Brenda & Jane's Adventure

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Brenda looks over at Jane to see that she has been tied into a ball tie, her knees to chest. At this moment she is laying on her side arms behind her back. The girls make eye contact and smile at each other; you can just see the corners of their eyes move since both are wearing ball gags. Brenda herself is bound in a cross-legged sitting position, her collar attached to her ankle cuffs by a wooden bar.

Now the girls didn’t have this in mind when they started this. The guys had gone to the store and the girls got to talking about sex. One thing led to another and they started showing off their collections of outfits and toys. Jane and Eric where on vacation, knowing they had two weeks out of town they had packed their favorite toys with them to play in the evenings. They were planning on staying with Brenda and Steve for a few days.

Brenda showed Jane her six inch black pumps. So Jane showed Brenda her six inch knee high boots. Then Brenda got out her thigh high boots. Since the girls were of similar size they had to try the others items on. But six inch heels don’t go onto bare feet very well so Brenda got out her black satin corset and taupe stockings as Jane went and got her blue with black lace corset and black stockings. They each helped the other into their outfits by lacing them down properly, then they slipped into their stockings and Brenda tried on Jane’s knee high boots. Jane tried on Brenda’s thigh high boots, strutting around a little in them but really wanted to try on the shoes. Brenda went over to help her. One thing about a small person wearing heels these heights, you have to work any kinks out of your feet first. Boots support you all the way up the leg but shoes you must balance more so Brenda had Jane sit on the table and she unzipped the boots and drew them off her feet. She then began to massage Jane’s toes, kneading the balls of her feet and flexing her feet into the sharp slant that the six inch heels force you into. While she did this she noticed Jane’s breath getting ragged. She realized with a start she was turning Jane on. When she stopped to think about it she realized that when Steve did this for her she always got turned on as well. Now Brenda had never been with another woman but she had been curious what it would be like. She handed Jane the pumps. Jane slipped them on and walked around the room. Brenda noticed the shape of Jane’s ass once her hip angle changed cause of the shoes and found herself growing moist admiring this other woman that enjoyed the same kind of games that she and Steve played. Brenda thought, what next, this could get awkward, when Jane said Oh; I have a dress I think you would like. Jane went downstairs for a few moments and returned with a black latex dress. She helped Brenda into it; it was not till it had been pulled down over her hips and ass that Brenda realized it was a spanking dress. The cut out cupped and lifted her derriere; she turned to see it in the mirror when she felt Jane’s hand brush across her exposed skin. This caused her to jump, she thought quickly and ran downstairs to her own room and grabbed her own black lace dress for Jane to try on. It had a high collar, was sleeveless but form fitting down past her waist then flared into a full short skirt that just covered Jane’s shapely butt, Jane’s cream colored thighs showed between the hem of the skirt and the tops of her stockings. Brenda had knelt on the floor to take some weight off her feet while Jane slipped into the dress. Jane could see Brenda’s exposed ass sticking out of her dress when she glanced into the mirror that was behind Brenda. She sat down on the table near where Brenda was sitting and checked out the shoes. She also looked Brenda over and told her how great she looked in that outfit. Brenda returned the complement about her own outfit and how well it fit Jane. While they talked Jane’s legs parted and Brenda could see her wet lips part under the edge of the skirt. Her eyes darkened and she caught her breath. Jane noticed all this and let her legs open wider. She whispered to Brenda. I am so horny; Brenda admitted that she was as well. Jane asked would you like to taste? Brenda nodded her head and moved in closer. She could smell the rich heady sent of Jane and found it smelled wonderful. She tentatively took her first taste, as her tongue hit Jane’s lips she groaned deep in her throat. Jane tasted as good as she smelled. She wanted more so she shifted closer and licked up more of Jane’s juices. She kept licking and sucking and exploring Jane’s body.

This is when the guys returned from the store. Brenda realized at this time what she was doing and how this looked. She and Steve had always agreed that if they wanted to play with another person they had to get permission first. She had not done this, could mean she was in big trouble.

