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I decided to run away for a few days. I needed some space…away from my world. So I flipped a coin. Heads…north. Tails…south. It was heads.
Once on the road…I found myself wanting to put on a show for my fellow travelers…just the thought of it alone had caused me to cream my jeans. But I refrained…my vehicle is far to easy to identify…should it come down to that. So I settled for lewdly sucking on some Tootsie Pops. Which did not go unnoticed… I assure you.
After scouting out several different establishments…I found just what I was looking for. A room on The 10th floor. Sliding glass doors that opened to a small balcony. And my view…two other hotels in close proximity. Perfect. As I stood there…I immediately felt like I was being watched.
After settling in…I planned on doing a little shopping. The wet bar lacked Hypnotiq…so I set out to find some. A mall in the area seemed like my best option and it was within walking distance. I love walking…it has always been an adventure of sorts. Simply because something unexpected always transpires. An acquaintance once said…it was because I went looking for it. But I beg to differ…more to the point…it happens because I am being looked at! (But that’s another story)
After browsing for a while I found what I wanted and was on my way out when I noticed a small display of cameras in a shop window. I went in looked around and was about to leave when I noticed a spotting scope on a tripod. But what caught my eye was the fact they were both in solid brass.
I made my way back to my room uncharacteristicly fast…scope in hand. Well of course I got it…A NEW TOY!
It was still daylight so I decided to set up the scope. After a few minor adjustments I had a good feel for it. I started to look around my immediate area. Right off the bat I saw many different people in various stages of undress…people having sex…people looking thru scopes too. But there was one that peaked my interest. Right as the window came into my sight…the person quickly moved to the side behind a curtain. I made a note of the location.
By the time I got back from having dinner…changed and settled down it was dark out. I wanted to check how well I could see at night. I was quite surprised by the results. As long as there was a light source I had no problems.
I started just randomly looking at windows. And it wasn’t long before I spotted the bodybuilder. He was working out in the nude! And trust me his body…beautiful!
I made a note…and started to look for the shy window. Found it but it was totally dark. Now what happened next is kinda spooky…or lucky. Not sure why but I reached over and clicked off my light. At that precise moment a light goes on behind that window. I watch for a while and finally I see a figure slowly coming into view. It is a man in a towel. Judging from what I could see he is extremely well built. His hair was very long and being wet it stuck to his body. So…now I know. As the thought was formulating in my mind to move on…the towel drops…
Damn…what? I had to look away to re-focus my eyes. When I looked through the scope I saw his back…he was brushing his hair. This man had a tattoo that at first glance appeared to be briefs.
His cock…nuts…ass…completely inked. I have never seen anything like it. I was entranced. He moves out of my field of vision for a few seconds…returns as he’s pulling his hair back into a ponytail…and begins the most erotica scene I have ever witnessed. Shy guy was doing martial arts type movements ultra slow…I swear that I could see each group of muscles involved expand and contract. I realize then that I was stroking my clit. I stand and take my clothes off. The cool night air brought me back down to earth. I look into the scope and shy guy is looking through a scope at me!
Caught by surprise I instinctively step back. Then I lean in to look. He is doing the same. I put my hand on my head running fingers through my hair. So does he. He is mimicking me! Well I’ll be damned!
Hmmm! Two can play that game!
As quick as those thoughts crossed my mind…I was already conjuring up the possibilities…
So…shy guy isn’t so shy after all!

To be continued…

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