A room with a View 2

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I very slowly and deliberately take the scope and move it aside…quickly checking that I could still see the window. He was watching…wondering what I was up to. I stood facing him. I began to turn very slowly and when I was almost full circle I placed one hand on my pussy and the other had hold of one of my nipples. I worked both as only a multi-tasker can. Through my head back…eyes half mast…ran my tongue over my lips several times…then straightened up and paused for the effect. I remove my hand from my pussy bring it to my lips and pop two fingers in my mouth. I suck on them as I turn and walk back into the room. When I was just inside I glanced back with a most seductive look and clicked off the light! I immediately looked through the scope…He was still watching. He had a raging hard on. His hand had no tattoos and allowed me to distinguish the size and shape of his cock. He is hung! I toyed with the idea of continuing the show…but decided to wait. Just as well because when I peeked he was gone.
I was in an extreme state of arousal. I knew there would be no sleep unless I finished what I started. So I got in the shower…lathered up and with only a few strokes…climaxed. It served its purpose but most certainly wasn’t no biggie! I laid down and as I drifted off to sleep I couldn’t help but think about the tattooed man.
When I woke up it took a considerable amount of self restraint not to look through the scope. And in doing so was making it that much more erotic. I kept busy…went to the mall and picked up a few things and was back at the room preparing for the next show.
Just before dark I started checking out the view careful to avoid his window.
This was a voyeurs dream. There were countless oppurtunities…yet I was not even mildly interested. I kept thinking about the tattooed man. I left the scope briefly…grabbed a few items and with drink in hand walked up to the scope and looked…
His window was dark making it nearly impossible to see. I thought I saw movement but couldn’t be sure. I was disappointed to say the least. And although I had no desire to watch anyone else. I knew there were several watchers out there so I set about being
…”the watched”.

To be continued…

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