Lingerie Shop Wife

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Lingerie Shop Wife

I watched Nancy step into the small dressing area in the back of the seductive little shop. In her hands were the silken selections from the showroom racks of her friend’s lingerie store – Lace Indulgance. The shop was now closed but Nancy had Diana open the place for a private screening. Not with me mind you. I was observing this though a special 2 way security mirror but Nancy was preparing her buxom body for Brett, a new real estate partner. She hadn’t told Brett to meet her Lingerie shop. Nancy just gave him the address and said she needed some figures worked on.
So that’s why she was now changing into her slippery intimates. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch Nancy getting dressed. That was part of our agreement. I had to wait to see her outfit. My wife did however promise me a great exhibition in the store. God, how I loved Nancy’s friend Elizabeth. She owned the store and knew Nancy’s obsession for men. Elizabeth also knew my voyeur fantasies and it was so kind of her to oblige our desires this evening. She had even given me a pair of silk panties to jerk off with – just in case. And in the showroom was a bed and sofa that Elizabeth did catalogue shots for her business. I was just dying to see how Brett and Nancy could use the furniture. After all, the pair was making a ton of money in commercial real estate. In fact Nancy had found this particular piece of property that was the lingerie shop. Nancy bartered a great price on top of her desk and in the owner’s limousine. Poor me, I was not able to watch these encounters.
Nancy was now stepping out from behind the door to the back of the shop. So consumed was I with the future, I didn’t here the gentle rap at the door. Nancy seemed to glide across the floor of the dimly lit store. Her dark hair was pulled back and atop her head. Her lipstick was fresh and glossy red. Nancy’s body was full figured with large D cup breasts that usually strained her blouses. She sported an hourglass shape all over and garnered attention wherever she went. In her wardrobe was a sample of sophistication. My wife always dressed like a professional – never a slut. Even Nancy’s undergarments were sophisticated but also very sexy.
Tonight, my lovely wife had chosen white for color. It contrasted nicely with her dark shiny hair and deep blue eyes. On her shoulder was a sheer white robe with satin trim. Underneath the robe, I could make out the lines of a full-cupped lacey bra. Further down were the straps of a matching gater belt with a gorgeous pair of lace front panties worn over the garters. I could make out all the details through the wonderful mirror. And, being a lingerie fanatic, I knew all the details of each garment very well. A pair of strappy heels finished up Nancy’s ensemble. I could’ve jerked myself to climax right then at her wedding night view.
She always tried to wear white for each new gentleman she made love to for the first time. A sort of re-virgining on occasion. At one point in our marriage, my wife just started leaving her white panties wherever she got laid. Pairs of worn white panties started turning up all over the city – Nancy’s office, properties for sale, law firms, contract builders, restaurants. Pretty much any business involved in the buying and selling of real estate could become a home for Nancy’s panties. It was her little idiosyncrasy and the dresser drawers could hold them all. Working in the local media, I heard about the mysterious panties left behind. Their appearance seemed to always be white, the same size and coincided with new hires. Hell, she’d even left several pairs at my workplace. We have a lot of new men hired.
Nancy’s curvy form had now reached the door and was unlocking it. Brett stepped in. His face had a look of puzzlement as he stared at her. She just smiled and could see why she wanted him. Brett was over 6 feet with a large frame and thick wavy dark hair. He was dressed in casual shorts and a nice t-shirt. Brett looked about 25 and fresh out school. Nancy, at 35, loved all men but she adored fucking the younger ones. It was the excitement as she always wondered if they wanted her. They always did.
Brett knew what to do with a woman and he wanted Nancy. The young stud returned my wife flirty smile and slid his hands to untie her robe.
“Is this the figure you wanted me to go over?” Brett asked her.
“Oh yes. And I want to go over this figure as well.” Nancy answered him as she rubbed his bulk chest. Her soft hands guided down to Brett’s shorts. She bit her lips as she felt the bulge inside there. Grasping his hands, the couple adjourned to the sofa in showroom.
