick skinned ‘common’ air about her. She didnt have
many of what are called the ‘social graces’. And as always with these kinds of women that excited me somehow.

She started off ok turning up on time, leaving on time, but gradually began turning up 10 mins late
– asking to leave early etc.

And then of course she would have her ‘fag breaks’ – during her 2 hours a day working for us.

Elaine would say ‘Just popping out for a fag’ – and go into the garden – where she’d sit on the garden bench,
light up and call her friend on the mobile.

My wife tried to get her to do some work – but in the end she prob was only doing about an hours work per day.

But the more liberties she took – the more I felt turned on by her (how strange is that !).
I knew she was the type who had ‘been around a bit’ – she had let slip that
she had four kids all by different men (and lol didnt even know who some of the dads were – and didnt seem to care !)
When I overheard her telling my wife how she allowed herself to ‘fall’ as that would mean more money
from the ‘social’ – it excited me – something about that attitude in that sort of woman ! I rememebr at the time
I was making Elaines tea and she was chatting to my wife in the next room – hearing her talk about the kids and the
‘social’ – i found i became erect.

Lol….by the time i took both their drinks in i would say my cock was 80% hard.
They were both sitting down – Elaine on the settee – my wife in the arm chair facing Elaine.

I walked in holding the two mugs of tea and gave my wife hers first – i made sure to do it so she didnt look at me
, handed it to her from the side and she hardly noticed me hand it too her…..

But with Elaine I stood directly in front of her my crotch on a level with her face.
This blocked her view of my wife – of course that was the height of ill manners on my part – and imeadiately
my wife said ‘John – get out of the way we are talking !’.

But i had the sexual urge in me…and I knew Elaine was so ignorant she was used to my sort of behaviour.
Initially she just looked up at me – then went to reach to tea – as she did so I pilled it way rowards my ctotch
and said ‘Do you take sugar ?’ – she just held her hand out for the tea – didnt look at me just said ‘no’.

I moved the mug to one side (my wife would be unaware of this)….and my erection bulging out of my jeans
was obvious to Elaine,

I watched her face as she spotted it….lol….a look of shock…..then i let her have her tea,
and she became very interetsed in her mug of tea ! lol

I walked out…..then came back a few mins later with the biscuits (not totaly hard) but excited.
I noticed this time as I walked in Elaines eyes went straight to my crotch – dirty little bitch.

And at that point i decieded i wanted to use her. Wanted to to see what a little slut she really was.
So I withdrew and as i walked out i thought ‘You are going to be a slut for me’ – I just needed a plan…….

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