Hiding in the Closet

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Hello, my name is Ben & I have a story to tell you all about!
It all started when I was spending the night over at a buddy house.
He had a couple of us guys over to sleep out in him backyard for the night.
Someone said my buddy’s sister had some pot stashed in her room somewhere.
So without my buddy finding out, I was supposed to go to his sister’s room to find us a joint.
Now my buddy’s sister Becky was a Stone Fox a few years older than we were. She was out on a date
With some lucky guy so a thought I had plenty of time to go look around her room.
I got upstairs without to much trouble, No parents home so I just had to be quiet so my friend
Would not know what I was up to. The other guys were supposes to keep him occupied while
I searched her room. I began looking though her dresser drawers. Not much here a few t-shirts,
Socks, blue jeans. Than I opened the next drawer,
Bingo, No I did not find any pot but, I had opened her lingerie drawer. Bra’s, Panties, & some fine looking
Panties at that. Thongs, See-Thru, Lace, Satin & in all different colors, there were some baby-dolls too.
As I looked through that drawer I started to think about my buddy’s fine looking sister feeling those satin
Panties in her drawer, they felt really good in my hands so, being a horny teenager I said “What the fuck”
She was not home & no one was around so I took my cock from my pants, got on her bed, wrapped
Those panties around my cock & started to masturbate. As I was jacking off my cock & I was thinking about
Becky pussy in those fine panties wrapped around my cock. I got up for a minute to look around her room
It was a mess but, there in the corner of her room was a pair of yesterday worn panties. I picked them up
from the floor. Hopped back into her bed wrapped the panties from before back around my cock.
Then I took the panties from the floor & I held then up to my face and I took a big whiff…
Dam, did those panties smell good, She must have been really horny yesterday because there
was a lot of dried pussy juice on those panties. I cam shortly after that never taking those panties away from my face.
I was just starting to get up from her bed & putting my cock away when I heard someone coming up the stairs.
I figured it was my friends looking for me & the joint I was suppose to find.
No such luck, I heard Becky outside the door. Shit, what do I do now? I thought
I quickly looked around, I saw the closet, and it was my only choice, so into her closet I went.
She came in just as I closed the closet door. The closet was one of the kinds with the slats on it so I could see though
The closet door. I just hoped she could not see me.
She got into her room & started to undress. She took off her tight blue jeans first, than her t-shirt.
There she was in just her bra & matching panties.
My cock began to grow again, & I still had not finished putting it away. So I took it back into my hand again.
She was lying on her bed, when she started to play with those fine titties. Rubbing them round & round
Pinching her nipples thru her bra. Her nipples were fully erect; she had spread her legs wide open with her knees bent slightly
Now she was starting to rub her pussy.
Rubbing her clit thru those satin panties, around & around she worked her hand over her clit area, I could
Start to see wetness though her fine panties, she was moaning as she worked that clit.
Then she lifted her ass off her bed a little & reached back to pull off her panties.
What a sight to see she had one fine looking snatch. A beautiful trimmed pussy. Trimmed just short enough to see her pussy lips.
With her panties off she now had full access to that pussy hole & it did not take long for her to take advantage of that.
She continued rubbing her clit round & round with her hand, she was getting really hot. She took her middle finger & started to
put it in her pussy , finger fucking that pussy slowly at first than more & more feverishly shoveling her finger in & out of that hole.
One Finger, than two, than three fingers up that hole. Her hips & ass were bucking up & down as she fucked herself.
That after a few minutes I heard her cum. “Ohhhh Yesss” she said as she came.
Her pussy was sopping wet.
I said good, maybe she will go to the bathroom & I can get the hell out of here before I get caught.
No suck luck, she wasn’t done yet. She reached into her nightstand next to her bed & took out a joint
The joint I was looking for. She lit it up & took a few drags holding the smoke in after each hit.
She was stoned now, Horny & Stoned
My cock was rock hard & I started to stroke it with my hand.
She again reached over to her nightstand this time taking out this pink dildo; It was about 8″ long
and was tapered with 5 rings each ring with a larger diameter & at the end a base.
Next she took out a small bottle of liquid, she put some of the liquid on her pink toy.
She was ready now, She knelt on her bed & got on all fours. Legs spread wide open
She started to put the now lubricated dildo up her snatch.
