Vegas Vacation

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My wife and I have planned for our Vegas vacation for almost an entire year. We don’t get to take many vacations so we wanted to make this one special. Our sex life is great but on this vacation we wanted to spice it up just a little. During the course of this year we had purchased many new sexy outfits for each of us to wear while in Vegas. We even booked a room at a hotel that has a topless pool. I was excited about this because I wanted to show off my wife’s large succulent titties. I wanted to watch other guys ogling her luscious titties as she walked around the pool deck.

The topless pool was a great idea, but we were planning to be in Vegas for an entire week so we knew that we needed to find more sexy things to do. All year long we searched the internet attempting to find some more things for us to do while we were in Vegas. We had also booked a couple of Vegas shows for us to see. Both shows feature topless dancers of course. The hotel spa caught my attention when I read that you can choose to have a male or female give the massage. I told my wife about the spa and I asked her to make an appointment. I also told her to have a male give her the massage. It took some encouraging on my part but later that evening she called and made the appointment.

Then I found a site for Male escorts in Vegas. I laughed when I saw this. Ya like my wife would ever do anything like that. But for the next few weeks I couldn’t get this out of my mind. I came up with a plan that she just might go along with. I suggested to her that we should hire a male escort. Of course as soon as she heard me say this she said, “No way, I could never be with another man.” That’s when I said, “Wait don’t be so quick to say no. There doesn’t have to be any sex involved, well possibly just a little.” I was excited to see that I now had her attention. “We can have him come up to our room and get naked in front of you. You can keep all of your clothing on. I just want to see your reaction when you see another naked man standing in front of you. Of course it would be an added benefit if you would touch his cock also.” I added. We both knew this was going to be our last chance to ever do something like this so she reluctantly agreed. I was so excited.

I immediately showed her the site on the internet and together we read some of the reviews and looked at the pictures of the escorts. After a while we settled on an escort that we both liked. The next day we called and spoke to him. He agreed to our plan and we settled on a price. I was so excited about this. Finally we had all of our vacation plans completed. Our flight was scheduled to take off the next morning at 8am so we were busy packing our bags. I asked her what she planned to wear for our escort. “Oh I don’t know.” She simply answered. “How about a nice low cut top with your cute little white shorts?” I suggested. “Oh and your high heeled boots would be great also.” I smiled and said. “I guess that will be okay.” She answered smiling back at me.

The next day we arrived in Vegas. We got a rental car and drove up the strip once just to take in the sites and watch the crazy people. We drove past a strip club and I told my wife that we should go there one night. She just smiled. I then drove to our Hotel. We had booked a beautiful room with a view of the strip. My wife was standing at the window looking down at all of the people walking along the strip. I walked up behind her and gave her a hug. I than unbuttoned her blouse and let if fall to the floor. I also removed her bra so she was now standing in front of the window with her naked titties facing outside. I got down on my knees in front of her and pulled down her slacks and panties. She was now standing totally naked in front of the window. I buried my face into her pussy and began licking her clit. Ummm her juices taste so good. She loves to have her pussy licked and with her standing in front of the window looking down at the Vegas strip must have gotten her excited quickly. She started screaming very loud and suddenly came hard in my mouth. He juices flowed into my mouth and all over my face.

When she settled down she asked me to fuck her. “Not now.” I said. “Let’s go down to the casino and do some gambling.” “But I need your cock in me now.” She pleaded. “Later I want to watch you walk around the casino with this in your pussy. I handed her a little toy that I had purchased as a little surprise. A small discreet remote controlled vibrator. She gave me a naughty grin as I pushed it into her pussy. I turned it on and she squealed. “Eeewww….that feels nice.” I turned it off and pulled the vibrator back out so that she could take a quick shower. When she came back out I handed her the vibrator and she placed it into her pussy while I watched. She then got dressed and we left our room. We walked to the elevator and waited for it to arrive. When the elevator door opened there were two young men inside. We stepped in and when the door closed I turned on her vibrator. She jumped and moaned, “Ummm….” I quickly turned it back off and glanced at the two young men. They were snickering at each other. I was certain that they knew what we had done. As we arrived at the casino floor and she stepped out of the elevator and I turned it back on again. She jumped again and almost fell down. I grabbed her arm and turned it back off. We walked around the casino floor for a while until I spotted a row of slot machines with a couple of guys sitting alone. I told my wife to sit down at one of the slot machines and I would sit a short distance away and watch. She sat down and a short while later I turned on the vibrator. She moaned loudly and both guys looked strangely at her. I was surprised when they both turned and looked at me. I assume they had caught onto our little game when they saw the look of pleasure on my wife’s face. They just smiled at me and went back to playing the slots.

