I Spy

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He was thinking that she was perhaps…the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He assigned her to room 30…one of the special rooms. He even escorted her himself…having to make a second trip for the rest of her luggage. When she tried to tip him…he respectfully declined saying…
“Oh no…it was my pleasure. My name is Daniel. If you need “anything”…don’t hesitate to ask.” Then he let himself out.

He hurried back to the office. He looked at the ledger. She had signed in as…Cierra Starr. He then went to the door marked “Private”. As he unlocked it he glanced at the lobby and beyond…then stepped inside and shut the door.

Daniel is a voyeur. Gone are the days of sneaking peeks and random encounters. Modern technology has seen ro that. He outfitted some of his rooms with the best equipment money could buy.

The “Viewing” room consisted of an assortment of high tech electronics. He had installed some serious spy tech hidden cameras in a few rooms. He immediately brought the security monitoring screen up…motion detectors activated.
He swivels around to another monitor. He reaches forward …his hand trembles slightly. He pauses…then taps the touch screen.

Cierra sat on the edge of the queen sized bed. She was looking in her handbag for a cigarette. Frustrated…she dumped the contents out and having found one…lit it. She then began unzipping her boots. She stood and wiggled down her fishnets. Her simple frock at mid-thigh covered enough…

Daniel watched as Cierra moved about the room. When she removed her dress…her ass slowly came into view. He got hard before she had finished taking it completely off.
She then ran her fingers through her hair. She caressed herself…allowing her hands and fingers to touch and feel those places that aroused her. She started to turn around…

Daniel jumped when the motion detector sounded a warning. He closed that session to leave the room. As much as he didn’t want to he had trained himself to do so. He would not jeopardize his world. Everything had to appear normal. He pulled out his shirt to cover the bulge then stepped out.

Cierra drew a bubble bath. She lay back in the relaxing embrace of the waters warmth. Her head, shoulders, arms, nipples and knees protruded through the glistening array of bubbles. She languished there for quite some time…

Daniel dealt with the delivery of supplies. He put everything in order. He left on a few errands. When he returned he finished up his customary routine. He went to the viewing room and touched the screen…

Cierra was wrapped up in a towel and on the bed. She was rubbing oil on her feet and legs. Then her ams and breasts. She pulled off the towel and reached for more oil…

Daniel was caught completely off guard. He stared in utter fascination as Cierras perfectly formed penis began to grow. He had never seen a transsexual before. He had a raging hard on…

Cierra stroked her member.She could bring herself to orgasm…but it was always unsatisfying and left her wanting more. Sucking it off was somewhat better…

Daniel watched as Cierra limbered up her body and with the skill of a contortionist
…had her lips wrapped around her muscle. She introduced a long thin dildo into her dark tunnel and thrust it all thw way to the hilt.
Then pulled it all the way out…over and over…all the while sucking greedily.

Daniel was matching her stroke for stroke. He had to back off many times to keep from cumming. He could not recall ever being this aroused. When she finally orgasmed he let him self go…he never took his eyes off her. Up to this point he had never involved himself with any of them. Never wanted to. But hze wanted her.

After she lapped up the last of her juices…she unwound her body ane stretched out. The dildo was still in place…she seemed unwilling to part with it.
The rooms phone rang. It surprised her…She picked it up…
“Yes…Miss Starr…this is Daniel. Is there anything…I can do for you? Any way that I might be able to assistance you?”
“Anything?” she whispered.
“Yes anything…it would be my pleasure.”
She hesitated briefly… but then said…
“Well then…as a matter of fact there is!”

Daniel let himself in to #30. She was still laying there…still toying with the dildo. He paused as he approached her. He glanced over at the hidden camera…knowing it was recording everything.

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