A room with a View 3

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I had purchased a body- stocking that gave the appearence that I was entirely covered in tribal like tattoos. I opened the curtains all the way back to reveal a pole (a portable pole for pole dancing *giggling*…who knew?). I turned on some “dirty dancing” music and proceeded
to make love to that pole. I must say that this whole scenario is unbelievablely
erotic…knowing that I was being watched by who knows how many voyeurs. But. The tattooed man kept invading my mind.
I suddenly stopped. Walked over to the scope and went directly to his window and there he was…watching. He was making an obvious show of clapping. I quickly bowed. Then I made a gesture indicating…”your turn”. I looked through the scope… he
stood still for a minute then moved his scope and nodded in affirmation. I damn near had a nut right then and there!
I watched as he moved things around. He disappeared briefly several times but came into view often.
Then he came out to the balcony stood for a few moments nodded and the lights went off. As I looked into the darkness a faint glow was forming and with it I could see him doing those martial arts type movements very, very slow. The lighting kept increasing and at one point his cock and balls were clearly and visibly lit. I saw that he was clean shaven…and even though he hung flaccid against his thigh…he was huge. As he changed his stance I could see the sinuous movement of his muscles and tendons.
Suddenly the lighting took on a strobe-light effect and I swear it looked like he was fucking someone or some-
thing (yeah! me). The strobe started slowing down to a
solid glow and he bends forward goes all the way down and for a few moments he is bent completely in half…slowly his legs go up and he is up side down his dick jutting out as if demanding its due. He sensually returns to a standing position. With that the lights begin to dim and go out as he is taking a bow!
I am stunned…motionless…breathless…dripping and in the final throes of orgasmic bliss. This man fucked me and caused me to have the most intense orgasms I have ever had…without even ever actually touching me. He mind fucked me…that’s the only way I can explain it. And let me tell you…it was sublime. I can only imagine what the real deal would be like.
Hours later…unable to sleep I decided to go out get some air. As I headed out I noticed a single red rose laying on the floor in front of my door.
I reached down and picked it up. As I raised up and was going to bring it to my nose…The tattooed man now stood before me. I gasped! He has the most mesmerizing green eyes I have ever seen…
But that’s another story!

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