“You look so sexy Mrs-” Brett started before my wife cut him off.
“Brett, tonight it’s Nancy. Your slut Nancy and you can be on top of things.” she informed him as she positioned him in front of the sofa and descended to a kneeling position.
“I kind of like things the way they are. With me behind you helping you out.” He said.
“Ooh. I like that very much.” Nancy said smiling and patting her silken ass. Brett grabbed his own crotch in delight.
Now on her knees Nancy had removed Brett’s sandals and was unzipping his shorts. His black briefs did little to hide a large cock. My wife slid his briefs down and stared at his tool.
“You have a very nice cock Brett. You should be proud and I’m sure it works well. But I simply must suck it dear.” She told him in an almost examining fashion.
“Nancy, you are so sexy. I’ve never done a married woman before. Please blow me.” He begged.
Grabbing the 8-inch shaft, her glossy lips slid down over his big head and began to polish Brett’s big package. It started to shine and glisten from her thrusts. Occasionally she would lick and fondle his balls before grabbing his tight ass with both hands. It became obvious that Brett had never been sucked off this well. Nancy was a pro from years of experience. His legs were quivering and he held her head tightly. Brett’s eyes squinted and he began to moan.
“Oh Nancy.” Brett screamed. “I’m going to cum baby.”
Nancy simply stroked his cock faster and harder. Then I watched Brett’s tension ease. He exhaled sharply as he squirted load after load into my wife’s throat. And she grinned. I could see her swallowing the cum happily. Only a trickle leaked from the corner of her mouth.
“That was the best head I’ve ever had.” Brett told Nancy with heavy breath.
“Oh honey, you have a beautiful cock that I would suck anytime.” Nancy responded.
At this point she stood and stretched her arms and faced her back to Brett and bent over. He looked at her pantied ass through the sheer material of her robe and brought his hands up for a feel. Brett rubbed and caressed the shapely silken rear while Nancy extended her arms to the sofa back.
“You have a sexy ass Nancy” Brett told her.
“Thank you baby.” she replied. “How about pulling my panties down and putting your cock into pussy.”
Brett looked somewhat amazed as if he had never heard a 30 something speak to him in such a way. Nevertheless, the stud hiked up my wife’s robe, hooked his fingers into the panty legs and slid them off of her ass and past her knees and down her ankles.
“Ah, that’s nice Brett, so seductive.” she commented.
Brett smiled and grasped her hips to guide himself into her slit. His mouth hung agape as she pushed back and started to thrust. I knew it was time. I pulled out my little cock and wrapped the beige panty around myself. I just didn’t have time to slip into them yet. I wouldn’t last.
Looking back out through the mirror, I watched Brett pound my wife hard with his big young cock. After a few minutes Nancy told him.
“Brett let me get out of these things.” she panted.
Brett pulled out, his wet member shining. Then he helped Nancy slide out of her robe and unhooked her bra.
“Such a gentleman.” my wife said standing before the younger man in only her white garter belt and stockings which she had chosen to leave on. “Now fuck me big boy.”
Nancy crawled onto the bed a
nd resumed a position on all fours to allow a re-entry. Brett follow
ed her and re-entered my wife’s wet hole. The thrusting continued. My satin rub down continued as well.
Brett was working up a good sweat pounding the pussy. By this time Nancy had buried her head in a pillow and was screaming. Brett knew how to fuck. Nancy regained some strength after one of her multiple orgasms to say.
“Oh my God Brett. You are so good.” She wailed. “Cum on my back when you’re done.”
Brett groaned out an affirmative.
“You can fuck me anytime baby.” Nancy assured him.
Brett tightly clamped her hips as his cock exploded. Quickly her pulled out and the load shot across my wife’s back and into her hair. He moaned as his back arched. As I observed the two, I shot my own load into the beige satin.
My left hand planted firmly against the mirror my right stroked the panties. Later I slipped into the silky garment and watched my lovely, beautiful wife in the arms of a real man. They made love until dawn.
When Brett was dressed and preparing to leave the store Nancy handed him her panties and said.
“Please keep these Brett. Their are enough laying around. Tell anybody you wish about last night.” She told him.

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