Our appointment with the escort was growing near so we headed back up to our room. Gloria changed into her outfit and we waited for him to arrive. About an hour later we heard a knock on the door. My wife let him in and when she closed the door he introduced himself as Sam. He was extremely handsome very well built. I paid him the fee we had agreed on and he began to get undressed. When he was totally naked he walked over and stood directly in front of my wife. His cock was still limp but it was extremely large. “Wow his cock is huge.” My wife exclaimed when she looked my way. She stood in front of him and reached out to touch his cock. Her hand slowly lowered down to his cock. She knew what I wanted her do. She moaned softly when she placed her hand around his shaft for the first time. It must have been a strange feeling. She has not touched another man’s cock in over 30 years. She gave it a short tug while still looking at me. I noticed a sexy grin form on her face. “Wait just a minute,” I said. “I want to get a picture of this.” I reached into our bag and grabbed our camera. I was about to take a picture when my wife leaned in and placed her tongue on one of his nipples while continuing to slowly pump his cock. I snapped my picture and sat down to watch this erotic action. His cock quickly grew very large and hard. She must have felt this because she stopped licking his nipple and looked down at his cock. “Wow his cock is huge.” She looked at me and exclaimed. Then she once again placed her tongue back on his nipple and began licking it. Sam had now begun moaning and grunting quite loudly. He was obviously enjoying this immensely. I could tell that my wife was enjoying this also because she was now stroking his cock faster while licking his nipples. Suddenly Sam’s head went back and his hips jerked forward as he let out a very loud groan. Then he began shooting loads of his white sticky cum onto my wife’s blouse and shorts. “Oh no, Oh I am so sorry,” He exclaimed loudly when he finally stopped coming. He stepped away from her and I noticed his face was red with embarrassment. He started to get dressed and continued to apologize. “I am so sorry I have never cum that quickly before.” He finished dressing and walked to the door and opened it. “I hope you both have a good time in Vegas.” He said as he walked out and closed the door.

My wife looked at me and I grinned back at her pointing down at her blouse. I had large globs of cum all over it. She got undressed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I was so incredibly horny from what I had just witnessed. When she came out of the shower I wrapped a towel around her and dried her off. I then led her over to the bed and we lay down. “Did you enjoy watching me?” She asked. “Absolutely it was awesome.” I answered as I reached down to fondle her pussy. “Did you like pumping his big cock?” I asked when I placed a finger deep into her pussy. “Oh yes. I can’t believe how big it was.” She answered. I leaned over and started sucking one of her tits while I fingered her pussy. “Ummm…..that feels so good.” She moaned while I continued fingering her pussy while licking her tit. “Ohhhh……!” Suddenly her entire body began shaking as I felt her ejaculate into my hand. It took her a few minutes to calm down than she said. “Fuck me, I need you to fuck me now.” I wasn’t about to argue, I climbed on top of her and placed my cock at the entrance of her cunt. She reached down and guided my cock into her hole. I slowly pushed my cock into her until it was completely buried deep inside of her. I then began to pound in and out of her very fast and hard. We were both moaning loudly and we both came at the same time.

The next couple days were a lot of fun. We both enjoyed the topless pool. She strutted around the pool with her tits hanging out while at least a dozen men sat and watched her. She also enjoyed the spa treatment. When she came out she explained in detail what he had done to her. The topless shows were also great. But our third day was the best of all. As we were heading back to our room to relax. Sam met us at the elevator. He asked us if he could come up to our room and talk. My wife and I were both wondering what he wanted so I invited him to join us. The three of us stepped into the elevator and went up to our room. None of us said a word to each other until we reached our room. Sam spoke first. “I don’t know how to say this other than just say it. I enjoyed the other night immensely, I have never cum that quickly before. I have been thinking about it ever since and I don’t think I could stand not having it ever happen again. I would very much like to repeat that night.” I didn’t know what to say, I just stood there frozen in disbelief. “Oh, I will not charge for this, actually since I came prematurely last time I would like to refund that money also.” Sam then handed me the cash I had paid him for the last time. I looked over at Gloria and she was looking back at me with a strange look in her eye. I knew she was reluctant to do this again, but I also knew that she had enjoyed the first time. I could tell from the look she was giving me that I could talk her into doing it again. “Get undressed.” I quickly said to Sam. Gloria’s eye’s widened when I said this but she remained quiet.