As she looked up and met Steve’s eyes she saw him laughing to Eric. He said, looks like the girls will have no problem with our ideas for them since they got started without us. Eric smiled back and said I think your right. And look how lovely she looks in Jane’s dress. Brenda had backed away from Jane’s lap but Steve motioned her not to stop. She couldn’t do this now that she had an audience and shock her head. He raised his eyebrows. Turning to Eric he said, give me a few moments, please. Eric agreed and helped Jane up from the coffee table. They went downstairs, leaving Brenda and Steve alone for a few minutes. Brenda stammered out an apology. Trying to explain what had lead to the scene he had walked in on. He said this time it was ok cause he was going to ask her how she felt about playing with Jane and Eric and that he now had his answer. While they talked Steve began getting out their bondage gear. Brenda’s eyes got big. She said Jane and I didn’t talk about bondage are they into this as well? Steve just smiled as he locked her collar into place. He buckled on the wrist cuffs behind her back. Told her he like Jane’s boots and wrapped her shoe cuffs around them. He wrapped her belt around her waist and attached her ankle cuffs to the back of her belt with a chain. So she could not move around. Then he left her alone for a few moments. When he returned he had Jane and Eric with him. Brenda saw that Jane was now in a collar and cuffs as well. Eric had Jane sit on the coffee table back where she had been when the guys first walked in. She no longer had the lace dress on but her blue/black corset was breathtaking. Brenda waited to see what was next. Steve got another chain out and strung it through the loop at the front of Brenda’s collar then attached it to a thigh cuff on Jane’s thigh pulling Brenda’s face closer to Jane’s glistening lips then he attached the other side. He told her to continue what he and Eric had interrupted. So she started licking and sucking on Jane’s lips again. Eric took a strap and attached Jane’s knees to the outside of the table spreading her legs wide open and burying Brenda’s face deeper into her friends lips. Jane’s hands where fastened behind her so she could brace herself up on the table. It was not long before she was cumming. Sending lots of juices down into her Brenda coaxing mouth. After a while Steve unhooked the chain that had kept her face buried in Jane’s lap. Someone unhooked the chain that connected her feet to her waist belt. Steve slipped her blindfold over her eyes and wrapped a leather strap around her knees, welding them together. Then a chain was hooked to her collar and tightened down to her knees. It was then that Brenda felt the first sting of the paddle, as the real purpose of the “spanking” dress was brought home to her. A multitude of whacks rained down on her exposed ass. Sometimes slow sometimes fast, some hard, some lighter; she never knew what would be next. She begged for them to stop but they didn’t, several more rained down on her now burning ass. Then as quickly as they started they stopped. She felt a cool hand run across her burning skin. S
he moaned and trie
d to squirm away. A finger from this hand dipped below the cut out of the dress and stroked her now dripping lips. More hands joined the first caressing her hot ass. Cooling it at the same time as igniting fires deep inside her. She was slowly released from her bondage and the spanking dress and hood removed. Eric motioned to Jane and Jane moved in. Quickly capturing Brenda’s nipple in her mouth. Jane drew on Brenda with her her lips and tongue. Jane reached down and parted Brenda’s pussy lips with her fingers, feeling how wet the other woman was. Jane licked her finger tasting Brenda’s juices for the first time herself. Steve warned her off. Said he knew how wet Brenda was and he knew she was dieing to be eaten out but that she would have to wait a bit more. Jane moved back to Brenda’s breast suckling on her nipples, stroking and caressing her with her hands. Jane leaned up and kissed Brenda’s lips. It took her breath away. Brenda marveled at how soft Jane’s lips where then started to kiss her back. Eric moved up behind Jan and whispered in her ear. Jane glanced at Steve who nodded his ok. So Jane slowly slid down Brenda’s body and caressed her dripping wet slit with her fingers. She pushed Brenda back on the carpet, getting her to lie down. Then started to slowly lick around her smooth lips. Brenda was so hot, and swollen and sensitive now that she started to cum immediately. Jane kept right on lapping up the juices that were flowing out of her. Then Jane got a bit rougher. Brenda opened her eyes and saw that Eric was fucking his wife and as Jane herself got closer to cumming she was devouring Brenda. Steve came over and slid Brenda away from Jane’s mouth. Brenda went down on him. She was so horny she just wanted his cock. She didn’t care if it was in her mouth or in her pussy. She could see Eric pumping in and out of his wife driving her higher and higher. She could hear Jane as she moaned and groaned as Eric thrust deep inside her, this all made Brenda suck Steve even deeper in her mouth. Steve pulled out, got behind her and started fucking her the way that Eric was doing Jane. Brenda got to watch it happening in front of her and got to feel it at the same time. She started cumming so hard that Steve came quickly too, with her pussy squeezing him, milking him for all she was worth. Next time she looked up she noticed Eric had cum during that time too. He and Jane where watching her float back to earth.

Eric got up and started tying Jane up. As she watched she recognized this kind of tie. He was doing a ball tie. He drew her knees up to her chest with a strap around her back and under her knees, her arms behind her back. He laid Jan on her side and put her ball gag into her mouth, buckling it behind her head. Steve started to get out a few things, Brenda soon found herself sitting on her warm sensitive butt, cross legged with a wooden bar attaching her ankles to her collar. Steve put her gag in and said since talking got you into trouble I’m not giving you that option again. The guys went downstairs leaving the girls alone while they went to get ready for round two.

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