At Last: Mitch

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After Gary, I thought I had gotten a handle on things, but Kyle seemed a bit anxious about our next gig with Mitch. Kyle explained that this could lead to a great deal of money, and that Mitch had some odd tastes. He didn’t really have him figured out. Kyle did say that Mitch wanted us in some form-fitting black silk boxers, and nothing else.

Kyle and I made some changes to the salon, including moving in an executive-style desk chair.

Kyle insisted I douche, until I ran clear, and that I shower well. When I finished, Kyle spent 30 minutes in the bathroom.

Mitch arrived. A man of medium build with dark features. We shook hands, and he excused himself, taking his bag into the bathroom. When he came out, Mitch was wearing an open black silk kimono and either a thong or a string bikini, also black silk. Kyle handed him a Scotch and soda. Mitch took a sip, sat down and summoned us over. He traced the contours of Kyle’s chest with long, light touches and circled his nipples. He then asked Kyle to raise his arms, and Mitch pressed his nose into Kyle’s pits, one at a time, and breathed deeply. He then asked Kyle to turn around. Kyle did so, and Mitch traced Kyle’s spine and shoulders. Mitch then traced Kyle’s ass, through the boxers, and finally placed his hands inside them. Mitch glanced over at me, noticing that I was about to pop out of my fly, and smiled.

He asked Kyle to turn around, facing him. Again, Mitch traced Kyle’s crotch, his dick, his sac and thrust his hands into the front of the boxers. Kyle was becoming erect and Mitch smiled. Kyle was asked to turn around again and to step out of his boxers. Mitch leaned over and buried his nose into Kyle’s ass, breathing deeply.

Kyle was instructed to turn around again, and Mitch began smelling the shaft and tip of Kyle’s now very erect dick. He asked Kyle to hold his dick up, and Mitch then buried his nose into Kyle’s sac. At this point, Mitch was fidgeting in his chair, and I was pretty sure he was aroused.

Finally, Mitch asked Kyle to lay on the floor and hold his legs into the air. Mitch then smelled Kyle’s feet, opening the space between each toe.

Now it was my turn. The procedure was the same except that when I turned around and stepped out of my boxers, I was pretty excited. Kyle was smiling and something had gotten to me. Some signal was sent to Mitch. He began blowing on my ass. He asked Kyle to lube me. My situation was getting pretty desperate. Kyle was playing with me, working his fingers in and out of me, brushing his hands against my sac. Mitch took over and he was toying with me as well. Pre-cum began oozing. Mitch turned me around, examined the tip of my shaft and smiled broadly. He gave me a light pat, and said “Not yet.” He took an ice cube out of his scotch and held it against my sac. I was under control until Mitch told Kyle to clean me up. Kyle licked the pre-cum off of me, which got me hard again. Then, Kyle got behind me and began to lick the gel out of my ass. That was it. I blew. All over Mitch. Mitch caught a small amount in his mouth, but let the rest remain on his face and chest. At that point, Kyle went over, removed the cum from Mitch’s chest and gave him a facial. Long, rounded strokes. Kyle and I then began licking the cum off of Mitch’s face. Kyle then got a warm cloth and finished cleaning Mitch.

At this point, Mitch pulled his briefs off, spread his legs and “invited” me over. He asked Kyle to put his boxers back on. Mitch had a magnificent dick. Long, at least 7″ and thick, much thicker that Kyle’s. It turned to the right. I began sucking him, running my tongue up and down his shaft, cupping my mouth around the head, even separating the opening with my tongue. My mouth was filled, and my gag reflex was kicking in. Mitch was getting visibly excited, but remained stoic otherwise.

Meanwhile, Mitch was vigorously massaging Kyle’s dick through the boxers, carefully avoiding going into the fly. Kyle’s mound was growing.

Mitch stood up and told me, “Keep at it.” I positioned myself under him, on the floor, my legs through his, my head buried in his crotch.

I began to hear Kyle moaning. At about the same time, Mitch pulled his legs closer together, squeezing my legs. Mitch erupted. More cum than I could keep in my mouth. Fairly watery and only slightly salty. It was running down my chin, onto my chest and pooling in my crotch. He pulled out of me.

Kyle then began shuddering and he came, with his boxers still on him. The dark circle expanded and began to soak through. Mitch stopped. He then picked up the now empty Scotch glass and give his dick a couple of squeezes and pulls. A small amount of cum emptied into the Scotch glass, and we were done.

Mitch picked up my boxers and wiped himself off.

Mitch asked Kyle for his soaked boxers and put them on. He left his briefs on the floor and went into the bathroom.

A few moments later, Mitch was gone.

In the bathroom, we found ten (10) $100 bills and a note which simply said, “Next Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. The Scotch glass was gone as were my boxers.

Kyle and I were spent, too tired to even clean up right away. We rested. Drank some Scotch, and then Kyle said, “Now, about your ass ….” with a broad smile. We cleaned up about an hour later.

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