Sam slowly began to get undressed while Gloria and I stood there watching him. He slid his jeans down and off. Then he ever so slowly put his thumbs in the elastic of his underwear and started to pull them down. When his large cock popped out I seen Gloria’s expression change quickly I knew now that she would not be able to resist. After he removed his underwear Sam walked over and stood in front of Gloria. First she looked at me then she looked down at his cock. She slowly reached her hand out and touched the tip of his cock. It twitched when she touched it and she giggled. “I really like your big cock.” She said as she slowly started to stroke it. “Ummm it is Soooo big.” She moaned and said softly. I knew she was getting horny when he placed his hands on her hips and she didn’t object. She continued to stoke his cock while looking down at it. Then she raised her left hand to his chest and brushed her hand across his large well-built chest. “Ummm nice.” She said softly. Then she leaned in and placed her tongue on his left nipple and began to lick it. “Oh yes…..” Sam immediately began moaning in pleasure. I knew just how he felt I have felt that same sensation many times. I didn’t want this to end as quickly as it did last time. I quickly got undressed and walked over and stood behind Gloria then I reached around her and give her a hug. I rubbed my cock against her butt. “Ummm.” She moaned as I hugged her. She pressed her butt back against my cock. I could tell from her heavy breathing that she was already very hot and horny. I slowly started to unbutton her blouse; she attempted to stop me but I already had moved one of my hands inside of her blouse and inside of her bra. My hand was already on her nipple when I said. “Come on baby let him see your gorgeous titties.” She was feeling so horny that she couldn’t resist anymore. She allowed me to finish unbuttoning her top. I placed both of my hands under her bra and over her nipples I began massaging her nipples under her bra. She continued to stoke his massive cock which was now very large and hard. I removed one hand from under her bra and unhooked the bra clasp. I quickly removed her bra before she knew what I was doing. Sam’s eyes were now focused on her luscious titties. I motioned for Sam to grab a handful of her tits. He placed one of his large hands on one of her tits and began massaging it. “You have great tits.” He told her. “Thanks I really like your cock also.” She said. The two of them were now not paying much attention to what I was doing. I reached one of my hands down into her panties. Her pussy was already very wet. “Ummm….” She moaned when my fingers found her clit. As I fingered her clit Gloria continued to lick Sam’s nipples. I also noticed that she had quickened her strokes of his cock. She was now getting really horny. I took my other hand and unbuttoned her shorts I let them fall to the floor. I was surprised that she didn’t resist. I continued to play with her pussy while she stood there only in her tiny little panties. Sam’s cock was now hard as a rock and I was certain that he was about to explode. He was moaning very loudly. I was right. Gloria gave him only a couple more hard stokes to his cock and he exploded. “Ohhhh…….My he did it again.” My wife screamed as his cum shot onto her panties and ran down her legs. Sam stepped away but stood nearby and watched the two of us for a while. I slipped my wife’s panties down and off while I kissed her nipples. I reached down and placed a finger into her pussy which was very wet. She immediately began moaning heavily. I took her hand and walked her over to the bed and laid her down. We were both so horny I got on top of her and was about to fuck her when……. “I am going to leave you two alone, thank you both for the great evening, I really enjoyed it again.” Sam said just as I was about to shove my cock into my wife’s pussy. I looked over at him. He had already gotten dressed and was about to leave. “Thank you both for the great evening.” He said again as he opened the door to leave. “You’re welcome.” My wife shouted to him as he walked out the door. As soon as the door closed I shoved my cock inside of her and began pounding my cock hard into my wife’s pussy. I fucked her hard and fast, both of us were moaning and groaning heavily. We were both so horny that we both came very quickly.

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