One ring, Two rings, Three rings, four, than five. I stroked my cock as I watch that dildo slowly disappear up her cunt
she was bucking her ass wildly up & down on her toy.
As I watched I was jacking myself off. My pants & underwear had dropped down to my ankles. I was a little off balance when I fell
out of the closet onto her bedroom floor She jumped out of bed trying to cover herself up since she only had a bra on & a dildo in her pussy. The dildo
was still up her pussy as she hopped out of bed. That must be one tight pussy I said.
“You will never find out” she said pissed as hell that I was there watching her masturbate.
Just than she noticed my huge cock. “Well what do we have here” she said
She must have been really stoned or horny or both!
Just than she walked over to her bedroom door & locked it with me inside
She turned around, Looked me straight in the eyes and said “Did you like what you saw?”
Yes, I sure did.
She got back into bed. All the while that dildo still up her cunt.
She got back on the bed, her legs spread wide open, she took my hand & put in on her toy & said “Fuck my pussy with this”
I started pushing it in & out of her very tight pussy. She was moaning softly “Ohhh”
I was getting really excited fucking her with her dildo. I had never have sex but, I thought that was about to change.
As I shoved that dildo in & out of her I could see white cum starting to form around the sides of the dildo. I wanted to taste her.
I removed the dildo from her pussy & I licked it as it came out.
“So do I taste good?” She said
“Yes “I said
“Well Than, Eat my pussy” she said
I got down and put my face in front on that pussy hole and stuck my tongue out licking her clit. She moaned “Yes baby yes, Eat my pussy”
As I was licking her clit I put my finger in her tight pussy hole, it was sopping wet but still tight. I was moving my finger in & out faster & faster
Than I stuck my tongue in to her honey hole. Man, did that pussy taste good. I began eating that pussy for all in was worth sticking my tongue
as far up that hole as it would go. That she turned around, me still eating that pussy as she moved. She took my cock in her hand & started
to jack me off up & down her hand went over my cock. Just when I didn’t think it could get any better she put my cock in her warm mouth.
She licked my cock up & down the shaft circling around the head of my cock with her tongue, How I loved, my cock in her hot mouth.
I could not hold out any longer I was going to cum. Just as she was taking the whole length of my cock do
wn my throat when I started to cum
I came for at lease 2 full minutes pumping my goo down her throat and she didn’t miss a drop.
I wanted to fuck her now; my cock was rock hard again from watching her swallow my load. I took my cock in my hand & started to put it in
her hot pussy, she stop me, she asked did I have protection
Protection? “No” I said
“No raincoat No Pussy” she said
I started to get dressed when she said “Where do you think you’re going, I’m not done with you yet”
I sat back on the bed. She started to play with her dildo again putting more lubrication on it.
“Your pussy is already really wet, I don’t think you really need any more of that stuff” I said
She looked at me with her sultry eyes & said “yes but, its not for my pussy, It’s for my ass!
She took that dildo & slowly started putting it up her asshole, First one ring, slow, slower, In than out
Than the second ring, In than out . I could see cum dripping out of her pussy as she stuck the third ring up her asshole.
She was moving back & forth shoving that big dildo up her ass when she looked at me & said come on am ready
Ready? For what! You said I couldn’t fuck you.
I said you couldn’t fuck my pussy. I never said anything about you fucking my ass.
She grabbed my cock & started to put it in her asshole. “Slow” she said “You have a big cock”
She was well lubricated & that asshole was wide open ready to take my cock into it. She took her hands & spread her ass cheeks wide
“Come on give it to me” “Fuck my Ass” she said
I started to put my cock in her asshole slowly, the head of my cock was bigger than the shaft so it took a little work to get it in her tight asshole
But once the head of my cock was in her ass she jerked back and took the whole length of my cock up her velvety smooth asshole.
She was bucking back & forth on my cock for a very long time, Taking every inch up her ass.
Talking dirty ” Fuck My Ass” “Fuck my ass good with your big cock” ” I love your cock up my ass”
She started to cum. The cum was dripping out of her pussy.
I started to cum too. I started to see everything in like negitive, my heart was pounding. ” I’m Coming” I yelled
I must have pumped 2 pints of goo up that ass.
We fell back on her bed my cock still up that sweet ass
We both fell asleep to exhausted to move.

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  1. good

    that story was asome just to let you know it could have used alittle more pazazz and i know you need it

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