Julie's first black experience

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It was the first time the four of us had been out together: Julie’s college friend Barb, Barb’s boyfriend Rick and I, kind of fun, a double date, a first for Julie and me. Julie looked pretty good that night, tight blue jeans fitting her sexy curves, hair dark and very curly, nylon stockings and low heels. She had on some sort of tight-fitting top that accentuated her small, firm breasts too, made ‘em look so ready to touch!

Then there was her college friend Barbara; she looked really good too: still young enough to have a little baby fat on her face, narrow eyes, almost oriental, sexy curves too; her ample breasts filled out her light sweater.

After a little trouble we got to a night club, full of a Friday night crowd, music blasting and a dance floor packed with all kinds of people. The four of us sat in a booth, ordered some drinks. I forget how it happened but Julie must have been feeling wild; she disappeared and came back from the dance floor later, trailing a black guy. She introduced him all around as Dewight; he seemed like a nice fellow, a little anxious being a stranger in our small circle. Julie had drawn him in somehow and he was intent on sticking around; she pulled on her friend Barb and the four of them went out to the dance floor again.

Barbara and Rick came back after the band finished one song but Julie stayed out there with her new-found friend Dewight. I’d turn around and check once in a while; my girl was having a great time dancing. I could just imagine the thoughts going through her mind. She had mentioned before that she likes the way black males always seemed to focus on their dance partner, much better than the white guys who seemed to look everywhere during the number; so she was enjoying the attention; and I could see Dewight liked watching her sensual moves on the dance floor, the way her hips would sway, catching the rhythm perfectly.

After dancing to several numbers, some where they were clutching and holding each other close, she and Dewight came back to the table for a drink. Julie slid in next to me and Dewight sat on her other side. He had a good solid handshake and a smile as he sat down. A little talking amongst the five of us, Dewight taught elementary school locally and was single of course.

It was a little hard to talk with the loud music but I tried to convey that he was amoung friends and I was glad to see Julie enjoyed dancing with him. Barb and Rick were sitting across the table looking perplexed but they were trying to accept that I didn’t mind my girlfriend carrying on with this dark stranger.

Julie rested her hand on my leg and when I looked over she smiled and I could see her stroking Dewight’s leg with her other hand. Oh my, just as I suspected, she had an old fantasy about sexing a black man on her mind. With that look and a smile, I guess a flash of understanding crossed between us. I leaned over and told Dewight that Julie had just bought a new car, her first ever; with a discrete nod I told him she might like showing it off to him. Julie heared this because she squeezed my leg; I was surprised because everything was so loud in there.

Rick and Barb got up and headed for the dance floor and Julie left behind them with Dewight in tow. I watched them for awhile, the song ended and I started chatting with the good-looking girl singing with the band. The other couple came back to the table, but I lost track of Julie. Hmm, where was she? No Dewight either… Barb said she had seen Julie dancing real close with Dewight, that I’d better watch her.

Well, I looked everywhere in the club, couldn’t find either of those two so I asked the bouncer at the back door, just had a feeling. He had seen the woman I described leave with some black “dude.” It was pretty warm outside so I wandered into the parking lot, sauntered over near Julie’s car. It was a little compact. Approaching from the passenger side I could clearly see it was Dewight sitting there; I walked quickly by and glanced in the window; just as I thought, Julie was on her knees in front of him; all I saw was the back of her head but I knew what she was doing.

Whew. I got a lump in my throat as I walked away, having seen that my girlfriend was sucking this guy’s pecker in the parking lot! She had told me she wanted to do it, have sex with a black man; this was her first chance. I was excited for her and wanted to go back to watch, or at least have another look, couldn’t do it though, not without alarming Dewight and maybe messing up her opportunity. It sure was exciting though, thinking of Julie so sexual, excited and turned on enough to suck off somebody she just met, right in the parking lot. Whew! What a sexy girl!

Back in the club I didn’t know what to tell Barb and Rick, ended up saying I didn’t know where the hell Julie went. They danced some more; I had a dance with Barbara too. While they were out on the dance floor again Julie got back to our booth with Dewight; she was hanging on his arm and when they sat down Julie made no attempt to hide that her hand gripped his cock from outside his pants; she had a lurid grin on her face too; I knew it was from a combination of booze and sex with a stranger.

She leaned toward me; we touched cheeks; I could smell cum on her breath and the smell of Dewight’s cock too. It was kind of a turn-on, knowing how wild she was tonight. Dewight was looking a little nervous, like he wasn’t sure about this, whether I had it figured out that he had just finished cumming in my girlfriend’s mouth; if I had, how I would react.

“He wants to take me home with him,” she told me. “Did you two fuck?” I was getting more and more turned on by the things she was doing tonight, I really wanted to take her home with me. “Yes,” she had, “but it was car sex, he wants me in his bed.” “Get his phone number and come home with me tonight Love, I want you.” Oh boy did I want her!

They exchanged their little pieces of paper carrying phone numbers and she kissed him long and deep before he got up and left. So exciting! I cupped her breast in my hand, felt the heft of it, and gave her a little squeeze. She gave me a kiss and said “lets go back to my place.”

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