Masquerade Balling

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Today is Tuesday, September 26th and I just received my invitation to an annual masquerade party from a friend of mine today. Of course it is for Tuesday, October 31st. Yes, the night before hump day at work but I would not miss this bash for the world. Last year was third time I was invited, but the first time I attended. It was on a Monday night but it was the most excitement I ever experienced on a week night in all of my twenty five years of living and more surprising yet in this boring town I live in. To give you an idea of how conservative my town is, I live just minutes away from Lynchburg, Virginia, home to a televangelist who is the president of a religious college whom I will let remain nameless. In order the even buy beer if you live in my town you have to go across the river to the next town over where it’s legal because there’s an ordinance against selling it here. Additionally the person who is hosting the party which actually is more of an orgy is actually my former first boyfriend. He and I met and started dating when I was eighteen and he was twenty eight. He had a hot body, was great in bed and taught me most of what I know sexually. Things in general were cool in our three year relationship but we drifted apart due to my going away to college and our maturity levels and priorities being different. He is now married, however we are still friends. This explains why it took three invites to get me to come to his party for the first time last year.
My friend’s house where the party was held was quite charming. The first room we entered was sort of a meeting and greeting area for people to sit, talk, have a drink or snack and perhaps decide if they had got up the nerve to move to the next room where the real action was. There was this really wonderful, mellow, piped in jazz music playing in both rooms which really helped set the mood perfectly for the festivities. The main room was really plush with so many comfy places to sit, lean and lay and get your groove on. There were even places for us to lay or hang our clothing or costumes. However, we were instructed to leave our masks on throughout so that the anonymity would free us to get as freaky as we wanted to be.
This was a party where singles and couples were invited and I came alone. I had taken a few walks on the wild side sexually during my college days and been involved in one or two ménage trois since then. However, I had not ever actually watched other people having sex without almost immediately joining in or being watched while I was getting my freak on too. This was very new but not uncomfortable for me at all. One of the first things I noticed was that people were a little apprehensive about having oral sex at first. However this one couple captured my attention and got me really aroused. The man was middle aged and had a really nice body and a super thick member if-you-know- what-I-mean and he was preparing the woman to receive it. She was petite, slender and had big breasts with long perky nipples and a neatly trimmed bush between her sexy legs all trussed up in a garter belt, stockings and cum-hither pumps. He was sucking and gently biting her nipples while he rubbed her outside with one finger and slipped some fingers inside to feel her wetness. After a while he stopped, tasted his fingers and then started looking in a bag that he had nearby. He pulled out a new dildo with a bottle of lube and put it aside. Then he started to suck on the woman’s clit while he slipped one then two then three fingers inside of her pussy. She was moaning and bucking upward to get more fingers and tongue. She finally came and got up and told him she wanted to taste him too. So, they got into a sixty nine position and she started to work that thick cock in and out of her mouth while he got out the dildo, put lube on it and started to pump it in and out of her pussy, while he sucked her clit and fingered her ass. I was so hot my panties were wet. My nipples were visibly erect even with my costume on. I sat with my legs held tightly together and rocked slightly back and forth. That rocking created enough friction against my clit for me to get myself off as I was watching without being too obvious. Just then I heard a familiar voice behind me. “You like watching them don’t you?” It was my friend and host of the party. “I like watching my wife fucking and sucking too.” “That’s your wife?” I replied. “Yes and I know you want some of that guys thick cock too, he knows how to use it and I’d love to watch him make you shake, scream and cum even harder than when we used to fuck, but I wanna fuck you first baby.” He slipped his fingers into my costume, between my legs and felt my wetness. I put my erect nipple in his mouth and he started biting it while he pinched the other. Soon my costume was off and I was riding his dick. By this time his wife and the guy she was with had finished and they were watching us. Then they moved toward us to join in. She started pinching my nipples while I continued to bounce up and down on her husband’s cock. Then I started rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. I couldn’t resist tasting my fingers after she came on them. “Mmmmm so sweet I really wanna taste you again before the night is over” I told her. The man she was with got up behind me and whispered in my ear “May I be next?” This voice was familiar too but I didn’t catch it at first. Before I could answer there was a yell “I’m gonna spin her around” His wife and the other man got up out of the way and he flipped me around so I could ride backward cowgirl. This felt so good and just as I was about to cum the other man started rubbing my clit. I lost complete control and had a mind blaster orgasm. I could hardly speak immediately afterward and my head was still spinning. When I finally got back from la-la land, the man with the familiar voice was giving it to me from behind while I watched my friend’s wife suck his dick until he was hard enough again for him to fuck her. “Ah, your pussy is soooooo tight baby” he moaned as he thrusted. Oh my god, now I realized who’s familiar voice that actually was. This man was my uncle and since I hadn’t said much all night he hadn’t caught on to my voice yet. Now, I had to decide whether to keep going or to let him know who I was and stop doing the damned thing. As good as he was fucking me, the decision was made. I didn’t say another word. I just gave him grunts, groans and grinds of encouragement until we were both satisfied. Now, I that had had my main course, I was ready for dessert. I went over to where my friend’s wife was and whispered to her “I was really serious when I said I wanted to taste you, unless you don’t want me to?” “Oh yes I want you to, but only if I can eat your pussy too Sweetie, may I?” she asked. “Most definitely” I said and we got straight down to business. Soon everyone was watching us but we were so into what we were doing we didn’t notice or care. She knew what to do in the cunniligus department too and I came quickly, over and over again. I got an added bonus because her husband didn’t wear a condom, so he came inside of her. I lapped up every drop of their tasty juices.
As we speak I am RSVPing and will be mailing my response on my way to the mall to get my costume. My uncle also left me a voicemail message yesterday asking if I was going to be at the party. So, he finally did recognize my voice last year after all. I will definitely be masquerade balling again this October 31st.

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