Irish beauty and her Latin Lover Part 2

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Irish beauty and her Latin Lover Part 2

From Part 1 I told you all how my wife Deb had her sexual experience with my friend Miguel. As I described my wife Deb in Part 1, she is a sexy long legged full-blooded Irish lass with long red hair and sensual green eyes.

After her first sexual experience with her new Latin lover and his large 9″ cock she could not get him off her mind. But at the same time she was afraid to ask for seconds, as she did not know how I would handle her requesting to be fucked again by another man.

Several months went by after I had set up that faithful night when we were watching a new porn movie I bought. This particular movie was about how husbands were getting off watching their wives sexually pleased by other men. Deb started stroking my cock and asked me if I truly enjoyed watching her and Miguel. I told her it was the most erotic thing she had every done and that I was surprised she had not ask for more. With my signal she crawled up to me and started to suck my cock. Since here fling with her Latin lover she had sucked me off many of times, until that night she had not allowed a man to cum into her mouth. I guess since she had broken that barrier with Miguel she felt I was worthy of that pleasure. I was just about exploded in her mouth when she stopped and asks me if she could fuck Miguel again, my cock exploded and shot cum all over her tits. Deb Laughed and took that as a yes and kissed me deeply as she fucked me good and long.

We set the night for Friday as I knew Miguel would be working late on some reports I needed for a business trip I was going on the following Monday. Right before I left work I asked him to drop the files off at the house on his way home. I explained that I might not be home as I had a poker game scheduled but Deb would be home. I am sure at that time I saw a gleam in his eyes knowing he would be alone once again with Deb. After their first meeting all I told him was my wife enjoyed the time they had and thanked him for a job will done.

Before Friday I told Deb this time I want to catch her act on film and set up four color security cameras in the room so I could catch every hot angle. The main one was in the smoke detector right above the bed. I had planned to stay down stairs in the office and monitor the fun from the computer.

Friday came; when I got home I told Deb Miguel should be over around 6:30 so she went and got her self ready for her Latin Lover. She shaved her pussy nice and clean leaving a small strip of strawberry hair at to top, dressed in a short Jade green teddy that showed her nice ass and gave her size c breast support that gave her a deep up lift cleavage. On top she wore a matching robe that came down low enough to cover her hips, she had let down her long flowing red hair that made her look like a goddess. I could tell right then she had planned to seduce Miguel totally and that this time she was not going to hold back.

I was down stairs testing the cameras when the doorbell rang; Deb gave me a deep kiss and thanked me for the night. I stood at the bottom of the stairs as she opened the door to greet Miguel in her hot sexy teddy. You could see Miguel’s eyes pop open when he saw her, Deb broke the silence ands said well you coming in or are you just going to stand there and stare. Miguel came in and said he had to drop off some files for me and did not mean to interrupt. Silly, I knew you were coming by I got all dressed up for you in hope I could convince you to fuck me again. That was all it took as Miguel took Deb in his arms and kissed her deeply as his hands grabbed her hot sexy ass.

Deb took his hand and led him to the bedroom where I was watching with the cameras.
She looked him in his eyes and told him now I know what to expect I am not going to hold back. With that she grabbed his belt and unzipped his paints and pulled his half erected 9″ cock out. Tonight you’re going to fuck me good and long, with that she dropped down and started to suck his cock. Deb was making all sorts of sucking sounds as she tried to deep throat his hard cock. After she had him nice and hard she stopped and looked at him as said I don’t want to waste your sweet cum in my mouth I want your full load deep inside of me. With That she dropped her robe and climbed on the bed spread her legs wide and said lick my pussy, get me dripping wet for that big cock.

Miguel wasted no time as he started to lick and suck Debs clean-shaven pussy, finger fucking her as he worked her clit. Soon Deb’s hips rocked faster as she grabbed his head and screamed with aloud orgasm. Miguel positioned the head of his cock at her wet slit and worked it up and down. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up and spread her wide, that’s it baby give me your beautiful hard cock. With that Miguel shoved his cock in Deb all at once every single inch, Deb Screamed out loud and I was not sure if in pain or pleasure.

Is that what you want bitch, he pulled out and then drove in hard again. Deb screamed out Yes! Yes Oh God give it to me. Miguel pulled out again and drove hard then again and again picking up the pace until he was fucking Deb like a well timed piston. Holding her legs wide by her ankles I could see each time he would pull out to the head and drive all 9″ inches in deep and hard. After about 5 minuets of hard fucking Debs pussy was creaming a white fluid all down to the crack of her ass. She dug her fingers into the bed sheets bracing herself for every hard thrust of his thick 9″ cock thrusting her hips to meet him. This was the most intense sex I have seen as he fucked my wife like an animal for what seemed a half hour. Miguel let go of he legs and grabbed her hips to pull himself in deeper, Deb loved every bit of his forceful fuck and soon her sexy long legs had wrapped around his muscular ass pulling him in deeper as she raised her hips to take him even deeper. Soon Deb was bucking out of control tightening her legs her pussy was gushing with white cream as she exploded in a massive orgasm.

Miguel still had not cum yet as he grabbed Deb and flipped her over and pulled her off the bed to her feet. He bent her over the edge of the bed and forced her legs apart and positioned himself behind as he drove in deep. Deb screamed again as he forced himself in hard and deep grabbing her hair to pull her head back. You wanted me to fuck you good so I am going to, he grabbed he hips and started to fuck her hard as she moaned out YES! YES! Fuck me Fuck me hard. I could here Miguel slapping hard up against my wife with every trust her moans of pleasure filled the room as she started to force herself back on his cock. Miguel grunted as he grabbed her hips the muscles in his ass tightened as he filled my wife’s hot pussy with cum. Deb moaned as he keep pumping load after load of his Latino seed into her

Miguel pulled out and forces her head down to suck his soft cock. Deb wasted no time cleaning her cream off his sticky shaft licking her lips as she did her best to get her lover ready for round two. Miguel pulled her up once again and said ok now I want your hot tight ass. Deb has never allowed me to penetrate her ass even though we talked about it she was afraid to try. Miguel forced her back to the edge of the bed and used his fingers to gather the white creamy lubricant from her gapping pussy and started to work it around her tight ass. Deb pushed up protesting his actions as he pushed her back down. You like my cock don’t you, Deb replied yes, you want me to keep coming over to fuck you don’t you, Deb again replied yes, then you got to give me your ass.

Miguel once aging reached to her dripping pussy to get more lubricant and started to work his fingers up Debs hot tight ass. Deb kept6 wiggling and protesting as he finger fucked her ass to stretch it out for his huge cock. Miguel once again positioned himself behind her using his feet to keep her leg s spread. Deb Begged him not to as he started to push the head of his cock up her ass.
My wife screamed as the head popped in and he slowly pu
shed half way in. He slowly pulled out and pushed back in giving her more each time he trusted. Soon he was picking up speed as he started to fuck my wife in the ass.

To my amazement her protest and screams turned to moans as he started to pick up speed soon Miguel was fucking my wife’s ass deep and hard. Debs fingers dug in to the mattress as his trust pick up speed, moaning with every trust. He continued fucking her and I heard him say you like it in the ass don’t you, Deb just moaned out. You like my hard cock up your ass hole don’t you bitch. Deb replied it hurts with that Miguel started to slam harder as Deb screamed out for him to stop. He reach and grabbed her long hair to keep her from pulling away and said you’re my whore now if you ever want my cock again you will learn to like it up the ass.

Deb stopped screaming and pushed her ass out to meet him burying her cries in the sheets. Miguel grabbed her hips and drove in deep depositing a second load of cum up my wife’s ass. When he pulled out I could see Debs ass stretched open with his cum sliding out down her ass. She reached around and messaged it all over her well-fucked ass. Miguel pulled her up and kissed her deeply and passionately and told her she was the best fuck he ever had and that from now on he was the only one she will allow to fuck her ass, she was not to allow me there.

As he got dressed he kissed her again and told her when I cam home she was to make me lick her cum filled pussy clean. Then he instructed her to get on all fours and show me how well fucked her ass is, but at the same time tell him I am the only one who fucks it.

Deb threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply and begged him to stay longer, Miguel pushed away and said he will call her when he wants more. At that time I had a deep feeling my wife was committed sexually to my Miguel. After he left I went up stars and striped off my clothing. I hoped in bed with Deb and pulled her close to make sure she was all right. She looked me in the eyes and smiled blissfully and then pushed my head down to her soiled pussy. She spread her legs wide open and I could see Miguel’s cum seeping from her stretched pussy. Deb grabbed my head and forced me down and commanded me to lick her clean. I protested but she told me if I ever wanted to fuck her again I had to clean her up after she had fucked Miguel. I started to slowly lick the sticky white cream from her thighs and worked my way to her slit. The smell of her juices and his cum was strong. I started to suck faster has Deb grabbed my head, spread her legs wide and pushed a load of his cum in my mouth.

Then she got up on all fours so I could see her gapping ass, her ass hole was stretched open to the size of a half dollar. Deb told me to lie on my back as she lowered her dripping ass to my mouth. At that time another large load of cum slid out as she commanded me to lick her ass clean, then Deb fucked me good and hard. She held me and kissed me and told me she loved me more then ever. Then she said that she was going to see Miguel at least once a month and that there was no way she could stop fucking him. At that time I knew she had truly became his whore.

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